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Commenting to confirm OPs statements. Just sent the video to a reliable source and received the following...

  1. The Black Hawks had air-to-air refueling probes on them; which means they are aircraft and aircrew from the 160th SOAR. I'm not saying these guys flew the Bin Laden raid, but if you wanted to fly undetected through Pakistani airspace to assault a possibly heavily fortified and defended compound to get Bin Laden, well, these are the guys you'd call. They are the only guys that have air-to-air refueling capability on Black Hawks.

  2. In my 30-years experience in Army Aviation, I've only ever heard of an "exercise" in a metropolitan area...once. The 1st Special Forces group flew a training mission near the outskirts of Seattle in the 1998 timeframe. It was not well coordinated with the civilian population and local law enforcement. Let's just say the poop kinda hit the fan. It was virtually a career ender for those responsible..... and it was nowhere near the downtown metropolitan area.

  3. Guys that do this stuff for a living have suitable training sites away from the civilian populace. There is limited value added, and a huge risk incurred, to conduct such training in a heavily populated area for "realism." The cost-benefit calculus doesn't work out. It's just not worth it. Training for urban operations is conducted at training sites. Sometimes aggressive exercises are conducted in more populated areas overseas, not in the U.S. though.

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These posts are getting serious pushback now with people saying this happens all the time, it is no big deal etc, but never with any links or evidence.

I think this is evidence of habbenings, which is why they are trying to cast doubt.

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Why are most of us here lurking for answers because this happens all the time? Not normal! We, with military experience KNOW, something was up. We, just don't know what. Henceforth why we are waiting for a Veteran or current to give us a logical explanation. So thank you.

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*Clear fucking black ops start going down

Ugn! This happens all the time! Trust me I was a veteran heli pilot from the Vietnam times! In boot camp we landed Hueys in time square weekly! Proof? Here's a video of Marines practicing riot control in a fake neighborhood. See? Happens all the time.

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Pushback from whom? Morons and other loser trolls who say that are too stupid to listen to, and have no real experience to be worthy of listening to, not even believing their own "lying eyes..."...

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The OP makes sooooooo much sense, that no one with an IQ above freezing will buy the push back (which means, of course the SJWeenies will). Lord, I'm so tired of being subjected to Leftist idiocy.

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Greetings fren. Just riffing on your thoughts with my own: 1. Those were two MH-6's preceding an MH-60L. Confirming that those are 160th SOAR (A) birds. 2. MOUT/Urban warfare training involving SOF rotary wing assets is/was not "totally uncommon", usually it was done in smaller cities and towns located in the general regions of Fayetteville (Fort Bragg) and Clarksville (Fort Campbell). I can tell you that those operations did not involve flying between tall building, and LZ's/extract sites were in fields and other open areas near target buildings... not on streets. When I was in, would have been unthinkable to do such operations in a heavily populated urban area. The name of the game was realism while staying out of the larger public eye. The game has obviously changed. 3. Adequate urban mock-ups exist on military reservations (Range 68 at Fort Bragg comes to mind) to make this sort of thing unnecessary without good reasons.

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Not sure if this vid from LA 2012 shows any flying between buildings, but they definition fly at root\f level and near buildings:


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It hasn’t been called MOUT for over 10 years

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There is also a joint forces base designed for urban warfare training in Los Alamitos a couple miles east of Long Beach.

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I was AFSOC... Air Force. We had those type on our base.



I worked on the C-130J. I've not seen them in urban areas either.

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I was AFSOC... Air Force. We had those type on our base.

Welcome, brother. I was PACAF (pre-AFSOC).

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The MH-60G stopped doing this kind of work when they were redesignated HH-60G and sent to Rescue.

t. Old AFSOC helo fag

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In my 30-years experience in Army Aviation, I've only ever heard of an "exercise" in a metropolitan area...once. The 1st Special Forces group flew a training mission near the outskirts of Seattle in the 1998 timeframe

What about LA in 2012?

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They are clearing flying above the buildings and not landing in the street.

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Bullshit, everyone knows helicopters aren't real. Only an idiot would believe that something like that could really fly.

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All the blades and engines and stuff are just there for show. There is a device on the H60 called the "mixing unit" It looks like a bunch of levers and rods but it is an anti-gravity device that actually makes the thing fly. They need cover for that thing so they just "make a helicopter" when in reality it is all about the mixing unit... totallyfuckingkiddingKeK

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This is the greatest comment on the internet right now. Appreciated OP as well.

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Actually, I lived with a guy that worked at Area 51. Used to drop him off on the street, on the north side of McCarren near the “Executive Airport” security booth before the gate where the Janet planes leave from. I could not pull in and turn around. He told me they do not build “helicopters with blades” anymore, there was another method of flight. He worked with magnets. Don’t think small little things, he told me these magnets were the size of refrigerators and larger. When you entered the room, you could not have anything metal on you. If you forgot to take off your watch you would fly across the room and be stuck to the beast. He would only tell me things that had been leaked—whether or not I had heard or seen the info. The helicopter info was leaked, once, and the show it was leaked on was immediately cancelled. So, I believed you until you said “totallyfuckingkiddingKeK” -

I’m NOT kidding. The guy told me some very interesting stuff.

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And I thought it was called a "flux capacitor"....

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Oh you guys have a great sense of humor.

Serious question though....... What is the confidence level that this was the good guys doing this raid?

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They don't fly, they beat the air into submission.

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“If the wings are traveling faster than the fuselage, you are in a helicopter, and therefore unsafe”

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I always feel unsafe in fixed-wing. At least if the rotorhead is moving you got options, even if they be short. (H53 knuckledragger). Fuel probes are for sustained flight, but I only saw a H60 when they were first deployed, not much internal room. Much easier to work around them with no probe, especially that low on the 60.

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I needed this comment ;)

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Ex milfag pilotnigger here, that was not an exercise.

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Ya right? I held a wrench and I know that was a massive steaming pile of bovine defecation.

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100% agree.. this was a mercenary op made to look like a training exercise.

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You are almost correct about the "ops" themselves, but as a SOFFAG guy with more that 11 years, and still Involved, we've been doing urban warfare for decades. This is totally cover, ("trng op") beautifully done, REAL ops. The question isn't the reality of those ops, but why? Note the multiple vids and what they really show. [GOOG] the area. Map the area. Think logically, and watch what is coming....its on.

And pay no attention to the Trolls and other associated useful idiot Fags here....they too know, or they're just pathetic useful idiot fags. Think about it. Why would they even be here?

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Cool! Yeah I moved some fucking cobwebs to make that post and am kinda surprised it was so popular. Yeah, I had never even HEARD of anything like this back in the day. I am an Oldfag though As my post shows so my info is dated as fuck. Yeah I did some of that. I saw the Standard Hotel (obvious) and some Guatemalan thing (which is where the invader caravan is coming from) and the Wells Fraud-o bank that is having major problems today with their accounts... That is what I have put together. I have been on Voat and the chans for a long time... Longer than this name would make you think. I have good instincts and thick skin. WWG1WGA

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Different veteran fag here. I was taking a much needed disconnect break from all this shit. Which I recommend all anons do from time to time. Lol I was 5 days into my distraction/break when I noticed my paycheck didn’t direct deposit. Looked into wellsfargo and somehow stumbled into this. My service was in a combat aviation brigade, even when we were doing training in rural ass areas on the Mexican border we had to be super careful not to cross certain lines that were still extremely far away from little tiny home stead’s. This was most certainly a real OP, a million and one variables could go wrong for no reason other than muh “training”. Lol for fuck sakes before every mission you do a risk assessment, the crew Chief would’ve been looking at his superior as if they had a (career)deathwish. On a completely different note do you know how high up the approval would be for this nonsensical “training exercise”.

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Fuck yeah. It looks like it's on. Who are all those people dressed the same in the street?

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Why would they even be here?

Are you aware that this appears on the front page? Earlier this evening I "comment trolled" on a recommended video by a Targeted Individual (TI) who claimed, essentially, hundreds of government employees are intentionally messing with his life in the most random ways. They're blocking his craigslist posts, rearranging the files on his computer, changing the content of his emails, and much more. Depending on his attitude, why not tell him about his insanity, or mock him for the same?

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High IQ thread

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A cyclic collective.

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FYI OP. This is VOAT, learn our comms.

So in the late 90s and early 0's I was actively involved with military helicopters ...

This does not make you a "helicopter anon" on this forum. It makes you a "chopper-fag."

Otherwise, thanks for the good post chopper-fag.

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thanks correction-fag

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Ha ha yeah you are right actually. I spend too much time on the chan now.

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I still remember the laugh I had when Q called something fake, and one of the anons corrected Q and said , "Fake and Gay, learn our coms "

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Only a faggot would refer to himself as that.

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What a faggot calling people faggots.

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What kind of helicopters did the Argentina military use to throw commies into the ocean? We need a bunch of those.

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And it was Blackhawks I believe.

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LOL I confess that's a secret dream of mine.

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I have the t-shirt, but realistically am practically way too old.

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I agree. Ran this video by some military fresh back from over sees. They have all said it's an OP. That the helicopter was dressed for action. Not atypical of practice.

It's a great day to be a Patriot.

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Train how you fight

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First off we train far away from civilians State side due to liability and optics. Even in shit hole counties they stay away from urban areas at night due to collateral damage.

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