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Sorry Bro, I am not making popcorn again.

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We dont want you to do it.. Remember? Last time you burnt the shit.

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It’s because he’s been reheating the same batch of popcorn for almost 2 years now but “the show” trailers keep saying shits gonna happen that hasn’t happened. He’s just waiting for the right time to consume it.

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He was also pretty anal about how much better we wanted!

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The manufacturer wrote the instructions too fast and some read real slowwww...

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Anyone can make Jiffy Pop over a fire. Anyone.

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I’ve burnt Jiffy Pop over a campfire

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You forgot to watch the Qtubers channels that's why you lost the faith on our savior Q. Some of those channels are very good at making you think it's happening (maybe somewhere in another reality).

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Did you buy a shirt?

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and an alternate universe.

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I wonder how many years they can coast until they need a real job.

Living off that boomer hopium.

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Come on! You can't have too much popcorn! LOL

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Until we see public arrests, nothing is happening.

The arrests are the biggest public sign that Trump could ever make.

It boldly states: "Patriots are in control".

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Obviously you lack the intellectual capacity to understand the strategy and tactics necessary in bringing down a sinister global regime with the least amount of "collateral damage" as possible.

You can go back to the play pen with all the rest of the screeching, stompy footed, head banging, toddlers. You're bothering the adults.

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Hahahahahahaha ! OMG WRECKED !

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Blah blah blah blah blah

Excuse #135: "You aren't capable of understanding how hard this is.... go back to kindergarten... taking down cabals is serious bizness and may take another 300 years or so"

Meanwhile.... NOTHING is happening. Same old shit. Different day.

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Obviously YOU lack the something something autistic blather, something something nigger jew faggot, something something, go sodomize yourself with a corncob.

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You're bothering the adults.

Who believe in fairy tales like the bejeezus? The mythological god who needs to die because of a extremely powerful.... book? A book with talking donkeys, virgins giving births, leviathans, behemoths, gods, and compilations of various religious texts? A not-even-original-literature?

Ok, kid.

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Who gives a shit if they're loaded in a black helicopter at 0300? Fuck it, I would rather it be quiet so as not to tip off the other vermin. I don't mind pay-per-view later to see them all hang - just so it's fucking done! But I DO want to see them, recorded, in their final moments, just before the gallow's rope snaps taut. I suppose it would be all the more cathartic if it were broadcast from Gitmo live.

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"who gives a shit"?!? How about ever freedom-loving patriot in America? Enough of the fucking games already. It's time for mass arrests. We know where the vermin live. We can freeze their assets and go arrest them right now. Fuck all this spy bullshit. It's time for arrests! Public arrests and executions!

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Bullshit. You are pointing to a random news event and trying to tie it to Q. The two are not related and your video proves nothing. The ONLY thing that will prove that patriots are indeed controlling things are high level arrests. The only way that Trump could pull off high level arrests is if patriots are in control. That is why arrests are important. Public arrests.

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If you have been doing your homework you would know that many happenings are afoot. Accelerating by the day I might add...

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Nothing is happening until Justice is PUBLICLY SERVED.

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proud American right here. love our POTUS. no matter what happens with all the evil, Trump was and is the best thing to happen to this country.

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Upvote. I see it too. Regardless of all the doubters. America is waking up and I hear about arrests EVERY day for quite a while now. Are they the ones I want ? No. But theres a fuck ton of pedos going down. Children are being saved. A long way to go, but it's picking up speed.

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The worker and drones always die before the Queen is exposed...We're on the right track...The expendables are being sacrificed...

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I'm one of these that things a lot is happening in the background, but the fact that the Awan scandal got brushed under the rug gives me a lot of worry.

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Awan tried to leave country and got caught. So did Huma. They are both squealing...oink

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yes, & many similar things - cause for concern. It really bugs me that they get away with really bad stuff, but little ol me out here, walking the straight and narrow, getting screwed by just about everybody - I'm tired. Sick world.

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should have rounded a couple dems at the SOTU, I'd feel like we are on the path

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Those who say "we need mass arrests now" just don't understand how massively big it is - this thing we are facing.

One problem is also that a massive operation will make it easier for the enemy to pitch it as politically motivated or even a fascistic purge.

The problem is - as Q has already mentioned - that there is a majority in the population who does not think for themselves or are very easy to manipulate. The MSM still has massive control that way.

Public opinion must gradually be swayed (and narrative in media swayed) by revealing the truth bit by bit - in bite-sizes that people can relate to and digest.

Very few can face what is REALLY going on - how evil and degraded it is (and widespread in society, but hidden) and not reject it as fantasy / conspiracy.

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