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Trump isn't redpilling the Dems. He is crazy-pilling them and the results shows. It's not about converting or convincing. He is lobotomizing them with lethal precision.

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I am of the same mind set. Thanks for the post

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It's not too hard to make the Dems look crazy ("crazy eyes" Cortez) or sound crazy (Pelosi's upside-down logic while speaking with crazy hand gestures). Every confrontation forces their hand to the point that they are starting to frighten the children.

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Sounds like a conservative's political wet dream. Sure hope it happens that way.

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I agree for the most part. The 4 hour meeting with Mueller can not be explained away. Especially when it took place the day before his appointment. The longer the FISA hangs over the dems heads the crazier they get. Most moderate Democrats are realising that the dems don't stand for their best interests. My wife's friends that have always been pro choice are sickend by the thought of abortion up till the time of birth. They are also starting to reslise what a crock of shit the sanctuary city idea is! I believe the Great Awakening is happening according to the plan!

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Awakening is the biggest part of it. The more people reject the lies, the easier it is to get on with actual business at hand.

I just want more truth released, so that the awakening can begin sooner... though I understand that we don't want to devastate those that need to come to the realization.

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My take is this: Trump met with Mueller in the very beginning and said, "I know EVERYTHING...Play ball and help bag these MFers, or it's death row for you."

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Mueller would then wonder who Trump is working for...

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