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I don't know why people are so upset at the thought of this taking until 2020. Q said early on this was planned for 3 years, he took office in 2017.

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Logically and linguistically, "Planned for 3 years" most likely describes the duration of prior planning, not the duration of execution.

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3 years ti execute the plan?

No, the 3 years is how long the military took to plan the take down of the NWO before Nov 2016.

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No, that's your interpretation and an interpretation that was pushed by shills so those shills could then claim nothing is happening, the plan is taking too long etc.

PLANNED for [3] years.




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I interpreted the same that it has been planned for 3 years, but with the past tweets and comments of Trump knowing what he does, it seems to me it has been planned for much longer. Maybe the Q part and some of the other details such as disclosure have been planned for 3 years rather than what they originally thought they would have to do, a direct military coup.

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No. This was in the planning for for years.

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The preparations for the Battle have been under way for a long time. There will be no Battle until the field is set (as per the Art Of War) We The People are part of the field. The plan calls for the revelation of news to be done very carefully lest people lose their minds and hurt themselves. This is the leadership we could only dream about a few short years ago! Imagine leaders who are more concerned for the well being of the people than they are for themselves? Stand back and look at the big picture now and then. If you do, you will see the Creator God's hand in all of this.

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Too true. It would have been too easy to just skip to Plan B and "do the needed" with a very heavy hand. What we are witnessing and "struggling through" is the very deliberate steps needed to ensure the least number of people get hurt or go crazy. Viewed through a historical lens, this is moving at light speed....but in modern times, it's a snail's pace.

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It would have been too easy to just skip to Plan B and "do the needed" with a very heavy hand.

And it would have been effective.

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What do those numbers correspond to in the Alphabet?

A =1.
B = 2.

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Think Gematria.

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Yep. From a couple posts around the 30s

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Good post OP. WRWY.

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Why is this being down voted so hard?

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Shills are associates and employees of a huckster who help promote his scam, if that hits close to home.

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Agree but will Q stay silent until 2-15?

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I doubt it, but we have learned the comms for the most part. We aren't perfect, but there are so many Anons paying attention that we can catch a lot. Q has given us the tools and information, we don't need them very often any more. I think this is part of the silence, letting us out on our own to practice and learn and grow without being dependent on their drops of information.

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Care to explain why 2-15 is the day he would come back?

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End of the 21 days

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2-15 is also the end of the 3 week grace period to keep the Federal government open.

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This makes some sense. It would be worth looking through wikileaks and the FBI texts for codes such as [4 10 20] in the killbox, which would indicate an assassination plan on DJT.

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Except the kill box is military symbolism. I have not seen it in any of the deep state comms to date. I think there are surely other coded messages and key words we can find in the wikileaks dumps.

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the kill boxes may mean exclude capitol letters of those within the kill box and code out all other capitol letters in messages?

or the converse

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Q finished.

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