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I believe him. I pray to GOD up above for his protection as well as his family and all the good guys fighting this corruption. This is a spiritual battle. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!

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POTUS is fully insulated. Plus God won’t allow this evil to win. They already lost and are desperate. Desperate people are weak and make mistakes.

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Yeh but we need to pray

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The power of evil reflects our lack of prayer. Rest assured they are offering sacrifices and doing what they do to gain power. We must counteract and weaken their power source and pray to the Lord now more than ever.

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Overconfidence leads to complacency and disaster. Remain vigilant.

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There is no doubt, they killed JFK because he was going after them.

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Yes. He was negotiating with the Soviets to end the Cold War, and to bring home U.S. personnel from Vietnam.

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Same here, pray for Trump/family/allies everyday. Only God can really protect Trump, and that means our constant prayers.

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I took a video on my phone and just uploaded it. Sorry if it's poor quality and imgur.


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patriot. thank you. no need to apologize for quality or source if the information is true and beneficial to the rest of us.

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Excellent work, patriot. And thank you to the OP for posting this.

Love how Parscale doesn't back down a bit from the statement when questioned.

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Thank you indeed! A request - if anyone can make a transcript it would be very useful to me because the diction and American accents mean that I cannot make out the essential words - and to pass it on (in UK) I would be aiming at others like myself?

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Short version. Brad: “...he’s the shark in the swamp and they want him dead.” Martha: “They’re trying to kill him?” Brad: “Absolutely.” Then goes on to say that Trump is trying to fix a system that has been broken for many decades. He is doing it for the American people. He has nothing to gain. He already had wealth, power etc etc.

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I think when youre a shark in a swamp all the other animals in the swamp wan' t' kill you. y'mean they want to kill him? (seems close)

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Thank you! He speaks the truth...Trump had zero reason to run for president, other than America needed him.

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I saw that. Did you see that look on Martha, after he said that?

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The look on her face - I thought that she looked condescending - and had to work hard to stop an eye roll - and seemed rather incredulous that Parscale was aware of it, let alone say it. Then she scrambled to try and bash POTUS.

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I honestly think she thought to herself.... PAAAALLLEASE don't go there.

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Trump is the Republican JFK. They will target his family first. You don’t fuck with the family of an Alpha Male. I see pain in the deep states future if they even consider fucking with his family!

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JFK would be a Hard Right Republican President by today's standards. Don't give those radical leftist savages an inch...

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^^^ Truth ^^^

Or in their words, JFK would be alt-right

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If Trump or his family are harmed, there are many people who would cease to exist. -- Q

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Immediately. American patriots would take care of the rest of them. 2A.

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There was a strong Mil backing for Trump initially, it will be even stronger by now with (education). The plan is so well crafted that there WILL be a response to any harm offered to Trump and family. There will be levels of threat, and levels of response. I could expect that some cabal factions wish for their own demise more than others, and those others would be trying to restrain the most dangerous lunatics?

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After visiting these two places you can easily see how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country, which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

from Prelude to Leadership (The Post-War diary of John F. Kennedy)

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Remember at the end of the debate, Hillary offered to not go after his kids?

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Refresh my memory, wtf?

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Got a link?

The radical left is willing to kill children... why not this?

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Starts at 36:30; bombshell at ~38:00

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Thanks so much for the link - I was ripping my hair out trying to find the video! I've shared out the link. =-)

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Direct link to 38:15 at https://youtu.be/ApOe6J1SnGM?t=2292

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Thank you very much for posting this!

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Well, add a link or comment to an archive as soon as you get one.

This post is half finished until it has one.

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Wild how truth has a shocking effect nowadays. So used to non-stop lies, when someone speaks truth and common sense, it's like a "wtf?" moment.

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God please bless and protect President Trump, his family and our Country!

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God gave us Donald Trump. For the last eight years, Christian churches have held weekly prayer meetings, and we have said in agreement, God, grant thy favor, purge evil and heal our land." Those are my words, and others have had similar prayers. God answers prayer, and He brought someone who would blow up the system. He's there to be a wrecking ball. Good and wonderful programs are being implemented, pro-humanity policies, but the careerists, and the traitors have to be purged. and exposed. WWG1WGA MAGA

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Christian churches are infiltrated and preach the doctrine of Kikeianity.

New Age Christianity, kill it with fire.

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Jesus said "Let the Wheat grow with the Tares until the Harvest" Matt. 13:30. There are hypocrites in every church. Every Elks Lodge and Rotary Club has a few, too. We still need to assemble and pray together. Amen?

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