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Additionally, Dems lose more of the latino vote when they see the lost opportunity for DACA and TPS extension the Dems would not take, and Trump still builds the wall.

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This is now at least twice that the Dems have turned down DACA concessions

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after the wall is gotten the best tactic is to bring up DACA again in a negotiation for something they don't want to give the president...something like a term limit bill. the idea is to hit the dem's as many time over the head with this....

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It’s because it’s a scam. They can’t except DACA. They can’t have a wall. The can’t have any of it. What they do need is a constant debate on it while each side can’t everseemto make any ground on the issue..... sound familiar? It’s the same playbook for decades. And we wonder how we ended up in this mess.

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Yes... Trump gains political favor for merely offering 3-year DACA extension, even though Dems refused to negotiate. If the Dems reject border wall... they lose with U.S. citizens, and they are proven to be lobbyists for drug cartels. If they DO fund the border wall... they enrage their donors Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg. They're trapped. Good riddance to the Dems. Their time has come.

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we need a report on that TPS extension! with a cover page!

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Thats my stapler.

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This is the big one. Triple points for legalizing 1.8M dreamers.

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.... AND we are red pilling people in the extreme this week. Someone makes a crack about "Trump Shutdown." I say, "Um, did you know he offered DACA & Dreamer extensions, pay for furloughed workers during the shutdown, and more -- and the Democrats said NO WAY JOSE!?" them- "Huh? No, where did you see that?" I say, "easy peazy, you can look up any bill like that right here - https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/browse?text=furlough#sort=relevance " (bookmark this site, methinks we're gonna need it!) If my search link doesn't work, go to https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/ and do a search on "Furlough" -- you get all three bills back to back.

The exciting and beautiful thing about this excellent summary is this - and thank you patriot! - Once you get your friend's attention - especially the Hispanic community members, try saying this: "You know, I get that he can be a bit obnoxious on Twitter. And you know why I don't care? 8 of his 40 Executive Orders have been directly related to stopping the trafficking of children and other slaves across our porous border. Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of kids lost in America in the child sex trafficking racket?" (then I give them this site - https://www.endslaverynow.org/learn/slavery-today )

Once you start the trafficking conversation, you can take them to the fact that it's bipartisan and more about good vs evil, and maybe we should all just support POTUS since he seems to be the only leader with the cojones to take this on.

You'd be surprised how quickly this shutdown conversation can turn into a red pill. WWG1WGA!

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Great information! Thanks for posting the links

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He also gave a speech about it on national television

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Well done!

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Great info thanks!

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You forgot one. He's setting Congress' agenda and getting them to spend their first 6+ weeks discussing his wall, instead of pushing agendas on socialism, global warning, and impeachment.

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oooh, Good Catch! You are so right! They can't devolve into their campaign promises and will actually have to do the work of congress! Love it! LOL.

And, when you think about it, once he gets this squared away, it will be March and Mueller will have to deliver. I crack up every time I see the memes on FB and Pinterest about how they consider Mueller to be their Savior. It's sad, really. But I guess when you are an atheist, you still have to have a religion...

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AG Whittaker also announced today that he will be personally reviewing ALL of Mueller’s investigation PRIOR to sending ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Dems are squealing.

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The 9th circuit cannot stop Trump from declaring a national emergency, but I really want to see them try it just for the lulz!

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Um. I’m not so sure. Roberts could just as easily fuck DJT in the ass.

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Nope. But do not take my word for it. Watch for yourself and see what happens.

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I’m with you, but can you explain this for me and maybe others? I’ve had this argument with others in that by POTUS declaring the national emergency, the courts can’t stop him. Almost like the nuclear option.

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Amazing argument. I think you’re right.

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Checkmate from 5 different directions

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Ruth ded

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And yet she still votes.

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And this surprises you???? A lot of registered voters don't vote. But the dead voters always vote Democratic!

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Good one anon! We all need some humor every now and then.

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I think you forgot the BIGGIE on that list. Nancy Pelosi's public approval rating has plummeted since January 25. She is going to have to herd cats to keep all her newbie Democrat Congresspeople in line, and, although this will be out of public view, she will be having to placate a few of the old ones who realize how stupid it is to oppose border security and refuse all negotiations as well. She REALLY NEEDS the Democrats to stick together which gives them the opportunity to say, "Hey Nance, what's in it for me?" She is painting herself into a corner and unless this infernal waiting gives her time for the paint dry before Trump acts, she is in too deep.

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I think the logic is a little different. Most of the Democrat Representatives are not getting financial kickbacks for keeping the border security from happening. But they all know Pelosi, Fienstien, Shiftt, and Schumer are getting YUGE kickbacks. So they want it to stop.

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Or they want a cut of the action.

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Cuntsy Piglosi approval ratings have always been in the shit hole.

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I hear shitting on the streets and shooting heroin in her district is all the rage these days.

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