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You attribute the power of the U.S. what should be granted to God. This is called divine intervention whether you like it or not.

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Nothing gets done without humans doing the work

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I see it too! None of this a coincidence. The plan is world wide.

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Build a plan

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I thought BREXIT was a good year before Trump was elected! But hey, maybe I'm wrong?

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Nope. You’re right. It started in the UK, but that was during the 2016 presidential campaign. So the populist movements in the UK (June 2016) and US (Nov 2016) started around the same time.

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Remember the faceless "we are the 99%" protests ~6 years ago? I have wondered if there was funding behind that, and assumed there was. No matter if that was the case, it was also a populist movement and I think those same forces are what propelled the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Trump. The masses of people following both were and still are anti-establishment. I think that is the girl more than the socialist agenda that they get caught up in, which is why so many Bernie fans are more easily red pilled.

I think many of the Bernie people got unknowingly or unwittingly subverted- epoch times had an excellent article & video on this yesterday, showing how communist and socialist groups are behind the Our Revolution group that spun out of Bernie's campaign: https://youtu.be/yHk6e9fpOU8

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To be fair their has been a populist movement in the uk since mid 1980s, because mainly thats when people started to realise what the EU was

It just wasnt doing great as we have a 2 party electoral system in the UK, thats makes it near impossible for minority parties to gain any power, so its a slower process

You need to make an issue so painful for one of the majors, they are forced to act

And thats how we got the refurendum, its been a long time in the making in the UK

The 1st step was always to be free of the EU, as until you have the control to change things what does it matter who sits in government, they are just a puppet until then

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When you change the game for the worse we get that too. So on behalf of the UK, I would like to thank you, ever so much, for giving us Drag Queen Story Hour. Thanks America!

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The DS controllers come from Europe boss and they have since the beginning.

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Although South Korea's President Park Geun-Hye was not impeached till December 2016, (after Trump's election but before his inauguration), the protests to lock her up had begun in late October. As for North Korea, Trump's video gift to Kim referenced Kim's 2013 speech when he said "We won't have to tighten our belts anymore". NK's market reforms and the end of their "military first" policy began at that time.


Britain's deplorables voted for Brexit, followed by Cameron's resignation, the snap election, and May's minority government. This was also prior to Trump's victory.

After Trump was elected we saw similar populist victories in Brazil, Italy, and Mexico, though Obrador's ideology is more to the left. In May 2017, Maduro was returned to the Presidency of Venezuela but the country has been in an ongoing constitutional crisis since 2015. In the November 2018 US midterms the Republicans lost the lower House and a confrontation has been ongoing between the President and Congress since.

The next big election is Israel where Netanyahu has been battling corruption investigations for a few years now. His Likud party is still 1st in the polls but a new party led by Benny Gantz is in 2nd place. Gantz is a much more palatable leader for other parties to enter into coalitions with.

What is interesting about Israel, is that if Gantz wins it will be an end to the old guard. Netanyahu is surrounded by a clique called "the Ugandans". This clique centers around ex- Seyeret Matkal (Chief of Staff Recon) members.Their claim to fame is the 1978 Entebbe rescue where Bibi's brother, Yoni, lost his life. Gantz is associated with a much bigger rescue. During the 80s, Sheyetet (Navy commandos) and Shaldag (Air force ground recon) engineered the secret rescue of tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jewish refugees from Sudan. This was operation Moses. Gantz took command of Shaldag in 1990 shortly before the communist government of Ethiopia fell to rebels. In May 1991, as the government fled and rebels entered Addis Ababa, Gantz executed operation Solomon and air lifted 14,000 Jews out of Ethiopia.

If the ancient Israelites sang "Saul has killed his thousands, but David his tens of thousands" Israelis can sing "Seyeret has rescued 248, Shaldag has rescued tens of thousands".

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Remember Spain as well.

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Always enjoy a stroll through history. With out a comprehensive understanding of our histories, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

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I forgot to mention the attempted coup in Turkey. It almost succeeded but, with the help of Russia, Erdogan avoided assassination and rallied the populace via his cell-phone. This is also some key history, because Hillary was deeply involved with the Turkish opposition leader Fetulah Gulen. Erdogan wants to extradite not only Gulen but Chuck Shumer for their roles in orchestrating the coup.

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What is happening in France is not the same thing that is happening in Venezuela. What is happening in Venezuela is more akin to what was happening in Syria. Regime change has been on the agenda for a long time, even during Chavez presidency.

You only need to look how the MSM frames the talking points. According to CNN Maduro is a dictator and the failed economy is the fault of his presidency. This has nothing to do with the sanctions the US has put in place? What about Trump, why is he on the same side of the fence as CNN ? That in itself should be a Red Flag.

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CNN...seriously? Does anyone still watch that?

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I think you're wrong. The global Marxists are falling...its most definitely related.

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For your statement to be true, that means the NeoCons and CNN are the good guys pushing for "Democracy' for Venezuela. Remember "Rocket Man"

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Simplify it down to the brass nubs. Any country not currently under central bankers control is a 'rogue state - with xXxXx dictator in charge' now whether you want to destroy evil country, liberate its people (America fuck yeah! freedom and democracy for all) or simply move out said dictator for a more favorable dictator really is irrelevant, as long as that country belongs to the central banking cartel, that is the agenda.

I mean how are we supposed to have a one world government and a one world financial system if there are 'rogue' nations throughout the world? Its just not to be, and we'll liberate anyone who isn't under the central banking system.

North Korea has been taken care of, and we all cheered as it happened. Venezuela, Iran and other 'rogue' nations will soon follow, and we'll cheer them on too. I mean who wouldn't want freedom and democracy? Fuck sovereignty, that's so 1900s, this is the new millennium, we want world order and a one size fits all financial system.

The people voted for socialism in Venezuela, I say let them have it. If they all die, well they asked for it, and what a fitting example to the rest of the world it would be. Okay we'll be without some extraordinarily beautiful miss universe contestants, but now that the swimsuits have been removed from the pageant, who cares anyway?

If Iran wants to live under an oppressive Islamic dictatorship so be it, if they don't, then they'll have to spill some blood to get out of it. Lets remember when we wanted out of the British dictatorship we had to spill our blood. Why shouldn't other nations? France is giving it a shot, and congratulations to them for trying.

All our energy should be squarely focused on ridding our nation from the global financial system. Can you honestly see that happening? I can't. So wall or no wall makes fuck all difference in the end. We'll all be slaves to the central bankers. I don't care who resides in the White House. Same shit, different smell.

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The world is watching. Humans... being American need to pay close attention to exactly how we re-define ourselves to the world. Being without the corrupt in charge is a great lead-in all nation's observers might start with. Soon we will have the "Swamp Cleaning" 101 manual available!

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