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The logic is breathtaking! This would set a libturd off if it got the message.

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"It" kek!

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We have the best pronouns don’t we folks?

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This is a straw-man argument pure and simple. It's not "logic". No one ever said a fetus isn't life; the argument the left uses is that a fetus is not a "person." You're on the right side of the debate, there isn't a need to create dishonest arguments.

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Fetus not a person? Thats illogical!

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Fuck you and your logic, faggot. Lettuce is alive, therefore lettuce is a person. SALAD IS MURDER!!!!!

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The counter argument is as follows:

Human life is to be protected, not bacterial life. The fetus can't live without the mother, so it's not really an atonomous human deserving of the right to life.

I understand the mental gymnastics required to say that a fetus isn't human, I think that is crazy. But emotion rules these people's thoughts and logic rarely wins.

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A 4 month old cant live without its mother. You take a baby and drop it in a open field, it WILL die.

Abortion is murder. Plain and simple.

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Exactly...at what point do we decide that a baby is an autonomous human being....and of course, that then begs the question of humans in comas, the elderly, paralytics, the blind, any human missing limbs, or even someone with a broken bone...who couldn't really survive without some help from someone. The autonomous human being theory is just another one that doesn't wash.

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Babies can survive at twenty weeks.

Democrats support abortion at nine months, and even the murder of newborn babies in some cases.

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The age of viability is 21 weeks, 6 days. That is the earliest that one has been born and survived through to childhood.

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Babies have survived out of the womb as young as like 2 and a half months of gestation. So that argument doesn't really buy them much time.

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agreed if logic was all it took all these crazy "narratives" wouldn't last

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Bacterium. Singular.

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Checkmate Atheists!

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It's the original of the checkmate meme.

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That's an easy question to answer. Because you can't make money off bacteria on Mars unless it is alive, and you can't make money off of live babies here on Earth

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Actually live babies would be worth more than dead babies because you could grow them into children to harvest organs from to drink blood from to rape torture or whatever they do to them. What if these late term abortions are just asleep and transferred to a baby farm.

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Wow, that's even darker than the full term abortion - suddenly no traceability. You need to start a discussion on that thought.

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"you can't make money off of live babies here on Earth"

Sure you can, just give them a social security card, take over their Country's monetary system, say they owe all their labor to you, and presto, life-long debt slaves. .... OR.... Don't give them a SSN# and sell them to the highest bidder, for 'fun' and profit (sex toys, food, medicine, and trophies in that order). Either way (((they))) "get their pound of flesh" so to speak (or litterally, however you want to look at it). (((they))) don't call Us "sheep" for no reason.

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I agree, but you have to invest the time. Time is money. Cool 1/4 mil now and you get adenocheome, or wait ....

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I understand your point, Patriot. Taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood is selling baby organs and other human components.

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What's sucks is our taxpayer dollars being allocated to Planned Parenthood who in turn donates the same dollars to politicians who will support and sign bills into law to feed the baby killing agenda. It's how the Dems raise money from unwitting taxpayers through laundering through non profits like PP.
They are terrified of another Trump scotus pick and desperately push the laws down to the states. NY and VA just the start.

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So there's no traficcing of infants and children? Wake up Patriot. These garbage "people" will but and sell anything.

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The Democrats are literally Satanic and pursue child sacrifice to Their god!

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Lefties are ok with forcing a person to watch an "educational video" or talk to a doctor before being able to opt out of vaccinations, but when it comes to getting an abortion, well expecting a woman to have an ultrasound first infringes on her rights!

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I love you guys.

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Poster - nice sentiment but crap spelling. It's a bacterium or some bacteria, FFS. Talk about the dumbing down of America! It's working well.

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