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So how many times does the Fed need to buy the US before fully enslaving it? If they enslaved the US already, what would be effected by the US being enslaved further?

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Matter of expression. Continuation and consolidation of the slavery.

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sure, but in real life. How will day to day life change?

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Well. The goal of socialism is communism. So this would make a ton of sense.

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Never stop posting this! That is truth! They want it because they hate Americans. Please don't stop posting this.

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Yes. It would seem that a lot of people don't know that little detail about socialism. These "socialists" are just communists in sheeps clothing wanting to introduce things to intentionally crash the system so communism can be implemented.

Marx himself said for it to succeed, capitalism has to first fail. Since capitalism won't fail if let on it's own devices, (quite the opposite, actually) they have to make it fail.

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This shit is a movie! It’s insane how retarded they are. Its insane to me

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Is AOC an mkultra project? Some kind of a CIA inside joke? I don't understand how any of this is actually happening.

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Do no tunderestimate the power of spiritual forces. CIA and other Cabal instruments are organized cabals, but evil still works to influence and shape instruments it can use.

Seems to me, AOC is a very dangerous, very destructive instrument prepared by evil itself. I don't think she is a project of any particular Cabal. She actually has all the cherisma and potent evil vibration of people like Stalin, Mao, Polpot and Yes, Adolf. Very destructive. The worst are those who actually believe they are doing good while being a complete instrument for evil. In this sense, I do not think she is in fact like the aforementioned despots, but she is definitely being used as an instrument by evil spiritual forces. imo

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Yeah more debt slavery, because who cares about the children of our children's children having to pay it off. Wait let's abort all our healthy,innocent,defenseless babies so they don't have to pay them off that'll show them..... How is this bitch sitting in a seat of the US Government?

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The commie bitch is pandering to those that don’t work