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Thanks for posting. I get so tired of the "prove it" responses when there obviously is no way to prove it. If a lot of people start reporting the same thing, then we know it might mean something. But people have to report it to see if there is a pattern.

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If RBG is alive, she needs to PROVE IT.

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True. If a requirement of maintaining your job is not being dead, you should be required to prove life.

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I doubt she could barely fog a mirror when last seen.

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no worries... I read everything on here with grain of salt anyways... all of this is just stuff to be aware of... i'm not going to ask him for his orders if it means he might get in trouble... like you said.. i'm hoping more report it to see if there is a pattern

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Loose lips...

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True, remember WE are the news now... MSM proven FAKE AF

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So sick of those pesky facts and evidence. So much easier to just make up whatever you want! These shills and their logical thinking. /s

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If you need to add the s for sarcasm you're doing something wrong unless you're typing from Bangalore.

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I hope the funeral will involve wheelbarrowing her ass up a volcano and heaving her into the fiery chasms from whence she came.

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Thanks for the view of the smoking and belching crater rim, with half a dozen ppl milling about in groups of one.

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I dunno. That's a pretty badass funeral--one that I would love to have for myself upon my death. I say leave her crusty ass out to rot in middle of a San Francisco park.

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let the SF necropheliacs have at her....

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i loled

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I suspected RBG's demise would be announced any day now. The funeral will probably take place on --- you guessed it --- Feb, 5, 2019, the day of the SOTUS address. Oh golly gee, what an unfortunate coincidence! The funeral will be followed by a long period of national mourning for the evil, treasonous, pedophile-friendly jewess. They'll have to postpone the SOTU address once again. There are no coincidences. I hope some envelopes get handed out at this funeral, too! Predictable move, Nutsy Pelosi, Crying Chuck and Deep State traitors. Expect POTUS and patriots to counter. You cannot stop what is coming.

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or the day Mueller turns in his report!

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You know what? That would be just fine by me! I will still sing ding-dong the witch is dead all day long that day.

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yeah but isn't the common theory by now that Trump is in control of RBG's resignation? Why would he let it postpone the SOTU?

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Announcement to Cocksuckers whose reading comprehension "skills" didn't provide them with the insight to understand what a "for what it's worth" post is all about: You're needed back in the dark corners of the prison yard.

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This more than likely. Although I MUCH prefer RBG to end her suffering.

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I would prefer RBG end our suffering.

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This came to my mind too. Wonder if he was dirty and this is cover. He’s been in House 24 years.

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Jones is a bit wishy-washy, but I don't think he's dirty - or at most he's average in his dirtiness.

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excellent find! this could be it

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Never heard of him. Why all the fuss?

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Too many points of separation here. 1. an ex-army relative 2. has a friend Marine officer 3. got standby orders 4. no pic of orders or even a tweet.... Hmmmm, well, OK then. As always with such posts, time will tell.

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Wouldn't it be illegal to post a pic of your orders on the Internet?

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Yes, it is almost assured to be illegal for anyone in the military to post their written orders outside their respective commands. BUT it is clear you can use bleachbit and hammers if you are in the civilian part of the government to get rid of damning and self-incriminating evidence that should have locked away so many right then and there. I despise the two-tiered system of justice in the USA.

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Hmmm I suppose you're right.

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Is flying Nancy scheduled for an encephalmccainotomy?

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