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I see the shills coming out to attack your post OP. Good work. This is sick.

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Every time bad news for Demokkkrats comes out, the shills suddenly crawl out from under their disgusting rocks to slide, distract, shill and attack.

Every single time.

They're really programmed.

If they can be predicted through controlled experiments, over and over and over and over again, day after day, week after week, month after month, at what point would it be reasonable to consider them literal human NPCs?

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Pedo jokes aren't funny.

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I can see why Owen Benjamin got in a spat with him.

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These are called jokes! Sick? Yes but I laughed back then,,,,,,,now since Q I’m like. Oooo this shit is for real? Dammm I had no clue how big of a problem this is,,,,comedians should make jokes about the real Pedovores & pedophilians.

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Yeah his jokes are sick. All his jokes are sick. Thats his niche. I wouldn't go after offensive comedians. Save it for something concrete.

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"I'm offended as a comedian!"

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DS has developed multiple assets used to develop, condition, and frame society. This guy is one of them. Desperation comes next...it's going to get worse before it gets better.

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yes exactly. This is just another angle -- another engine -- to further their normalization of pedoshit.

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These fucks thought the downward trend leading to Hillary was going to cover their asses, and along comes Trump.

Game. Over. Sick fucks will burn.

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