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Lock and Load

now is the time for all patriots to come to the aid of their country

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Locked & loaded in N.C.

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In Texas too...and I'm a woman. Figure I can learn to shoot as well as my husband and sons do - and they're good.

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All my neighbors are as well. And they practice in their backyards a lot. Some are military. Some are law enforcement. Some are hunters. So I feel very safe in my neighborhood.

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Locked & loaded N.C.

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Locked, loaded and chambered in CA.

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Locked and loaded in Louisiana. If you Patriots run out of ammo, come to LA. I have over 50,000 rounds of many different calibers...as do my neighbors and friends.

We won't be playing around here in LA, if the shit goes down. We have swamps everywhere...and if you guys can trick those fucks into coming here, they will disappear. And crabs will eliminate the chosen fuckers in a single night.

We know we are the end game, and they aren't fucking with us until last. We yearn for that opportunity.

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Right there with you

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Awareness doesn’t mean shit if nothing happens.

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There are actually millions. In Qs last Q&A they told us that when 2.2 million attempted to access the site, in 1-2 minutes, the site crashed.

01-06-2019 12:29:01 AEDT Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID:8f2403 No.4618020

4617970 2.2 million attempted access within 1-2 minutes. Site crashed. Q

There are literally millions from around the world working together to uncover libraries of documents, photos, deeds, BDM certificates etc. of the deep state. Here in Australia an ex-detective found out that an ex-PM gave around $400million of our taxpayers hard earned money, to the Clinton Foundation. Michael Smith has been working with Charles Ortel and Michael has been interviewed by the FBI recently. https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2017/02/lionel-nation-with-charles-ortel-latest-on-clinton-foundation-fraud-investigationprosecution.html

Nothing is hid from the Anons and this is what is so remarkable. Q is getting the Patriots to do their OWN research and not rely on what the media says.


We - you, me and the other Patriots worldwide are part of history. When the Old Guard is finally destroyed - and you saw them yesterday mocking, denying, laughing at America and Americans, while seated in the People’s House, in the very building where history was made under Lincoln, Washington, JFK, and I’ll include Trump too, history books will detail the blood, sweat and tears that was endured by those that gave their life to see the Republic restored.

It’s hard to fathom why there was stony silence when little Grace stood and was applauded. It’s hard to fathom the same deathly silence when POTUS promised he would end full term abortion or infanticide.

These people do not deserve to live in America. They need to spend time without any support in Venezuela and let them see if they would readily adopt socialism. To crave power over another life is something that is straight out of the pits of hell. It’s ungodly. It’s evil and it’s depraved.

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how much faster would that old guard get destroyed if instead of telling people to do nothing q told them get out on the streets and protest? a 2.2 million strong yellow vest protest and things would be over in a weekend

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Not hardly! When they revolted against Lenin weren't there approx 50 million exterminated??

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Why do you need a letter to tell you what to do??

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Very well said Friend! Thank you for taking the time to write that!

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The sub here is tiny though... Q maybe fibbing.

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On YouTube, In Pursuit of Truth has almost 100,000 subscribers (with YouTube unsubscribing people) and Praying Medic has almost 250,000 subscribers. DDoS of a government site to download a document is pretty impressive too.

I must say that Q followers didn't receive the warmest welcome here, and subverse leadership behaved like brats, leaving us with 3 Q. Voat itself isn't very big (much lower Alexa rank than 8chan), which results in fewer people wanting to use it, and it doesn't help that there isn't great mobile interface.

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He wouldn't fib. Even though an ICBM launch went up from a sub in the Puget Sound last year, and nobody saw it.

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Brilliant comment anon. Nailed it in one.

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The energy is different. We are in a completely unique period of history

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We are entering the 4th density, and the great solar flash, or "The Event", is nearing.

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Tell that to Tacoma and Seattle and Olympia. Lefty city.

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I know Im in Wenatchee

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Millions are now awake. Many are quiet about it, but people are awake. Let (them) continue to underestimate it. Makes no difference.

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What good is being "awake" if Jews are 100% in control of your Government and criminals never go to jail?

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The U.S. (5% of the population) holds 25% of the world's prison population...But they can't even put someone behind bars for corruption, or blatant treason.

Something very wrong with this picture.

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Almost better to be asleep if justice is never done. I don't want to wake up and smell failure everyday.

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Control is given, once you stop giving it, they're powerless

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The good is that at least YOU and other awoken are not deceived any longer? It changes millions in decision making and lastly, the end game objective is not to live in a man made ethiopia anywhere anyway - see the bigger picture

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Your ego is talking. I'm not trying to be rude but you're not thinking if you think nothing is happening.

First off, America is the rule of law NOT anarchy. One thing that is really happening is that the enemy are eating they own, this is very clear. Trump making them do this means the US does not fall into civil war, meaning people will use their votes as the weapon, not arms. That's the plan. And it TAKES TIME.

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Thank you. If Trump wasn't elected, we'd be on the path of violence or some sort of military coup. MIL gave us our vote and we elected Trump to drain the swamp. Impatience is natural but you've got to be delusional to think Trump is reverse direction on one of his main campaign promises.

Draining the swamp via law and order will test and increase the resilience of our institutions.

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wonderful spoken anon

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Yeah. I'm a long time woke too. And this is the exact point I see that makes the oh "q is a psyop by the deep state" narrative so dumb. Okay then if they're that stupid to actually get all us Patriots organized and researching for ourselves, then it will definitely backfire on them.

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If there's one thing that can be said to characterize conservatives over the past 4-5 decades, it's that they're infamous for being so unwilling to eat a giant shit sandwich and smile while doing so...

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"Trust the plan / enjoy the movie / do nothing" - Q

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Q never said do nothing.

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man shills are out today

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Waking up and realizing how badly we've been screwed by the usury filth cabal is one thing. Making them wish they had never been born is another. Action has to be taken at some point or this will all be for nothing.

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