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Family values are punk as shit. Wierd timeline for sure.

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I've recently discovered I'm a total pervert.

I've been looking to start a monogamous relationship with just ONE female and only have sex with her, over and over again, while maintaining a healthy, supportive, loving social relationship with her.

Yea you know me, I'm freaky like that.

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I married the first female I had sex with. We bought a house, had kids. One woman til the day I die.

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WHen you approach a woman, it means you assume her gender, this is shocking! Wink wink nudge nudge!

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Ugh that's discriminatory against all the other women you selfish pig!

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You pervert! How did you get on this board?

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I'm norm-right

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That's precisely the aim of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Everything is inverted. What's beautiful becomes ugly. What's ugly becomes beautiful.

It's the ultimate Luciferian rebellion against God.

It's the rebellion of the ego against source.

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I rarely believe in deities or attempt to name them, as if I knew something I do not.

But just wanted to say, I'm probably good, cuz my ego <3's source.

I may not tow the line, but I would never be an adversary.

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The return to source necessitates the death of the ego, as in, the relinquishing of individuality.

"Lucifer" is one such ego.

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Your need to tell everyone you're pure makes you unpure. It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

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They play both sides of Satan vs God.

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Make Art Great Again! Great debate on the politicisation of beauty.

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Yup, I read somewhere there's a wave of kids coming through (in the UK) who look at their parents/the world and think 'these guys are all nuts; I want to be normal'. Apparently, being normal is the kids way of rebelling these days, lol. Hopefully it's true and sanity returns.

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I don't think "rebellious teenagers" were ever normal, if you look mostly throughout history, kids loved to follow in their parents footsteps, but the media popularized "being a rebel"

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glad normal thought to stock up on weapons and supplies

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and lots and lots of target practice...and careful counter positions within intel agencies and government positions of power. Yep.

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^James Bond^

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Self preservation was normal for eons. Those that didn't think so didn't leave any descendants to carry on their foolish bullshit.

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Make America Normal Again

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In my view normal means the brainwashed masses. You know, like normies?

This is one of my biggest hurdles in overcoming ego. I'm pretty sure I'm better than normies. I really despise normies. I don't know how to be selfless in the midst of so many idiots.

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Don't bother. Save yourself.

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yeah, revolution will be a motherfucker because we're justified in destroying our enemy. they are actual fucking degenerate psychos this time.

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Concur. Had I not found this place...and you assholes...I'd be right along with those psychophants. So happy that I'm awake.

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Glad to have you, prick!

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they are actual fucking degenerate psychos this time.

Pretty sure they were last time too.

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Yea man, there isn't even such thing as softcore porn online anymore, it's all anal or black on white or crazy sloppy destruction of a woman's beauty. But then again, basically the entire porn industry is a deepstate/Jew attempt to subvert and destroy traditional values, so whatever, the less everyone watches the better

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Every single porn video now is incest. It’s fucking creepy as shit.

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Normalizing incest = pedo.

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crazy sloppy destruction of a woman's beauty.

Haven't heard it put that way before ...

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I think we all knew it'd come full circle at some point. The "progressive" "Good is bad - Bad is Good" alt theory fags are now the Nannys that preach and make you do your homework and pray to their gods. Our God is awesome, our way is awesome...hasn't changed at all.

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