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Keep reading, OP. INCOMPLETE research...
Five spaces later it reads, vertically, "AT".... then the lines ends with :"END"
Message: RBG AT END. Next, three columns from the end it reads, vertically, "EO" (executive order.)
Message: EO GOOD TO GO.
meaning: Justice Roberts joining liberal block, to give 5-4 decis, can no longer
block EO (Military tribunals.) Tribunals (EO) are GOOD TO GO
as 4-4 SCOTUS decision upholds the tribunals.

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4-4 Only affirms lower circuit court ruling, which will most likely be from the DC court of appeals. We need her seat to get the 5-4 block we need. Roberts is compromised.

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People keep saying that Roberts adoption process was shady and therefore he has been blackmailed. Has this creep been abusing his kids? Is he part of the DC pedo club?

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He's a Dubya appointee...expected Roberts to be any different than he's showing?

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Does a judge blackmailed by misconduct keep a country held hostage? is it called Supreme Court or obsolete judiciary system?

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With RBG gone , and Coney-Barrett facing a easy majority confirmation , a 5-4 SCOTUS majority is rapidly approaching, as well .

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Coney-Barrett facing a easy majority confirmation

I wouldn't be so sure. The dems faced with loosing this SCOUTS vote/seat will do anything and everything to muddy her up - any and every way possible. What they will do - who knows, but they will burn this one to the ground (think Napalm). The dems will break new ground against a female nominee. Bork, Thomas and K will be a cake walk in comparison.

Also, you have to remember that Romney will be the new flake / no name. His vote will be iffy at best - and probably be against. They will also try very diligently (they will go to the wall) to turn the other senators who were weak with K. It will be a very thin margin at best, perhaps down to having the VP break the tie. Nothing is assured.

If Obama was able to turn Justice Roberts' vote with some dirt (even after leaving office), what do you think that they can dig up on some weak kneed-ed senators?

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Anyone that gives POTUS a 5-4 majority will be resisted. She's a white woman so they'll likely have some rando claim to have experienced racism from her.

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the "countdown and holding" ends up pushing massive popular support for martial law. People can't stand much longer watching these criminals walking around...

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^^^ Most definitely THIS ^^^

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The Dems are holding out on announcing RGB's death until they can entangle the President in an impeachment. They can then claim that he is not eligible to appoint Supreme Court judges.

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We own Senate, doesnt matter.

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Don't be to confident we have the Senate.. [No Name] = Romney

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*we own it ENOUGH that we can withstand a couple of defective I mean defectors on any given vote. 3, in fact, with Pence breaking the tie. Flake is gone & he was no help anyway, at least.

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Or to get to an election yr...they are bitter about Merrick Garland. (2020)

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Why should the Dems think they hold that power? It could be revealed at any time by POTUS...he knows

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I think that like everything has been throughout , it's All about timing and optics. @POTUS cannot be seen as being involved in what is occurring ( POTUS Insulated ) but what if he is Abroad negotiating an already agreed upon Agreement between North and South Korea? Massive win Abroad , then he comes Home to find Brennen , Clapper , Comey and McCabe All being Indicted , as per FBI Anon just a little later timeline ? Peace Y

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a shame they can't just act like Mitch and refuse for no reason at all

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He refused because he knew they murdered Scalia and he wasn't going to reward them the seat and destroy our country in the process.

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It's good to be King.

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It's not just one ole lady, he's already replaced 2 SCJs & its about to be 3 with RBG's replacement. Not to mention you still have 2 more that will be replaced in the future and step down... Robert's (illegal adoption against a foreign nations sovereignty) & S. RBG WAS the lench pin.

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Roberts' disastrous oversight of FISC should be more grounds for his removal. Older MAGA justices may opt to retire. And if it is revealed that a previous President was ineligible to hold office, the remainder could be removed. It is conceivable that President Trump will have appointed every Supreme Court Justice by January 2025.

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In one of the recent posts on the Great Awakening, shows Roberts having deep financial ties with mueller & clinton. The corruption in all three branches of the government, plus untold other areas (look at all the resignations world wide) is unprecedented. Thank God Trump & his team are clearing the world of corruption, an astronomical task that is getting done - amazing!

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I can see 5 SC Justices, but the more the merrier

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If RBG is dead, then the 5-4 decision against Louisiana's abortion law is a fraud perpetrated by the court, and that bit of skullduggery would constitute a crime against the people by Roberts.

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That explains the horror on his face at sotu.

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True! the reason Hillary tweeted they had to move quickly then we see Cuomo signing abortion into law and VA Gov backing it, & Covington kids BUT it all BACKFIRED BIGLY.

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Total 5 agreed Patriot

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Nice, yep, I missed it. I think Roberts goes down for FISA abuse when the indictments get unsealed. Would then win anything 4-3 solidly before any new justices come on board.

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If Roberts is forced to resign, who determines which cases the SC will hear in the interim prior to a new chief justice being appointed?

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The blockade is the Mueller investigation. Once that ends POTUS Can release declass.

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Assuming this theory is accurate for argument sake, it seems irrational that President Trump's entire schedule to defeat the Jew World Order would rely on one old Jew dying of natural causes.

If this is true then it's reasonable to assume that RGB had the same "cancer" as McNoName... i.e. she was executed for treason.

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Exactly, cancer was a cover for the trial. She loses, she dies. She wins trial, she beats cancer at 85.

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Those awake know that nobody from the cabal does of cancer.

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And she just agrees no to appeal and accept death?

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That does make sense!

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If that were so, I'd think her death would not be withheld.

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They cant let rulings stand that were done in dead RBG’s name after they prove she was dead.

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They won't.

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I don't mean any disrespect, but according to the NASA countdown, there are planned pauses in the countdown so that one cannot go strictly on a second-by-second timeline. Just sayin'.

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Well, there's about 3 minutes and 10 seconds extra for holds :P But seriously, I get you. Just something to keep in mind.

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Omg awesome work!

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I don't want to be a faggot about timelines, but I just found it interesting as well that it got so close. No idea if something will happen, but if it does, I called it. =P

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