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Seems like that scene of the movie started when Elizabeth Warren proudly released her dna results proving she's a liar and a fraud.

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Or starting off her 20/20 campaign in a town that DEA says is a Fentanyl & Drug hub for 3 states coming in where there’s no wall. Fox & Friends kept playing the clip over & over this morning.

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And President Trump holding that presser in CA in a clearing with melted metal, etc. — and standing, untouched, trees (e.g. microwave energy)

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Yeah that really kicked it off for me, seeing that on TV was surreal

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I red pilled my 87 yr old father about a month or so ago. Told him how this is a war between good and evil. Even told him about the pedo's, pedovores and sacrifice stuff. I told him I would sound crazy before I explained it, yet he wanted me to tell him. Well.... He thought I was crazy. 2 days ago he told me he is starting to believe me now. I think the full term abortion thing exposed him to more than he could ignore. The black face stuff, the socialism stuff, the sex scandals, trafficking arrests are taking a major toll on the dems. Darkness to light.

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It’s sure looking that way! They’re doing a great job too!

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Somehow I doubt Shelia Jackson-Lee and the Cohen dude were acting in yesterday's hearing, but many of them really do seem to be playing their parts amazingly well!! Bravo!!

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exactly, you do not ask snakes to act... you let them slither, it's what they know

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"You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD."


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THEY are literally fighting for their very survival. It isn't a "euphemism" either.

Remember when Q said PAIN? The pain of not having Human flesh is horrible to them.

It also restricts their ability to morph into human form. Meaning they really have to try, causing immense pain. Think I'm joking...

Look at NP during the SOTU...It looks like she suffered a stroke. It's getting harder and harder for them to maintain composure.

Soon, they will lose composure and BOOM they will do the ultimate distraction.


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Morph into human form? Let's stick to basic reality, not conspiracy stuff that makes normies' eyes glaze over.

I'm here trying to wake friends to the QRV universe and you're making us all look crazy. Pedophilia, human trafficking, spirit cooking, and pizzagate have evidence. Morphing forms do not.

PS: if you're a shill, nice job throwing in Q buzz phrases

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TY for this.

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Human form from demon form is very real.

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It only takes one plant to lead the crazy into the open.

AOC and that Muslim from Minnesota are quite clearly plants.

How do you decimate an enemy? From the inside.

Trojan horse

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The whole Roger Stone thing was beyond obvious...

All that for some process crimes LOL

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