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Thank you. Tried to buy it on Amazon and got this:

Item Under Review

This book is currently unavailable because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher.

The publisher has been notified and we will make the book available as soon as we receive a corrected file. As always, we value customer feedback.

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Totally legit.

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I bought a copy at Barnes and noble. It's out there

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WOW! .

I checked B&N and all they have is paperback and it's like $21

Your best bet is ebay I found this listing for an electronic copy, BUT BEWARE..... this seller only has two sales. Contact him first to find out if it is legit-- if it is, it's likely a PDF book.


You can also find a cheap paperback on ebay. I had to do this in order to buy a book on Clinton that Amazon would not offer in electronic form. Funny how that works.

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Thank you anon.

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muchas bananas. For those who don't want to initiate a download - just try hitting Print and save to a PDF. I just did and it was fast and came through clear. I looked for this and many of the places that were mentioned on the search came up with a 404. So the DS is working hard to keep us in the dark. (Do we change their name to DARK STATE now? Seems apropos...)

Plus 1 for the "internetly challenged..." LOL

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"To cling to the past is guaranteed suicide. To remain apathetic is assured enslavement. To learn the truth and then act upon it is the only means of survival at this moment. To shrug off the information contained in this book and to disregard its warning will result in the complete destruction of the Republic of the United States of America. You will never get a second warning or a second chance. Like it or not, this is it, stark reality. You can no longer turn your head, ignore it, pretend it's not true, say "it can't happen to me," run, or hide. The wolf is at the door."

~William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

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God Bless and keep you, Bill Cooper. Your bravery to ring a warning bell and subsequent sacrifice at the hands of the DS will not be forgotten.

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It's paint by numbers what is EXACTLY GOING ON NOW.

I think we have dodged the FEMA camps at least until 2024, but that book is ridiculously relevant. And Cooper had a Q clearance.

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Seth Isis Osiris Nefty

It has nothing to do with Jews, the jews was their enemy nothing else. Amon Ra...as in Amen. Know your history and these lines you do not (mess) with. Royals of today......why do you think Israel (Temple) is so fought for. And whos side are you on?

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My own side.

I have zero allegiance to the Kike infestation of Israel. MAGA>MIGA. I am > Group collective.

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And listen to his 9/11 broadcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYvTcEyBQK8

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Absolutely MANDATORY reading. I would encourage people to read books and Interviews by a man named Daniel Estulin. He is a former Russian spook. I terviewed for like an hour with Greg Hunter like a week ago. Top notch info.

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V/Arcave 205 books under Conspiracy and Corruption


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Slightly off topic but related to Cooper's discussion of ETs. Last night on History Channel (propaganda masquerading as research) an episode of Ancient Aliens, on the sly promoted that because Hillary didn't win we will never know the truth about ETs. It was a campaign commercial for the Clinton crime syndicate and featured stars like John Podesta. In the end they slammed President Trump. They never thought she would lose. It's been mentioned that ETs would be used as a distraction. TV shows like Project Blue Book, now Ancient Aliens (pro-Clinton propaganda) and movies like Replicas. The big distraction. I knew History Channel was propaganda but had not seen such an unapologetic in your face promotion of the Clinton's and interviews with Podesta to make them look like good guys. It was sickening.

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there's a video interview of cooper talking about how he no longer believed that aliens were real but rather a lie to gather everyone under one rule of law.

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Got a copy on my coffee table.

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I read it 20+ years ago. I was 16 at the time. I always knew there was something not quite right subconsciously, but this book blew the doors wide open. Not everything is accurate, but so much detailed in that book has come to fruition that you would be hard pressed to deny he had genuine intel, it was his interpretation that was sometimes off.

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I don't think, and I can't blame him, he was aware of the rise of AI, and the silicon CIA sultans. Aside from that, with what he was witnessing socially, he laid the groundwork very well.

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