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Roberts should be kicked off the bench now and replaced as well, and we know he needs to go to Gitmo now.

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Barry blackmailed him ... as he had a file on everyone. Let’s say every ass-hole decision he made was because he was under duress ... is that not a reasonable excuse ? Is it illegal to rule on something as a Supreme Court Justice if you are under duress ? Can you walk back said decisions that were made under duress ?

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Roberts obviously did an about-face that we all saw in his ACA vote. I always considered him a bit to the left of Scalia and Thomas, but not as far as he's gone. As of this week, with his siding with libs, it's clear that someone still pulls his strings. These deep state/globalists/leftists won't embarrass you; they'll kill and torture the people you love. IMO if the truth comes out, the Judiciary will need to address the validity of many decisions once the dust settles.

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I can understand that. I would probably to the same thing to save my life and my families, and I would assume then by what you are saying, he is still as of today still under Obama's strings or not? I ask because he just voted with the left on some abortion shit, can't remember now what exactly it was. Have a bad memory sorry.

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If you need sauce on the blackmail database used to leverage Roberts and so many others: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=KGgZ5M6KMt8

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Looks like a job for Take-no-shit Whitaker. Maybe they are distracting him with these stupid hearings to keep him from investigating.

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I've been thinking this too...except...when Barr takes over, Whitaker will be a free roamer...woe be unto Democrats that are doing wrong.

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Barr is confirmed and in this week...RR is out...Shutdown on 15th...Whitaker fills RR spot as temp for 200+ days with no confirmation....SHTF...Boom...FISA and more.

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Is he is moved out and barr in, I can almost bet POTUS has a job for Whitaker..part of the chess match

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I think Whitaker will become Barr's chief of staff, the same job he had under Sessions. But it is possible that he could become the AAG.

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And republicans too! I want all the satanists gone!

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Isn't he supposed to be replaced in days? Or is a shutdown gonna stop Barr from getting in? What else could possibly happen?

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somebody get this nigger a chicken wang

we have a winner!

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I’ve been distracted by nicknames too much. Stealth Sessions, Mad dog Mattis, Huber the justice hound. The nicknames gave me a false sense of trust in the person. Later we discover they worked against POTUS Trump or they didn’t do much of anything at all. I also remember Gowdy talking a bunch about bringing down corruption, then when Trump won he fizzled out, which still makes no sense. It’s just exhaustion at this point, so many people that were supposed to bring so much justice against so many dems that broke the law, and here we are over 2 years later still with absolutely NO arrests except on our own team coming from still corrupt dems.

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I gave Whitaker that moniker for his responses to know-nothing Nadal and Sheila Respect-Me because imma black woman.

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President Trump places people in certain positions, like chess pieces, for as long as he needs them in those spots. Are you sure they didn't do much of anything?

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What about Congressman Booker "the hooker" ? Are the rumors true?

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How long do you have to be absent from a lifetime appointment before another is appointed?

Has anybody ever bothered to write that down?

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They must either die or retire.

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Retire when they can no longer to the job, or no longer want to.

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One thing the other side does well is show up. We need to start showing up.

Where's Ruth?

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Start calling your representatives to demand they open an investigation: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact

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I've tried to call Durbin & Duckworth; left a message on her voice mail & his phone is always busy. So I wrote them both, heard nothing back.

Called/wrote my Congressman, who was a friend, we helped get elected, but now that he is DC, seems to be too good for us hometown folk. I get a form letter back.

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Durban is deep state. Duckworth is a sellout. We’re not going to get any help in the People’s Republic of Illinois.

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Did that yesterday

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the MSM would be jumping up and down 24x7 if this was for any conservative SCOTUS members !!!!!

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Sedition is a serious crime.

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They must be on the verge of open war if they're going this far. Oil yer guns!

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somebody give John Solomon a call ...

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