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The media is our enemy. We hear them.

Let's at least be honest about naming (((the enemy))).

Even President Trump and Q have named the enemy with their Fake News Award "winners".

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I'm the one that called out the MOSSAD fag > 16437435? < He's posting the "Attention all new visitors:" ONLY when you mention jews and the media. It's called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Hope I made his HASBARAT JOB harder. Keep posting BOTH of those JPEGS.

Qanon #916 March 10, 2018

613193 We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q

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The question of why Q asked us to "Fear Israel" rather than to fear Mossad or the globalists or the Deep State or the Satanists is also an interesting question that makes the Mossad-fags have conniption fits.

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The thing is... The leftist media is using antisemitism to vilify Trump and anything that contradicts the left as alt-right, nazi, white nationalist.

We're stuck between having to acknowledge the truth (Jews are causing the racial divide between blacks and whites, and are primarily the ones pushing the globalist, socialist agenda), and being painted as racists.

Their propaganda is insidious, but in the end, the moral high ground starts with the truth. And the truth is that Jews hate this country and Christian society and have used Hollywood, the media, and the education (read indoctrination) system to harm our culture and make it so that criticism of Jews is morally unacceptable.

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Attention all new visitors:

The above account is a verified "Joofag" shill trying to deceive you into falsely believing the Q movement is anti-semitic or even a race-based/ethnicity-based movement at all.

The shills always always always speak in tribal warfare narrative and rhetoric, this tribe of people are enemies with that tribe, based on ethnicity or race or gender or religion or age.

Never do the shills use exclusively the reality of individual choice and values.

They want you and everyone else divided into allegedly economically and socially incompatible and antagonistic...Appearances.

They are psychotic.

Why do they shill like this, which their evil rhetoric is guaranteed to cast guilt against an innocent individual because of what they look like?

To turn you away from the accelerating great awakening taking place worldwide that they are deathly afraid of continuing to accelerate.


Because these shill's puppet masters are the very enemy Q is taking down and the world is learning about

Any time you see any poster submit or make a comment like this one, which makes sweeping judgments of an entire ethnicity as guilty, while refusing to focus exclusively on individual choices and values, are 100% guaranteed shills who are trying to divide the movement that scares the living daylights out of the cockroach shills.

The real Q:


"They want you divided by race" - Q

"They want race wars" - Q

"They want you divided by religion" - Q

"Patriots have no skin color" - Q

These "Joofag" shills do not represent the Q movement, they are enemies of the great awakening.

Everyone who loves america and loves Americans are welcome here, regardless of appearance!

The shills are panicking.

How to identify these sick fucking shill pieces of shit with 100% accuracy:



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This guy is either saying or confirming that Q is a Mossad OP. "Let the blacks and mexicans take over your country, goy! White genocide is the way of the future!"

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Good Goy! 2 shekels have been deposited into your account. Trust the plan and never look into the crimes of a (((people))) that have been kicked out of 100+ nations and have to make laws to keep people from hating them.

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I disagree. What he's saying is not inaccurate. We have to start with the truth.

POTUS has said many times that the MSM is the real enemy of the people, and if you are denying that they are primarily controlled by atheistic leftist "Jews," then you aren't paying attention.

Look at some of the big names who have been outed...Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, Larry Silver, Wolfowitz, Epstein...

People like these men are enemies of mankind. Anti-semitism is just a name they use to keep us from identifying a very nasty conspiracy that has too much money and control. You can't just stick your head in the sand.

You are correct in that the Q movement isn't anti-semitic, but you'll find, the longer this goes on, that the enemies of Q and the President turn out to be Jews--or fake Jews. Schumer, Feinstein, Behar, quite a few of the owners of the MSM outlets--because even though we aren't anti-semitic, they are anti-truth, anti-American, anti-life. They want to turn us into the U.S.S.A. so they can suck this country dry too, and we had been letting them before Trump and Q.

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Good work patriot! I am gonna steal this for future use! 🙏🏻

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Enough with the fucking turning the cabal into Jews.

Hillary is not a Jew. Obama is not a Jew. The cabal has some Jews in it, so name them specifically.

Stop taking the sins of the cabal and spreading the blame for it over 4 million random people who had nothing to do with it.

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You're kidding yourself. If you look at who primarily is attacking Trump, it's an incredibly small minority with control of the MSM outlets. That minority pretends to be Jewish. They control the media and Hollywood.

Ask yourself this. How many movies today are actually any good? How many do you come out of saying, wow, great movie? How many do you come out of saying...omg what a piece of crap--why do they have to shove this garbage political correctness down our throats?

By political correctness, I mean, "women are powerful" "abortion is good" (see Cider House Rules) "broken marriages are common and don't harm the children" "socialism is good--capitalism is bad" "noble savage movies" (think...Dances with Wolves, Last Samurai, Avatar) "religion, especially Catholicism, is bad" Another thing to look for that you basically can't get away from is that nearly every single movie, often to include movies for children takes the name of Jesus in vain.

You want to say, oh it's not Jews, it's the cabal, you're in denial. It starts with the Fed, IMF, and World Bank.

The push for socialism, both originally and today, is a Jewish one. And that's because most Jews aren't Jewish at all but atheists. They've either convinced themselves that the goodness in their religion only applies to Jews (see the Parable of the Good Samaritan), or they hide behind Judaism and push atheism on the masses knowing that atheism is poison (see the Albert Pike Masonic depiction of the third world war and ensuing social crisis).

Jews have control of the sources of information, and they have very successfully convinced the public that antisemitism is the problem, when in reality, antisemitism is a reaction to Jewish hatred and manipulation.

Have yourself a good look at the movie, Inglorious Basterds. You can tell that the movie was financed by Harvey Weinstein, but Tarantino does a great job of sneaking in the humanity of the Germans and the inhumanity of Jews if the situation was reversed. He shows that our problem is a human one, not an "antisemitic" one--and he hid it from the same people who financed the movie.

There's a reason that people like Joy Behar and Woopi Goldberg push the "Trump is a Nazi" narrative without a shred of evidence this is true. There's a reason that there is no more right, but that the media portrays anything right as "alt-right" or "white nationalist."

Know your enemy. It isn't blacks or liberals. These are useful idiots. It's the people paying those useful idiots.

Who did Chelsea Clinton marry? Who did Ivanka Trump marry?

At what point do you say...WHAT THE FUCK?

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You must have joos running around in your dream judge people by their actions not race

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I do judge people by their actions and Jews have proven themselves to be the most treacherous people in human history - having been thrown out of 1,030 nations over the past 3,200 years - always for lying, stealing, sedition and treason in a Talmud-inspired lust to steal wealth and power.

Why do you think we need special antisemitism laws to stop us being honest about the Jews?

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Yes the DS is cornered. They have no choice but to go through the motions. Even NP is planning her plea bargain with the dementia/Alzheimer's card. It's all theatre, they are toast. Enjoy!

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A movie. Enjoy.

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Best spy movie ever written.

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This president has done more to restore the Peoples' government in the first two years of his presidency than all of the presidents who preceded him combined.

Anyone who is second guessing the Stable Genius is suggesting that somehow they know better. You would have to be stupid AF as Democrats to believe you could do better. In that case, perhaps we all should recognize that while we were disappointed with his negotiating tactic, it doesn't mean he's losing. Has our beloved president lost, yet?

The thing is once Stable Genius starts prosecuting the Deep State everyone is going to act like they knew he was going to come through all along.

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The commitment to a cause is something that is holy. There's something that nobody in the media talks about because they fear it so much. It's that God makes people follow through because they believe in accountability. For example, if I pay a man to help fix my house, he would do it because he wants the money, but there's the risk he would do it improperly because he wants the money easier. However, if I ask a Godly man to fix my house and pay him, he does the work because he believes he is accountable to God, not just to me. God is the one thing that makes people follow through, because of their faith that their accountability will be rewarded by their Creator.

I have faith in the Q movement just as I have faith in God. This community has opened my eyes to much about the world, and sometimes a blunt statement is a fresh breath of air in a world so polarized by insanity that we see it nearly everywhere. You will never convince me that Q does not stand for justice. Just as you will never convince me that there is no God. Faith should be the one thing that binds us all.

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Impeccability with respect to Universal Law...i.e.

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There's a problem with your god belief. At least Q posts. You only think there's a god because dudes who molest children told you there is.

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What if I believe in God through my own personal journey through life and not because of a Church? Everyone gets to make their own decision after all.

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Trump may be doing exactly that. But 90 percent of it is TOP SECRET. We, the People, will never get to hear about it. YOU know LESS than THEY DO!

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I agree. Even those i thought were woke, are proving not to be.

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They will be...

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I totally agree, just wish we could have a couple more hints! I've got some serious cleaning to do, but I don't want to miss anything😳. WWG1WGA! MAGA/MEGA!

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Recent evidence of the Deep State destruction?

What is The Plan?

Did you here from US Senate Anon and High Insider Anon, very different people who gave the exact same analysis: That if Trump attempts a take down of the Deep State via arrests that dollar will be made to collapse and there will be a disaster on our hands.

They said that only way to deal with this is to get control of the FED. Do you know who actually owns the Fed? We don't really have evidence that Trump is really/fully in control of the FED.

Is there evidence 30 shutdown RIF permanent layoffs in the DC bureaucratic class? I've heard nothing about that other than it was said to be possible.

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X-22 report been covering this for months.

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Sure, but the evidence that X22 presents on what is really going on with the FED and its relation to Trump's control control of it is not that rock solid, even as I like X22 very much and find it plausible.

So for example tell me how we know Jerome Powell is "Trump's Man" and that he is executing Trump's plan. Saying that Trump appointed him is hardly sufficient.

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any proof? not trying to shill you but words dont mean shit.

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The proof is there. Just go find it. It’s not hard. I managed it.

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i follow al the known youtube/patreon channels but even they cant proof shit. so do us all a favour and give us a link with your proof please.


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