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Multicult doesn't work. Look at Europe

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This. Also interesting that so many people on QRV have become red pilled on other races and many posts this week from QRV that made the front page would have been considered “racist” 3 months ago. Look at how far they’ve come, how much they’ve learned. As many pointed out, this was the reason Q picked voat. What was Q supposed to do, start dropping red pills on race stats and somehow not be accused of being racist? That would’ve definitely changed the Q label from conspiracy to nazi hate group.

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Totally agree, OP. Patriots have no skin color. WWG1WGA

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No it does not. Its the finishing blow on many empires.

I really dont care about some immigration but its way out of hand. For starters we are draining the 3rd world of their best an brightest. This denies these countries of people that could actually make things better. Thus causing more fleeing from these countries illegally. Never mind the cultural enclaves that have been created in America that have these people vying for power to white detriment.

Check this out. This guy explains why this will never work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE

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I have not clicked the link, but I’m betting it’s the Gumball Guy. Great analogy!!

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It works fine among different types of white people.

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"Look at europe"

Why bother looking any further than America you delusional cuck?

Europe is a positively ethnonationalist paradise compared to america.

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Europe is a positively ethnonationalist paradise compared to america.

You're kidding right, there are many parts of Europe that is a complete and utter cesspool. Europe certainly isn't a paradise. What planet are you living on?

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How funny, cuck

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Stop calling everyone shills

Voat allows racism

You're in Voats house

Make your case without calling your host inhuman or you end up looking like an ungrateful wretch

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Allows racism.

I'm old to member when (racism) was simply people talking. Oh yeah, all other races still do it.

Also, nigger.

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Voat allows everyone. Even shills.

Q has repeated stressed a message of unity. Anyone who goes against Q's message of unity, is either openly an enemy of Q, or a shill.

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Personally, I don't care what people look like at all. What they have to say determines who they are, to me.

As far as Q, I've been led down a primrose path before, he's not delivering, he's stringing along. I absolutely believe he's in Intel, but his motives, to me, are not at all beyond question.

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Whats that??? Deport the jews you say??? Good id3a

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Let’e Restart the Fucking Immigration thing. RIGHT NOW.

If you are not a citizen, as of right now—GTFO. Close the Borders. POTUS implement merit based immigration system, OR NOT. Just STOP THE MADNESS,

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This comments proves my post is true #4

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They are trying to divide us: We are ALL naturally MAGA. it's the democrats who divide us.

At the end of the day, we all want the same, except, you know, white people, who happen to want the exact opposite of everyone else.

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Name one predominately black city that is successful.

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I win the argument, because my opponent called me a jew.

~ A Jew

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Its funny cos its true!

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All true. I have never bothered shilling a liberal site and I do not respond to the shills that show up here. I know what I know and what other people think or say doesn't scare me at all. People get all bent out of shape by the nasty and high volume responses to Trump's tweets. But in my view, the shills here and the shills there, that's how we know we are winning.

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Niggers are a plague, commit the most crime, and generally hate American principles. Wake up OP

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Thank you for promptly demonstrating OP’s point. You heard the whistle and came running. Good boy.

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I think IQ has a lot to do with it. But, of course, we cannot say that - can we?

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This is true. Ask Obama, Bernie, and Beto.

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Are they a plaque or have they been turned into one? Have they lost all sense of self because they've been on the plantation to long. Thus this could be the white man in 30 years.

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See Africa

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Fuck you text wall faggot

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Some thoughts cannot be diluted down to memes, or if they can maybe we just haven't figured out how to yet. Can you make the same point in less words? Go forth and prove it!

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These aren't points, it's the rambling of a man that's fighting against truth. See the delusional statements of power?

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It’s not dilution, it’s compression.

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Q is making the normies learn how terrible niggers are.

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Shaved apes.🐒

I’m sorry, Lord. Please forgive me and bless them pygmies. Amen.

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