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Translation: we worked SO hard on that FF, and you guys still refused to give up your guns and then we had to have that pesky 2016 election we'd been planning to skip as we installed the final stages of our tyrannical socialist dystopia.

Now I'm going to do my best to rile a race war as I aspire to dictator.

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Trust me, they got a good majority of our guns in CT over it.

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Thanks Connecticuck and Crooked Dannel Malloy. He must have wanted to be Obama’s butt buddy so he agreed to the FF

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Yep. But: if they'd been able to enact nationwide gun control over it like they were expecting, we would not have had an election in 2016.

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Not to mention New York, New Jersey and California.

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I'm not a racist person... but when I see Harris, Obama, Holder, Lynch... ALL I think about is the "N" word. When I see MLK, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, David Clarke... I think HERO.

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When I see cunts like you virtue signal, ALL I think is FAGGOT

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It's ok to say nigger. When someone acts like a nigger, call them one. Obama is a nigger.

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I hope the perpetrators of Sandy Hook are brought to justice as part of draining the swamp and all. Wolfgang Halbig got the invoices from Sysco proving that the school was no longer in operation and students were actually attending Chalk Hill at the time of the shooting.

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Lets ask Robbie Parker...

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Robby just needs a moment to compose himself wipe the grin off his face..

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You could do that, but, you will have to first wait for him to stop laughing... he'll answer once he begins to fake cry.

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Wasn't there a connection to the liber scandal w the so called shooter's father?

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Yes indeed!

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Didn't hear about that part. I knew people said it wasn't open but I didn't know about that evidence.

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Tweet about Sysco invoices and the data screenshotted directly from their system

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Where are those invoices and such? I would like to see them.

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It’s in the twitter link I posted above... or you can search “sysco halbig” it should come up. I’m pretty sure he talks about it on video too

Edit: here’s the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9BfaUmDOt4

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Sandy Hook was a scam,there are no autopsy pics to see.Its very well documented a debunked.

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I'm sure they generated some autopsy pics..... they just weren't of actual students at Sandy Hook.

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Whenever Sandy Hook is referenced Everyone shuts up and looks at their shoes. Why is that?

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I would wager that within one year if the full term abortion stands that New York State will kill more babies than all mass shootings combined.

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Full-term babies, even. The parts are worth more.

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funny how the unborn are not humans to these evil Dems, but the parts/remains they scavenge and sell are.

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This is a good thing. I mean it is NOT a good thing, but it should wake people up. I'm in another country where people don't bat an eye at abortion. I say NYC legalized it. They say "so?", then I say they legalized late term abortions so you can kill the fully formed baby the day before it's born, and they say "HOLY SHIT THAT IS SICK".

Good example to throw out there to show why we need to clear these fucks out.

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they already are ~~ 1 in 3 babies are aborted in NY.

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We have every kind of simulator out there. We should make an abortion simulator and make every person in puberty go through it.

When I was ten, my mom brought my siblings and I into the living room and had us listen to something called "the silent scream." (She didn't do tv.) I will never forget the effect it had on me and the tears I cried for all the babies that suffered. I didn't even really understand about sex yet but I knew I'd never ever kill a baby that was inside me!

Maybe most humans just don't have empathy. Greedy, grasping, entitled fucks.

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Total fraud post that makes it seem like she wants to investigate sandy hook. She doesn’t. She just wants to fucking steal every gun you own and plunge you into a complete tyranny state.

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How about we view the thousands of Mexican citizens murdered by the cartels. Plenty of Mexican news photos including piles of bodies dumped on public roads.

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good idea

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Wonder how many with fast and furious guns? Holder's wife is deep in planned Parenthood too.

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Kamala's leftists have murdered over 50 million defenseless babies already.

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Kill babies and police officers.

Kamala Harris supports abortion. The left HATES police officers.

Dead kids dont trump my rights. Not sorry.

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