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Great digging, patriot. Thanks for your work.

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Yes. Now we need a direct link to Diane Feinstein

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I don’t like her 😡

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I heard Diane stole $200 million from Kamala Harris and she couldn't do a damn thing about it cause it was dirty democrat money to begin with. Could be bullshit. Just saying.

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Haven't heard from Diane in a while, I'm guessing she knows she is up shit creek without a paddle.

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Leland Ye, Stephen Paddock, Kye Aaron Dunbar, must be connected to all this. I think Asia and Middle East connect to all this, just it's a spider web a honeycomb of connections. Leland Ye connects to China via Cali and could connect to Vegas. Marilou and Brian are Aus so is Downer so now we have an FBI informant who connects to Aus and a Aus spy connected to Vegas. Philippines is connected to Danley and i'm sure Hodge and Hodge is connected to drug cartels terrorism and Turkey there is a Turk in New Mexico and another in Nevada who is connected to all this. Alwaleed and Downer both contributed to the Clinton Foundation i'm sure China did as well look at their ties to Fienstein and the DNC look at how Huawei links to the CF foundation and what and how bin Talal contributed to HRC 2016 pres run. Remember TO shooting and the wildfire and the high speed train rails China wants through Cali, AZ, Nevada? Human trafficking corridor it's a corridor view everything as a honeycomb, spider web, or a corridor.

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China MSS Huawei hacked HRCs server and found out CIA/FBI agents identities and killed them. This is why Pelosi was grounded and why Fienstien and Blume sold their stocks and there is like a spider web of connections here. Marilou Danley, Brian Hodge, the piss porn dossier and money laundering, U1, MI5, MI6, Steele, DNC, Seth Rich, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, Kerry, Rosenstien, Fentynal, trafficking enterprises, air and sea ports, the border, money laundering, black budgets, offshore accounts.

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China plays the long game, typically. This girl and her dad are close to Xi- will they be disappeared or will Xi save them in return for a long list of players. China government, at least at this moment, seems to have some plausible deniability at its highest levels, though I wouldn't be surprised to see Xi crack down on a few lower generals/colonels who can take the fall for Chinese hegemony. For these reasons, I don't see Xi or Trump taking her or her dad down. Would rather have HRC, Brennan, Obama, etc.

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Downer is connected too.

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The China spy girl is gonna have to rat out some swamp critters, if she ever wants to sleep in her mansion again. This is going to be glorious!

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If you are referring to the CFO if Huawei who was arrested in Canada, she is the CEO's daughter. So, maybe not. If you are referring to China spy-girl, Feinstein, then yes, she is spilling all over the place in hopes of getting to go home to her mansion.

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Daddy will be going down to...China will take him down...an act of war they will choose not to be a part of.

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$5 says she's already dishing...shit probably in the first 24 hours too. They don't like being trapped. How do we know she's even still in Canada?

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George Papadopoulos on Twitter: "Alexander Downer was asking me a lot of questions about what Trump would do about Huawei if elected president. The US just filed criminal charges against the Chinese company, Downer used to be on the board of, for committing espionage against the US. Think." / Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/GeorgePapa19/status/1090029397480943616

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Should be noted: Downer was on the board of the Australian subsidiary of Huwei, and NOT on the board of the parent company. HOWEVER, it looks China was making its Huwei move for global dominion using Australia as the kickoff pad. (Soft target?)

From the article:

The Australian Board is Huawei’s first localised setup. Its success in the two years since inception has prompted Huawei to expand the modern globally, with key markets expected to announce local Boards “over the coming year.”

We know that China has been using Huwei and other tech companies to gain backdoor access and control over tech systems outside China.

Somehow, however, the Australia govt woke up to the maneuver, and rejected Huwei's involvement in their 5G network development last year, something China threw a big stink about.


Seems to me there is a White hat vs Deep State war being waged in Australia behind the scenes right now.

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I wonder if little missy who got nabbed in Canada was planning another "localized setup" in Trudeau country.

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That'd make sense. Another globalist controlled country.

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Yes. Yes I do.

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I am trying really hard not to be a ridiculous fangirl of anyone, but Whitaker makes that really tough. Haha... and you OP, thank you very much for this super great YUUUGE NEWS!!! 👊

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Have you ever seen the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" with Pierce Brosnan?

There is a scene where multiple men are dressed exactly the same, moving around, and making it impossible to figure out which one is making the real heist.

This whole revolving door/musical chairs that is the Trump admin reminds me of of that scene. Was Sessions doing the real work? Huber? Whitaker? Barr? Rosenstein? Mueller? Who the hell is who?

LOL. That's exactly what you want. Keep 'em confused, like this ...

[Insert your own "www."] youtube.com/watch?v=MODlCaeiT0M

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Brilliant! I had never seen this before. I see what you mean, and the whole thing is fascinating and confusingly fun! I cannot wait for all to be revealed in the end. I have a soft spot for Jeff Sessions, so I hope his good name is redeemed amongst his doubters.

Today is definitely a great news day (again, thank you 🤗), and I have a feeling that it is only going to get even better from here.

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I still can not see Mueller as any kind of white hat when you see who is on his team. Mark Levin and his guest on Sunday really was an excellent show of who Mueller and his team are.

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i knew china was bribing all the (((western))) politicians likely to disarm them like australia, westcoast us, etc. fuck dual citizen politicians ,feinswine,schumer, etc. fuck them all.

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John Brumby, Alexander Downer, John Lord join Huawei Australia Board of Directors - Huawei Australia https://www.huawei.com/au/press-events/news/au/2011/hw-u_151021

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