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I watched the SB and it was boring.

Q last two drops have also been boring.


We want.


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I want so much more than arrests. I want my country back.

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*Our world, reality, and freedom back.

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me too

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We will never “get our country back”. Why? It’s because the Patriot movement is a supreme clusterfuck of disorganization and ego. Patriots should have been organized and mobilized by now. No more waiting for some mysterious Internet personality to do it for the patriots. Patriots need to organize, arm up, and move. Patriots need to revisit 1776 and 1861, and get shit done!!!!!!!!

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Q is definitely running out of ideas or is more likely waiting for election before going off on false promises again.

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You speak some truth! Especially the running out of ideas and fake promises part of your paragraph.

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I would agree but its a tradition with my dad. At least the team that is known for being "too White" and having a QB, Owner, and Coach that support Trump won tho. The commercials were shit. Full of "muh diversity" and "look, niggers are classy" bullshit. Even my dad, a typical boomer for the most part, shook his head at all the niggers they plastered across the screen.

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This also. All the fake shit and propaganda.


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Your dad sounds like a cool guy

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best comment i've seen in days!

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after learning about how the world really works, everything becomes boring. nothing entertains me anymore.

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me too ...

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I didn't even know who was in the super bowl til this weekend when the donut shop man told me. I figured the patriots, us patriots, would win. They did. I'm happy. The only super bowl highlight I checked was from Gladys's singing... and that was because it was posted on QRV.

This is coming from a guy that did dozens of mock drafts for his keeper fantasy football league in the off-season. A guy that stayed with the Cleveland Browns for many years. Our new QB broke Peyton Manning's rookie TD record and didn't start a 1/4 of the season. His name escapes me at the moment. I'm happy for Cleveland I suppose if this gives them the excitement they need, which it did for me when I was downtown game 7 vs. Warriors and we won. Excitement and unity sprung. Black people and white people in a very racially charged city came together as brothers and sisters. Everyone loved each other. High fives all around. Great times. If sports can do that, I can set my ego aside.

All that said, let's go Q. Let's go Trump. Beat the Deep State already. Before I move to the woods. Please.

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You misspelled niggerball.

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