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If that old hag was alive and out of the house it would be on every network and all over the internet.

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This is the stuff of legend... like Elvis sightings, or the search for BigFoot.

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I know right! And now they’ve even got RBG dolls and coloring books and she’s even a character in the new LEGO movie. They are pushing her hard for someone that’s likely eat up with rhigamortus ✅

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She’s “busy working from home.”

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But it buys time while they're creating her clone.

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This is a photo of RBG clone. It is almost ready. I few more finishing touches and it is done. Including a shiny new 2019 x-ray eye. https://i.postimg.cc/7Lpktds9/RBG-clone.jpg

This is a meme and a parody ;) I do not wish arm to anyone.

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And what would be your motivation for not wanting anyone to have arms? Hmm? Think hard, funny man.

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Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh! Mummy! I WANT MY SAFE SPACE!

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Where are they going to find another man with her build? RBG is a man. She looks like an old jewish man sucking on a hard candy.

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Omfg ... you are right. They are going to trot out a perfectly “healthy” wobbly but steady RBG. Sick fucks they are.

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Any of you on vacation or retired? Find out her home address, then drive by in a rented van. Throw on a magnetic sign that says "Smitty's Plumbing and Heating", and park across the street. Wear blue coveralls, with a name patch that says Smitty, with company logo. Rag in back pocket, you get the idea. (Can of Copenhagen in back pocket is a nice touch.) Wait for caregivers to come and run plates, find out who they are. Case the house looking for activity.

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Thank you! With our numbers, we sure lack real investigations.

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I truly believe Q has been doing that and more for months...make that years.

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Supposedly according to shill central she was spotted working out in a gym. Not kiddin. Lol

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She was on the bench press rack next to me. She wasn't doing well. She needed a spotter to attempt 315. And she barely pulled off 6 reps!

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Yeah, heard that Arrrnold was giving up on her for miss Atlas this year.

Poor thing 😏

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It's true, I saw her on the squash court ripping it up.

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Roids bro, she's on roids.

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It's true. Not sure why everyone's parroting the "she's dead" thing

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You have the latest photo and video of her? We need proof of life, not just someone saying he saw her.

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Because the Voyager lander found more evidence for life on Mars in 1976.

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Well i rekin Fox showing the graphic of her demise didnt help. And her missing now for over a month. People just tend to get wary. Just sayin.

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Does just sitting in the House and nodding your head qualify as a coma?

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She will be able to vote for eternity, she's a fucking democrap ain't she?

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dude, they don't put pneumoniacs in comas. lying down exacerbates symptoms, genius. also, i've seen better poems from third graders. your elementary rhyme scheme died halfway of embarrassment. dr. seuss you ain't.

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