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I have a feeling that if you scratched a little deeper you would find a nest of satanists/pedophiles involved in this death campaign. Cuomo himself?

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It's more than about pedophilia.

It's about harvesting adrenochrome, and stem cells, and SELLING the parts.

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I see the exact same thing. There is another angle as well. They want this put before the SC before RBG's death has to be revealed. That is "ONE" vote they would need to succeed. They will push for her vote from a hospital bed. The writing is on the WALL!

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Everything I saw in that undercover video that is goin around points to them not really bein concerned about money because they receive so little.

The biggest real issues seem to involve HIPAA and regulations. Proof? They are willing to admit and discuss this stuff, they justdont want headlines... considering they already make headlines and have dozens or more people protesting outside each clinic daily, I cant.blame them.

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It's Pedovores that are coming. Children are meat and money to them.

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If you follow the money you will see. Abortions are not about women's rights. There are sick people out there that probably do eat and drink the blood of children, thinking that it will make them live forever. Where do you think folklore about Dracula and Hansel and Gretel originated from? This has no doubt been going on since the beginning of time, but has now started to surface. Q said that we would not be able to handle half of the evil that is out there, and this could be a major chunk of it.

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They never truly cared about women's rights. The whole push behind feminism and equality was so they could now tax the other half of the population, remove a parent from raising children, break down the nuclear family structure, and erode the morality of young females and males.

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Don’t forget companies like Senomyx are using aborted babies as food flavour additives.

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You think THAT is why the push for abortion legality? Lmao

Let's hypothetically say those people you mentioned DO exist... they are rich and elite... why would they risk the extra papertrails, handling, etc when they can afford to just get some slaves and have them have babies for them

Occams razor. Just sayin....

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I truly believe that God burned Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground for less than what is going on in our world today.

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Well, as a last straw, they did try to rape a couple of God's angels. I can't imagine a quicker way to incur God's righteous anger. However, babies' innocence is like that of the angels, so I think abortion is an equivalent action.

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Nope. My Bible tells me that we are "Born in sin" No innocence even for the young.

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Well, since we're doing bible trivia, Psalm 137 doesn't think very highly about the infants of Babylonians.

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...or somewhere at an equal is an easy argument. Bigger question is, are we at the point humanity was in the days of Noah?

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True enough, and yet God would have spared Sodom for ten righteous. THAT'S the part we must focus on in this hour.
“For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it,” God told Abraham. We must "be the ten" that the Lord will count to intercede for the sparing of our cites and nation.

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I'm sorry I only have one updoot to give you. It's kind of disheartening at times, seeing how sick and fucked up the world is becoming. I'm just trying to keep my little piece of it safe and sound. As you say, let's be the ten.

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Either all old testament is valid or none is. There is no cherry picking.

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Now this was the sin of Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. —Ezekiel 16:49–50

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Give 'em enough time and they'll make straight up murder legal as a means to justify (((their))) needs at the time. Happened many times before, and no doubt will happen again and again. A multi century oft repeated cycle of good vs. evil all over the globe. The somewhat sketchy historical record of humanity proves it so. Seems the devil can spring up just about anywhere and at anytime to drag humanity down to his level only to be put back into his place after the damage is done and good finally over takes him. Just my 2 centavos. Maybe the only way to finally defeat him is by removing the bloodlines from the face of the earth. Evil can't breed evil if there isn't any evil left. Scary thought is that DNA could prove if your in the evil bloodlines or not. That could be awkward for some folks couldn't it. KEK

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Good news is, the devil is already defeated. This is just a dead cat bounce on a long time scale. We're watching the show.

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Hierarchies seem to have no major concerns about Creeping Sharia mate so your scenario is well underway.

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Post Birth Abortion

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Understand this: If society accepts infanticide, then it is all that much closer to accepting the disposal of the inconvenient and unwanted lives of the elderly in a similar fashion.

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Society already accepts this. Jack Kevorkian moved this agenda forward in a HUGE way. OCare implemented its legitimacy. No one talks about the death panels. People are able to legally procure pills, so their loved ones can commit suicide. I'm not sure how many states have legalized this, but it's happening.

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You know, it's one thing when an elderly person, who is tired, and sick, and had enough of life chooses to exit stage left, it is quite another to rip a child limb from limb out of it's mother's womb. I've only heard of these "Death Panels", I don't know if they are real, or if so, how they work.

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This "Women's Health Law" created all sorts of loopholes for the DS/Cabal/Satan worshippers.

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So fucking sick

Murdering a child is universally condemned

But somehow its ok with some ppl to kill a baby up until its born

They claim "women's rights"

What about the baby's rights??

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You mean the same child who's likely to be circumcised at birth and who's autonomy is completely removed for 18 years. I don't agree with abortion but your reasoning is totally bogus.

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Tsunami is the only thing that will fix ny

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Won't reach far enough inland. This was at the state level wasn't it?

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Can we have a massive prayer rally for a tsunami?

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A tsunami of revival and repentance would be preferred.

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D5 is well and truly on the way I believe mate. A tsunami of Winning.

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I'll join in. The least we can do is make it flood. People have made it rain before, we can do it again.

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Hurricanes are caused by fags. Wooooo!

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Should we really get God involved or can we handle them.

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On our own, hell no we can't handle them. We're not dealing with simple human players. Those meat puppets are being navigated by powerful, evil supernatural entities. Only God can defeat them. Just as the demonic realm gives Them their power, God gives us OUR power and greater is He than any of those demons.

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Deut 13?

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