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I'm not clicking your sketch ass link.

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Silly guy, it's HTML link. It bypasses domain name shit in case that gets shut down for censoring. It's the actual IP address of the site.

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You're not wrong. It just appears to be less safe, which has been conditioned into us.

I remember in the good old 2000s when IPs were the only way to connect to most gaming servers, and all you had to do with change the port at the end to visit the website, or server statistics.

Now-a-days an IP address means less accountability, and the fact that the link is not encrypted is another reason to be wary.

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You know all links redirect to an up right?

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I'm sorry I did. The guy is a nutter.

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Funny how they don't acknowledge her in the audience - why wouldn't she be sitting up front? 187

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They wouldn't 187 her... they would more than likely be on the opposite side of the spectrum... like force feeding her baby blood for muh roe v wade

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Everyone performing in that video is wearing BLACK. That was a "celebration of life" event. (and I will link the youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?727=&v=PEkrT47xGFY )

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Anons, This needs to go VIRAL!! #WheresRuth #WheresRBG & #ProofOfLife

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And remember, Fox news reported she was dead...

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I didn't watch the whole video but it is very clear to see that they have a black robe hanging on a coat rack right in the front of the stage along with what appears to be a gavel sitting near it on a podium. It may have just been a tribute to her (rather than a funeral) but it is interesting that she was "supposed" to be there according to the WaPo.

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I'm going with plausible.

Think about it; everyone in black, robe and gavel there, and it was said that there were only about 30 people in attendance. What kind of "concert" only has 30 people show up? Now, if she is really dead, her family members would be expecting to have a funeral at some point, would they not? How many families dont send off a loved one? People would be asking questions and wanting to know.

And, if it was desired that the family were to keep their mouths shut, would you rather trust that to happen with 30 people, or 300 people?

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I personally saw RBG in a Bass fishing tournament in Florida.

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What were you throwing?

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Her ashes were in the room?

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(((She))) wouldn’t be cremated because that has been forbidden since the Shoah ovens.

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What could possibly be the advantage for the Trump people to stay quiet on this? Why does everything have to be "cloak and dagger?" There's rumors of arrests, rumors of just about everything but never any open public talk. This sucks.

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The only advantage is to have the other side make more 'rope.'

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There is still only a small minority of the public aware that things are not as they seem.

The sleeping lemmings must see for themselves all these mistakes and lies piling up via their usual disinformation channels or they will never be persuaded.

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It's an obvious deal.

She keeps her legacy in exchange for being executed for her crimes.

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I think it was wise to stay quiet before the SOTU. I thought the whole blackout might have been a trap to have her then prove all the 'conspiracy theorists' wrong as she strides into the SOTU. Obviously that didn't happen. Now we are free to demand proof that she is alive and able to perform her duties.

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Hell I knew she was dead weeks ago when they couldn't get the story straight about where she was, either at home working or in the hospital fighting for her life with pneumonia. We have continued to demand proof of life and they will continue putting out this bullshit expecting us to believe their story. Not buying it, she's dead and has been since the second week of January.

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