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This is fantastic to hear and congratulations to you and your husband. Very nice story.

Am I still on QRV? Someone can let all the nutcases back in now as we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Thank you!

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So true about the regular scheduled programming. I try to block the toxic out, but it ain't easy.

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Got my W-2 this week, and it showed about 1800 less in federal income tax than last year's form, despite my salary having been slightly higher for the past year. This is a real-world result and not something nebulous like wondering where is the new wall or which deep stater is up first to be arrested.

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You must be a billionaire, Pelosi claimed that the tax cuts were for Trumps rich friends, crumbs for US. thank God she’s wrong and POTUS is on OUR side.

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yeah, the people who repeat and argue that bullshit have clearly never even read his tax code for themselves. Has anyone else actually read it? the wording is so awesome lol...there's a part in there where he even instructs people with less than like 30k income that they don't have to pay taxes and they'll just get a sheet back that says "I win".... can't make this up :-) gotta love our POTUS!

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I just read it. Thanks for recommending it!

Never said that about tax code.

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That's nothing. If President Trump is successful every American will see and experience a renaissance in prosperity never seen in the nations history. People have no idea how much money is being stolen and transferred to out of the country. China alone takes so much money its insane. Big corporations siphon extreme amounts of money overseas. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. America should be the richest country in the world, and I mean that by the largest margin you can imagine. What Americans are seeing now is nothing. Sure it helps, and its great to see someone grateful enough to post up the good news, but its only the beginning.

If President Trump can do what he plans to do, get ready folks, because wealth, real wealth will return to America. From a crumbling once great nation, America will transform itself into a shiny new modern behemoth of ingenuity and prosperity which it rightly deserves. For far too long America has been paying for the rest of the world to advance at its expense. Of all the things President trump knows, this is the issue he is an expert at. If there is one legacy President Trump will be remembered for it will be this. He wasn't joking when he said Make America Great Again, he knows more than most were the money is going and plans to bring it back. And when it does boy oh boy get ready for something you never thought possible.

How much money? I'll tell you but you won't believe it. America will be able to pay off its debt. See, I told you you wouldn't believe it. But its true. You'll see.

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Now transfer this line of Thought to whats happening in Brazil! Its very similar but instead of the wealth of US american working force, Brazil has Gazzilions of natural resources... one does not even imagine! Mind My Words: keep in mind the sweetwater resources!

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My 18-year-old daughter wanted to know why her tax return was so much more this year. I told her she had her president to thank for that. She said she hopes he is the president forever.

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I cry Everytime 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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great to see youre climbing out of debt. But as a warning to everybody else: never ever consider to get a loan! Unless you are shure you can pay it off in a few months! My first lesson learned at the age of 19! there is ALLWAYS another legal oportunity without getting into enslavement of the loansharks=banks! My recipe: work hard! save as much as you can ! invest in your own biz! Help as much ppl you can! Because it comes back to you tenfold! Dont be angry at ppl that disapointed or forsake you, but pray for them instead! It all comes back to you! God Bless!

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wise words

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thank you! not many ppl think this way... unfortunately ...

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Shills on suicide watch.

They will never win.

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Good for you and others who have seen an increase in your take home. Thanks to POTUS and not necessarily the congress.

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My PT said she normally has to pay taxes. This year she is getting several thousand back, and says it's all due to POTUS tax cuts, she was very grateful!

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