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Excited yes, I get to see my brave President boldly stand before a room of hyenas like a lion. I'm always excited to see the President. But I don't expect much in the way of a coming Storm or anything else besides maybe using the occasion to push for the wall. Also he will go over all the details of the economy, the jobs created, the stock market success, the trade negotiations and so on. Basically the President gets to tell the American people all the good work and success he has achieved since taking office. That's it in a nutshell.

Behind the scenes is where QTeam are doing their thing. I'm a firm believer there are major things going on behind the scenes. The Democrats are in self destruct mode, and not by choice either. The same with the media. This will continue as part of the plan to prepare the public for what comes later. Springing the arrests on an unsuspecting public is not how this will play out, no way, no how. There is a duty of care required by the President when he took oath of office. Starting large scale riots is not on the agenda, and all efforts will be taken to bring about as peaceful a transition as possible when the truth is revealed. A large part of that is revealing how corrupt the Deep State and its actors are. This is what we are seeing now.

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I'm a firm believer there are major things going on behind the scenes.

Hey Me Too! No crystal ball though I read the book this movie is based on, and so far Q has stayed faithful to the plot. I hope Q-team can fix a few things, but overall its interdasting to say the least. WILL this SOTU be the LAST one for the fake corporate government? COULD BE....

P.S. "Future proves past"

Here's the link to the book (Save it for later, because it's been buried in search results now):

"1900 or The Last President" by Ingersoll Lockwood (1890):


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I just got this book, but I am going to read Baron Trumps marvelous underground journey first

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Yes, but "revealing how corrupt the Deep State" is --- to who?

  • To the Republicans who already KNOW that the Deep State is corrupt and support Trump?
  • Or, to the Democrats who will never believe their side is corrupt and who hate Trump no matter what he says or does?

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Lets not forget, the DS includes republicans as well.

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The more that President Trump can talk unfiltered to the American public the better, along with the Q channel. I AM SO EXCITED as well.

The President HAS a HUGE stick and HE uses it. May God Bless our President and the Patriots. WWG1WGA

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We swing for the bleachers but hope to at least land in the outfield. If we can red-pill moderates that goes a long way to waking up people.

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Normies are the target. Wake up normiefags as much as possible to shift general popular culture. NPCs will follow popular culture etiquette.

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Sure, there are always things going on behind the scenes in politics, just as the cabal isn't unified and working together in peace and harmony.

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Careful, the organized voters here are going to punish your opinion.

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SS needs to take away everyone's cell phones before the SOTU.

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Remember what happened last year the commies were sending 187 msgs

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uhhh... maybe! I'll certainly watch, bowl of popcorn in my lap, but I don't have any expectations. Sure, it would be great if POTUS used the occasion to kick off The Storm, and if it's more business-as-usual SOTU stuff (new agencies proposed, expansion of government to "fix" non-existent "problems" and throwing away more of our tax dollars, and the kind of horseshit Hussein and every president in the past has done, then I'll just quietly turn off my TV and give up on our nation as finally and completely lost.

But if POTUS does something new, totally out-of-the-box thinking, shutting down federal agencies, laying off useless and non-essential employees as shown by the recent shutdown, becoming disentangled in all the foreign intrigue and wars we're now involved in, BUILDING THE F#@KING WALL (!!!!) with or without the involvement of Congres, and there is even a scintilla or whisper of The Storm coming, then I will be excited. Now is the time to break with the past and the ruinous policies of our government.

So I have hopes, but no expectations until I see for myself what the next 2 years will be like.

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Trump has been ratcheting up the talk on human trafficking lately...like more than usual! That alone gives me hope that we are correctly on the same page as our leader.

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Yes I've noticed that he is tacking. He started his push for the wall with crime generally, them murder, then drugs, then trafficking of women, then children. There's apparently a meeting to all of this madness.

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I agree. He doesn't act or speak casually. Always has an agenda. We're there I believe.

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I stand with Trump 100%, but I am so very not excited about his speeches til I know that he acknowledges hard core red pill truth. Have been so disappointed many times over. No more wishy washy BS, put it out there and expose the people to the truth about everything. Yes, POTUS & others have brought up & exposed Planned Parenthood scam for campaign donations, abortions, body parts, and human trafficking as well as sex trafficking and slavery crossing our border where we want a full and complete border wall. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Come On POTUS, make this one SOTU count, and hurt them where they can no longer recover or fight back over any issue.

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Are you trying to set yourself up for a concerfag edit or something? Read Q drops whenever you think about concernfagging or even hinting at it -- because it provides NOTHING to the discussion. A paragraph of nothing. "If Trump doesn't do this, I'm gonna pack all my shit and cry my way home!"

It's like... man... Military Operation. First four years is planning and setting the stage... a HUGE amount has already been made privy for the anons via 8ch and Q himself, if you'd been following properly!

The LAST four years out of the EIGHT total (were only early into 2 out of 8!) will be where the MEGA work gets done. The storm begins when Trump gets re-elected in 2020 !!! Mark my words budday.

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Read Q drops

Are you serious? Then you openly admit the Q psyop is just a reelection campaign, as many suspected.

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SOTU will have higher ratings than super bowl.

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I'm excited. Wasn't a Trump supporter until I heard his speech last year and realized that he was actually doing what he was saying. Unheard of in Washington.

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So, why hasn't Hillary Clinton been arrested yet? Remember when all the people at the Trump rallies were chanting "Lock her up!". That wasn't a request. The American people demand justice and Trump better start delivering on the arrests and the justice.

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Because he's going after the whole SHABANG while you sit on your ass thinking arresting Hillary solves our problems. Any other questions ladies?

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We want it done right. Not going to be rushed by the generation of immediate gratification fags. I want as many as possible, not just locked up but to hang. So no rushing .

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Hey fren, drop the EMOTION! Hillary is the cherry on top and will come last. Cool your jets...

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"News unlocks the map" ~Q

I see many anons expecting it to be boring, but I think those anons haven't read the book this movie is based on. If they did they'd be expecting at least one BOOM. The SOTU will be the end of our current "government" (corporation IRL) according to the book. Depending on whether you think We are getting help or not, you'll either be very concerned, or very hopeful. So far the whole script has been in this book, some details have been changed but the major plot has been overall faithful. Sorry Nance, not habbening, NO DEALS.

If you anons want to read the book it's free on-line at a book archive site. It's an original copy from the library of Congress in the 1890's too. It's a short story really, only 49 pages, but you'll notice how "future proves past" on almost every page.

"1900 or The Last President" by Ingersoll Lockwood:


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POTUS isn't boring. im excited

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Me too man! Q KEEP POTUS SAFE PLEASE! WRWY, praying to MAGA, because WWG1WGA.

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Quite an erie book. It even had the term anon in it. How peculiar. If she pounds her gavel at potus, in contempt, wouldnt that be somthin.

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I can’t wait to see the Master Troller do his thing! I need some good laughter this week. 😜

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