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"Also the reason Q isn't posting is because he is forcing us to go back and re-read, research old drops. We have it all almost and he is training us to sustain the movement."

Or "Never interfere with an enemy that is destroying itself".

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A huge operational goal of this entire movement is to move We The People beyond our archaic, binary modalities of thought.

We are trained to default to the assumption that [something] is one thing or another, either this or that.

Or perhaps the [something] in question is two things, this and that—and implicitly nothing beyond those two possibilities.

It's high time we reestablish the free nation of ANDOR on the maps of our collective Psyche—to begin (once again) thinking in terms of potential truths without the cultural (and biological) impetus to concretely define, qualify, andor judge our experience prematurely, and conceive a faux-truth "witnessed" through our de facto Overton Window.

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I just don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

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Dichotomies exist throughout nature...it’s not just something we made up in our heads.

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Amen! Very well said.

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The best map is the King James Bible... it's the Psyche of Christ. When we receive the Holy Spirit and He indwells us... we receive His thoughts. "...But we have the mind of Christ." 1 Cor. 2:16

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Now we need to be the “msm”. Instead of relying on (((them))), take your smart phone and record video.

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We if we put a couple hundred cell phone cameras aimed on RBG’s house (or the super secret facility in Arizona), could we get a video of the putrid hag walking her mile a day ?

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Why, all the infrastructure is already in place. kek

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I think Q was saying too much. We get it. Now's the time to be patient. Loose lips sink ships. Everything is in place. THEY read Qs drops too.... Lets try to keep a few surprises. I feel like when they are quiet, its because they are busy. Lots of fish to fry. TRUST the plan. Get 'em Q.

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More like "Never interfere with an enemy that is destroying you".

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6.5 on lameness quotient

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I find it really interesting that there are many who were thrilled to "follow" the Q Crumbs but only as far as another Anon had deciphered them. From my perspective, the whole point of the QAnon movement has been to get Anons to the point where they actually get off their lazy butts and use their brains to think, to find, to research on their own, then share what they find-not as an end, but as a starting point for others' to dig even further down the hole that had been started. (links in a long chain, or puzzle pieces).

Sadly, many have not grasped that concept and as a result, are now frustrated and irritated by the lack of "new" drops.

To them, I would suggest that they bring something to the table instead of whining about "nothing new". We are blessed to live in an era where so much information is right at our fingertips.

There is ALWAYS something new to learn, to explore, to research thanks to the 'net.

Life is all about learning and sharing what you have learned even if you think it may seem inconsequential to anyone but yourself.

Take advantage of the crumbs that have been provided by Q and your fellow Anons! Participate and keep the momentum going by doing your part!

Get busy finding a past drop that interests you...DIG, DIG, DIG and share with us what you have discovered.

It is your duty to give back to the Q community, not just take what you find here, then bitch when you don't find anything new.

You have a brain, you have the ability to think, to research, to add to this historic movement and ultimately to be an active part of something that will make a huge difference in our world!


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I agree... I also think that we are very near the end of even getting Q drops. this has always been about getting people to think for themselves....it does not mater where info comes from who pointed out where to look what is important is looking at the info critically..... Q said we have more then we know....that means the information is out there waiting for people to connect.... when Q finally posts his last post I hope everyone will keep researching what ever info you find...

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Well said, but don't forgot that there are many of us who have to work, taking care for there families or having other duty's. Not everyone is able to spend much time for digging.

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Yes, Anon, but you are NOT one of the Anons who lacks patience or is bitching and posting negative shit about Q because "nothing is happening"! God Bless You! PS I work as well! :)

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Very well said Patriot. Thank you!

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President Trump did this during the primaries with precision accuracy, he tore the masks off of every Republican, it was eye opening to say the least.

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He is uniquely qualified that's for sure. Almost makes you think the Hand of Providence is involved.

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It is.

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Trump is an answer to prayer. He is a gift from God.

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So based on your points... What does it matter when those of us that give a shit are in the powerless minority?

Proof of the above:

There was a grand total of exactly ONE person on the committee that gave a shit about the Whittiker shit show and how it was just a witch trial put on by the Democrats.

There are mindless cultists that chanted "the midterms are safe." and resort to name-calling when someone points out they weren't. (See above Whittiker witch trial)

How will the swamp get drained when you tell us it will will take decades but we can't even hold the house past two years (see the above midterms are safe)

How will the swamp be drained when one side is allowed to rig elections and even break rules/laws when they are in office?

All of your "illustrates that..." Is meaningless when the people that keep voting them in don't care. "Blackface... Bad... Rape... bad....wait..maybe not so bad because power would fall to Republican. Plus Hollywood do blackface...maybe blackface ok."

The only way the swamp would ever get drained is with the death of these people... But killing off opposition only works as the tool of the Democrats, not one used ON Democrats. People you call shills want HRC arrested instead of some no names that aren't a nation wide problem. Don't you think killing the queen will destroy the hive? But most will just scream "shill" and be ok with someone just getting a ticket for jaywalking and chant to blindly promote "the plan" like it was a God damn time share presentation.

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You get the swamp to drain itself.

It’s taking the principle from the founders, get the powers to fight each other. A self cleaning drain. The Virginia politic fight is an example of that.

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So many questions Padawan , but answers have you already

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What does it matter when those of us that give a shit are in the powerless minority?

Declas brings down the house.

If you assume democrats are more evil than republicans than the result will be a republican majority.

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With note that McCain, Flake and Rat Ryan suggests a cleanup of Rinos as well. Lindsay seemed to have flipped to save his life There are Democrats that will strut out as America First, leaving the DEMONrats to their demise.

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As a sperg, having little social sense but high logical capacity from an early age, much of what was presented to me in school just didn't make sense. I had little positive reinforcement at home, was pretty much just "maintained". I took refuge in books and logic.

I remember looking at stories in the paper, hearing my GOP NPC father regurgitate the party lines, and think to myself "but they never follow through on anything". Any questioning was met with "you'll understand better when you're older".

When I was older, having grown up around active & ex-military, you catch bits and pieces of things over time. I honestly had a picture of a cabal behind the scenes years ago. But no positive reinforcement at home, having a tested IQ in the gifted range and being smarter than your teachers (sans tact or other human skills) and being sent home on a regular basis for correcting their faulty logic (read - marxist BS), I just withdrew.

When I found, first FBIAnon then Q, it was like a complete affirmation of the logic i had used, that my dad had laughed at. Q actually restored a sense of self worth that I had allowed others to convince me to give to them, in a vain attempt at fitting in.

I know you faggot spergs have known for years that something wasnt right, even before Q. He tells us we were right, and those that couldn't see it were just under the psyops spell.

Now, we have honed our meme warfare to a fine point and have already begun our assault on their safe spaces. Twatter, Faceborg and the rest have shut us down in their AO's. We need to start assaulting meatspace.

There are drones with remote releases, for fishing, with payloads up to a kilo. Use something similar to deploy redpill meme pamphlets over a crowd.

The "It's OK to be White" flyers were masterful, we need something similar to prepare the normies for what's coming.

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And every Alexa sold is a spying device (why do you think its so cheap) ?

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ANY TIME a tech device is free or almost free, you can bet it’s nefarious at best.

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I got one for Christmas from a relative. Tried it out, it’s kinda fun, but then knowing what I know, I unplugged it. Maybe I should put it IN A BOX?

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Might I suggest a Dybbuk Box? 😁

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Give it away, get it out of your house!

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I have it on good authority that the FBI was directing the CNN camera crew on the morning of the Stone raid. CNN Camera crew sets up camera tripod 9-minutes before FBI arrives. All for a stakeout? Not a chance. Tipped off. In the front passenger seat of the CNN vehicle, is Josh Campbell... CNN producer, and former Special Assistant to Jim Comey. Sara Murray of CNN calls Stone's lawyers to confirm raid and arrest ... Lawyers are stunned ... they learn of Stone's arrest from CNN, rather than the FBI. Sara Murray sends copy of sealed indictment to lawyer... sees author initials A.A.W. (Andrew Weissman.) Mueller SC leaked sealed indictment to CNN in advance. Deep State operation.

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Everything that destroys you are in their interest......if its Cults/Free drugs/Abortions/Civil war. It doesnt matter...... wake the fuck up! And it aint the fucking jews....

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