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I can’t watch movies anymore, I used to love movies. Almost all music is ruined. I can’t have a normal conversation without getting bored or frustrated, so I stay alone most of the time. Nothing is genuine, but strangely I’m happy and no longer scared of anything.

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Jazz... -Jazz isn't ruined.

Go listen to some Joe Pass, Charlie Christian, Tal Farlow or Barney Kessel; anyone really. If you're into piano driven music, you can never go wrong with Dave Brubeck, or Oscar Peterson. You don't have to listen to bullshit lyrics with bullshit messages, you just enjoy the masterful playing of these brilliant musicians. Don't let the kike media take all the joy from your life!

This thread is about waking up and when it happened and how you felt, and so on... in relation to jazz, I remember at a pretty young age that it seemed crazy to me that guys like Clapton and Hendrix were being touted as the greatest guitar players ever. For a little while I agreed, and got into all of that, but I was never incredibly impressed. I had to admit it sounded good, and felt fun, but it was missing something. I kept thinking, "that's it? that's all it takes to be the "best ever"? (and yes, I get the importance of Clapton and Hendrix in a broad musical sense)

Then I heard Joe Pass... Literally thought there were at least two guitar players, if not three. The fucking guy is from a different planet. Never heard anything like it. It was all downhill from there... Learning to play jazz has been a lifelong work for me, and I'll never be as good as I'd like no matter how long I play, but the joy is always there. Reinterpreting the masters.

I also got away from a lot of the fake agnst bullshit (pop punk, all the fake grunge, nu metal etc.) and started listening to more classical and Jazz. I still LOVE early metal, hardcore and plenty of contemporary bands, and always will, but Jazz still does it for me like no other.

It's so easy to see who the media is pushing as their next talking head pop icon fuck, and no matter how good some of the music is, you know it's garbage and can avoid it. You can't pull that shit with jazz; jews aren;t sneaking their agenda in that music. Unless you think Lady Gaga singing a duet with Jew owned Tony Bennett is "jazz" -the kies took a shot there. Wasn't that bad, but whatever...

Got a little long-winded there, but seriously, check out some jazz -none of that fucking Kenny G bullshit either. Even if you think you hate it, just sit down with it and listen. Give it a chance. Don't let mediakikes kill music for you!

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I sang in a cover band in college. Our one guitarist moved out to CA to study classical guitar and get his Masters. He gave his demo to a lady at the school who was friends with Steve Vai. Long story short, he was faxed music to learn in less than a week, and on the UltraZone Tour as the rhythm guitarist in Vai's band and been with him over 20 years now. His name is Dave Wiener...Check his stuff out. He thinks very much in line with u. In it for the beauty of music...nothing more...God bless, Patriot!

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Wow, almost sounds like I wrote that. Joe Pass is epic talent, surreal even. I used to play guitar a long time ago and found out about him and finally got some of his sheet music. Chord changes are finger torture and he just blew through it. Christian, Farlow, Reinhardt are unreal. Enjoyed the post. J

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Amen to that! Music is healing. It goes right to the soul. Its the creator of the music & their intentions behind it that can make it either good or evil. Btw, jazz is my fav too

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I'm friends with Red Rodney's son Mark (Red played with Larry Byrd) on facebook, nice guy.

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Your pet is your friend

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I got a dog, it really made me even better.

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I stopped listening to music with lyrics years ago. Even if the lyrics are good / genuine ( which is rare ), the lyrics get boring to keep listening to. Otherwise the lyrics are total brain washing garbage and the easiest way to tell is could you ever imagine saying / singing them out loud yourself with the soul and intention they are?

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That's why I love Pink Floyd. You can go 15 minutes into a "song" before you hear a single lyric, and by that time you're lost in it all. Please don't tell me they're playing for Team Evil....

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Exactly and it's amazing how many songs are utter garbage once you can spot the brainwashing😠

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Me too. Too much satan in the lyrics.

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Go for instrumental.

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classic country music is real

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Too much glorification of alcohol and fornication

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I’m a huge classic country fan, Conway, Loretta, George Jones... compromised.

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It's been said that in all old country and bluegrass alike someone dies. The difference in the 2 is that in country, it's an accident and in bluegrass it's murder. That holds true in many many cases. Something else that holds true is that if there is money involved and/or massive numbers of normies, you can guarantee that the cabal is pulling the strings. Haha. I didn't mean for that to be punny. Music,pulling strings.

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Most Punk is real. Agent orange, kicker boys, who killed spikey jacket...

Pop punk sucks and is fake. Greenday, limp biskit, blink 182...

Yadda yadda, if it's in the radio it sucks. Maybe ya get some Ramones n stuff but that's old classic punk.

Whiskey of the damned, Irish american.

The exploited.

Hudson falcons, New York working class rock music.

Concrete elite.

Assault and battery, hardcore.

Tom and the boot boys, Indonesian punk.

French oi.

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February/March 2006, I watched some videos about 9/11 (esp. WTC 7) and "Loose Change". Then I researched frantically for about 2 weeks and also found out about the satanic-pedo elites. I've been waiting ever since for their downfall. I already knew then how fake everything in the mainstream is and infested with satanic ideology. I also noticed over time how many things in the mass media were getting more gruesome, especially the rise in popularity of horror and zombie movies. I don't like hardly any of current pop music. I find classic music and from the 60s/70s to be still relatively good. There is good current music if you search for entirely alternative genres like New Age, Trance and Celtic.

I tried redpilling all my friends and family then, but it didn't work except for 1 or 2 people. I tried joining a political party and demonstrating, putting up websites, going to meetups, and holding presentations. So nowadays I hardly bring up these topics anymore, though I would like to because I have a lot say. It helps that I live in a community of awakened people now, where we all basically have the same or similar worldviews.

To everybody who just recently found out about this stuff and is complaining how long it is taking for the arrests to happen, try waiting 13 years! I will be very glad if it is "only" 1 to 2 more years. Some people have known this stuff for even longer, I'm sure.

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Did you ever think the day would come? Have there been other legitimate red pill movements that I've missed?

I had the realizations you had but later on in 2016. I bet I missed a lot. Same with me, I tried to wake others up. The amount of material to convince with was great. I was able to wake up my husband, parents and started on two close friends, both of which were aware of other conspiracies but not how they all play out together. I also accepted Jesus as my savior shortly after. I felt miserable for having supported Planned Parenthood. I could not ignore my participation in the machine. I was sickened and begged for a way out, some way to stop this Satanic machine. Jesus let me know forgiveness was on the table and that God is in control, despite the evil caused by mankind. It was after seeing the face of the devil aka child sacrifice, child rape, child torture, that I was able to see how sinful humans are. I was taught in school and by society that we are all inherently GOOD. Oh hell no we aren't! Everything started to make sense at that point. The Bible was speaking truth to me about the nature of humans. It was a very intense month and it's been intense ever since.

13 years of knowing...wow. Seriously, I'm just heartbroken I took so long to catch up and be here with you, if that makes sense. Sorry you've had to carry that without a support system like we have now. I've always wondered about the people who have known FOREVER about this Satanic network and haven't been able to reach the population with their message. It's enough to make your heart sink.

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I went down the rabbit hole in the early 90s. Started with None Dare Call It Treason that was out of print and only found in libraries at the time. Some confuse this with None Dare Call It conspiracy but they are wholly different. Then in 96/97 started going deep, David Icke, Jim marrs, Alex Jones, and many others. Came across the pedo, mk-ultra, etc and my world changed quickly and never went back... I'm shocked that so many are waking up these days... i thought we were doomed...

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The bible says "the heart is wicked, who can know it?" I was flipping through Hulu today and every movie was dark and satanic. Who is watching this stuff and not waking up?

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In the beginning it was kind of tough because belief in conspiracy theories was less widespread than it is now, though there some people which I met personally in my region, so that helped. I noticed awakening/redpilling happening in waves. The first wave I noticed was around 2006 when I woke up which was because of the 9/11 Truth movement ("Loose Change"). The next wave was around 2008-2012 with the Ron Paul movement, then after that the Snowden leaks and then 2016 with Wikileaks and finally 2017/2018 with the Q-movement. I've noticed that the later waves have been getting slightly bigger. Looking over long periods I can see that progress is definitely being made, though I still hope it would happen faster.

What gives me a lot of hope is that finally there is an administration in charge that is going after these criminals, after experiencing both Bush & Obama administrations which were totally following the Cabal/Deep State agenda.

I was always hopeful though because I knew the Creator was on our side. I honestly didn't expect it to take this long, though.

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humans are good. if flawed. but humans are a tiny tiny TINY minority. evil pod people planted by satan are the majority. they're the evil soulless ones that will never repent or be saved.

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Judy woods. Materials physicist phd... Where did the towers go...best resource of evidence of something strange that day.

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The funny thing about that is how the A&E for 9/11 truth hate her because she's not sticking to the "thermite" story. A&E for 911 truth are trying to control the narrative on what it is that brought the towers down. They aren't interested in other information and theories. They hate the "cheeto dust" theory.

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Yea she s onto it.

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I love her description of "dustification" in watching the top of the tower fall and turn to dust on it's way down. That doesn't happen to a building collapsing due to fire down below.

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DUSTIFICATION ...of the towers

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Totally agree. I also woke up 2006, same movie "Loose Change". my whole world was shaken and just never came back to be the same again. Yes, 13 years is a long time, still counting, still waiting. Sometimes I get so angry I feel like screaming. Things are more weird than never before. Last friday, close to my hometown in Sweden, 20 masked men (muslims) scared the Police to flee after arresting two guys with an automatic rifle, IN SWEDEN. Police gave up the weapon, let the thugs run and fleed from the crime sceen. Can you believe that !!

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Love your comment! I've been at this since 80's. I never thought I would see in my lifetime the things that are now coming to light.

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I once met somebody who has known this since the Kennedy assassination. Imagine that, over 55 years!

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I woke up after watching W. as President. My Republican roots made me defend him for a little while, but he eventually sold me on the uniparty.

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Yeah, I was off his wagon permanently by 2005.

I'm not sure I am fully awake but more so now than a year ago. I've always felt something was off but never had any perspective as to why.

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You're not fully awake. I've woken up multiple times and I doubt I'm actually awake. I think I'm more awake than the vast majority, but if you ever think you're awake I'm just telling you you're not. Never stop looking for more.

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Same thing happened to my parents.

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I left the Republican party in 2003. I went Independent because as bad as Republicans got then, the Democrats were no where near any better. I basically middle fingered both parties at that point.

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2015 was a huge eye opener. See, I wasn't really red pilled then but I did know about the evils of Hillary Clinton and I actually thought that the media was going to tear her corrupt, evil ass apart but then they just shilled and shilled and shilled for her. That's when I really realized how fake everything was. Then I saw Rage For The Machine shill for her, I was like "aren't you supposed to be against the tyrannical establishment and not in support of it?" I realized how fake all of the music industry, hollywood, TV all things mainstream media was fake and all a lie.

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"You're not going to believe what's NEXT!"

Is there a Part 2 to this? I gotta know where the next rabbit hole leads!!

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Thanks for that graphic - wow. You can see how and why they were pissed when Trump got in. MI and NSA really fucked up their plans good, eh?

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What did ratm do to shill for arf arf hill dog

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Google "doublethink".

Pretty much I have to live my life identifying the manipulation (and expected response) and knowing when to choose to go against it or speak against it.

At work, I've remained beautifully neutral, but it's harder with friends and loved ones. Almost all of them are still asleep. My wife is aware of my views on a few issues, but I think she writes it off as "old man and his conspiracy theories".

It makes you feel very alone in the world.

But then there's Voat, and you know there are others out there who are awake and live the struggle.

Stay vigilant, fellow Voater.

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Never google. Always DuckDuckGo!

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I google because in those "what search engine" threads, virtually all the popular alts are pozzed too.

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I'm like you but I rarely say anything in a group rubbing each others brainwashed bums but one on one or a couple people I snap out a few facts leave them speechless and move on.

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I think - my gut always (Holy Spirit) that something was not right. Pushing me to stand up many times when it was not comfortable. I do not look as things being fake. You still need to live in this world. Enjoy what God gives you - PRAY for wisdom, how to pray and enjoy the good that you can find in things. We are not called to retract and go into a turtle shell.

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That is soo true! I’m totally amazed at how much insight we get from the Holy Spirit. It has gotten to the point where I cannot listen to anyone who isn’t spirit filled because they just cannot grasp the whole picture. It’s such a blessing.

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H.s was hell teachers loved to persicute me infront of the class for my non-conforming points of view. I even got held back from graduating a year early cause the pedo english teacher wouldnt let me take a class last one i was missing to graduate. Prob cause i called him out in class for his lying.

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Haha that's awesome! I was a royal pain to my high school teachers. I couldn't stand the crap they fed us. They gave me an IQ test thinking something was wrong with me but when it came out 140 they told me I should probably quit school because it wasn't for me lol

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I guess I can try to put words to the feeling. It's like living in a hall or mirrors or a home made of cardboard, and then suddenly, one day, one part of it breaks, and you think at first that it's only one part, but then the cracks spread everywhere, and suddenly, you realize everything is made of nothing but strings holding everything up.

Personally, my awakening did not happen here. I was so happy that Trump was elected I made it my mission to watch every single Trump rally that I could. I wanted to soak up as much information as I possibly could about the best President that we've elected since Reagan. And then I saw the antithetical viewpoint of everyone around me, how much each one of them was misinformed about the details of every little thing. My own mother called me heartless because I laughed about how fake the "child separation" issue was. The people who make those laws don't give a damn about a single child, and yet everyone acts like they somehow do. My father got flustered with me when I told him that the wall was a great thing, and that he shouldn't care at all about the federal workers. I've learned how to think independently from what I've been told by others. To me, I've discovered something more valuable than gold.

I want to thank those in this community who seek positive talk and resolution to problems. You are what keeps me going. Of course, I'm a sarcastic asshole when I need to be, because sometimes it's easier to make truths more apparent. But refusing to be who you truly are is much worse than choosing to believe the lies told to you on a daily basis. I still feel fear of course, but I choose not to be afraid. It's that simple.

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Once awake for me everything seemed unimportant, just a waste of time. I wanted to read, learn more because knowledge/truth was what grounded me. It was the only real thing left in my life.

I immediately stopped watching tv and movies. A few months later I donated my tv's, DVD players and movies. It's been years and I don't miss it at all.

I also immediately found it extremely difficult to make small talk while standing in lines or with the cashiers. I lost all interest in eating out or shopping. I used to stop on a dime if I saw a yard sale and that ended upbruptly as all I wanted when out was to get back home where I was safe and could research the truth.

As I learned more and awoke to the unimaginable atrocities happening to children I became physically ill, unable to eat and sleep. I couldn't talk to friends anymore, they were worldly and gossipy and I was just trying to process adrenochrome and eat a sandwich without feeling nauseated. The more I learned the more I detached from friends and family.

Then I entered a phase of no longer caring if I was attacked for being a patriot, for loving my POTUS, for sharing the truth.

That's when being a full fledged tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, Trump loving, maga, Q following, God worshipping, flag honoring, love my country, guns and the truth WWWG1WGA patriot became MY badge of honor. Red pilling and praying became my purpose for living.

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I stopped TV in the 1980's, for the most part movies too, although I do go see the best of the best

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Haven’t had a TV in my house for 20 years...

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Exactly—I have such a hard time making small talk with people any more.

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Stay strong Patriot!! Best wishes from similar experience (South Africa)

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Thank you Patriot!! Seeing your message sent all way from South Africa, (I'm in Phoenix, Az) absolutely made my day!!!! WWG1WGA!!! Be blessed my friend!!!!

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If someone comes to you with gossip, they will take the gossip with you elswhere.

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