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This is what we were tasked to do Patriots.

Find all the crumbs, sauce, and ingredients to make a loaf of truth and get his ass out of that seat.

How dare he. Who does he think he is ffs? This is America, not Shoel.

God wins, God always wins. A contract is a Contract.

He won't stand at all for this crap.


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Omg ty for this^ . It chaps my hide that people like my own mother think that it doesn't matter because 98% of things are lies, so she chooses to just be a npc bot. She cant understand why i want to live by the truth. Instead she thinks acceptance is bettter diversity is better obortion is the answer. Forget facts just be happy and love as long as nobody feelings get hurt, tds. Fake as fuck. It just encourages bad behaviors, cant believe she cant see it!

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The worst part for me is this Orwell like concept that parents love nowadays where "if we don't talk about it, there's no problem. If you choose to talk about it, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM"

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And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

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Sounds like my mom

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My mom is a little this way.....love her to pieces, but....this^^^^^^^

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What the fuck are you Anti-American lunatics worked up about now?

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Projection shill. Geez you guys cant even hide your shilling anymore its cringe worthy.

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How do absolute retards like you manage to get dressed in the morning? Fucking lunatic.

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Watch the wives... Is Jane a man? No natural children? Just checking.

“Prior to joining MLA, Jane was the Executive Partner for Talent Development at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Before assuming this role, she was a partner in the firm’s Global Technology Group focusing on IT sourcing and procurement of satellite systems.

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Good find. More digging y'all!!! ^^^^^^^^^

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Odd they would go to Ireland to find pregnant women wanting to relinquish their children. Then break Irish law barring foreigners adopting Irish kids, and supposedly flying the women to Brazil? Why the risk? Something weird afoot. My understanding was the two children have different birth mothers. They look more like siblings or fraternal twins. Is there something special about these two kids? Why go to Ireland at all?

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kids adopted in brazil , Irish origin possible cover story. think news today breaking story john of god....baby farm...just a possibility most likely not connected ….needs to be investigated

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I was thinking along these same lines - adopted kids and flying women to Brazil - that’s too much of a coincidence to actually be a coincidence. These people are sick.

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They probably have pure blood and these Roberts devils use it in rituals.

It's unnerving how angry I am right now.

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Hang him high. No deals. WWG1WGA

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He knows the gig is up we are just watching a movie. The actions have already taken place, movies are prerecorded not live. Think about it, by the time we know about something its already done. Were in a countdown right now and i believe its 2/15/2019. Tired of winning yet.

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Roberts turns into Flakey man. What has the DS got on you? Could it be you were always a Bush plant RINO non conservative? So does that mean you are hangin' with the pedo's?

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Thats what I think.

Remember, Bush took the unusual step of nominating him AND making him Chief Justice at the same time....I'd have to assume Bush thought Roberts was "his boy."

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Yep. In place for the death knell of the justice system. I believe white hats have a very special plan in place for this high muckety muck.

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Wouldn't you rather see him pull a 180 like Lindsey? Roberts was a conservative once. Took a threat from Obama to shake him off of ACA.

I'd like to see the NSA out whatever his little secret is so that he can either be set free or resign.

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The greatest Congressional speech ever, was Lindsay railing on the Dems during the K. hearings. "This is a sham."

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Looking into his past, it was that he did have "bleeding heart liberalism" tendencies at his core. Prior to his confirmation, he was expressed as "wobbly" by Constitutionalists. The "Better for society" vs limited government interaction.

But who knows if an event caused him to flip. Some say it was his children's adoption that may have caused him to change his mind. But there is no doubt, his view WAS changed (not willingly).

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Q and Trump have a good 6 years left. If Roberts isn't controlled then I assume he's toast after RBG.

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You think they are going to murder Justice Roberts?

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The great awakening is coming soon.

When it hits, when SHTF, when Hillary is being frog marched ... dirt on Roberts that whitehats have can have him removed.

But he won't be murdered, unless what he did is so bad it deserves capital punishment.

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