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That's how a White immigrant would think. Look instead at the statistics of how Hispanics voted. Overwhelmingly Democrat. They hate the Gringos, and larger numbers bring them more power.

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It's almost like illegal migration is a smokescreen for legal migration. As Q says, "look here, not there".

What exactly do these retards think the difference is between someone who arrives "legally" and someone who arrives "illegally"???

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The one who arrived legally will have an easier time replacing you at your job

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Liberals find the term illegal as offensive. They don't stop to think that law abiding people are offended by the lack of empathy for their kind, they instead look for reasons why doing something illegal should be seen as a sign of needing help rather than seizing an opportunity. They aren't deep critical thinkers, they're shallow narrow-minded fools that see someone avoiding a checkpoint as someone needing help. They won't compare it to someone evading a dui checkpoint, because "thats different" and they won't see it as someone avoiding a tsa checkpoint because "thats different". These are people that just want to work and don't want to explain why they deserve it to border patrol. But they won't look into why someone wanting to be a law abiding citizen wouldnt want to talk to border patrol. Maybe because they met before and tried to smuggle drugs in or guns out, or maybe they know they want an easy life avoiding the IRS and just do things citizens can't do.

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It has to do with attitude. Those who go through the process and arrive legally show a higher propensity toward living a law and order lifestyle that is a better fit in American society. Legal immigrants are more likely to assimilate and learn our culture to become American.

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If we want them to vote Republican then we have to push the abortion issue. They're all catholic and seem to be very conservative and traditional in nature. Everyone needs to know about New Yorks abortion law. Especially hispanics.

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All pretend virtue signalling for them......

You can't trust a person based on "becuz catholic", when you know they will sell their children into a sex ring for a fiver.

I will not heap shame upon them, it is not required, the truth... the shame... is theirs.

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Bullshit. Dude I date a legal Mexican and also her family is legal and none of them think like you do. They want the wall, and they love gringos.

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You’re wrong. Yes, many Hispanics vote Democrat but things are changing. You see, all the illegals that come across the border go straight to their neighborhoods and the big problem is gangs. Not just the danger and crime they bring but the recruiting of children.

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It hasn’t changed in 40 years it isn’t changing now. Holy shit Qultists are retards. You people have no concept of what a fact is. It’s just whatever you want to believe you believe. Seeing you people at work has been an incredible eye-opener for me. I mean, I knew their was a tail end to the white IQ distribution to, but I never realized how painful it was to interact with it.

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Illegals have been coming in for a long while, and the legal spics still vote Democrat

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Fuck you're an idiot. 70% of them vote for the left. WAKE UP YOU GOD FORSAKEN IGNORANT BITCH!

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The legal Hispanics immigrants want a free ride too....we supplement their housing, food, utility use, and education.......they do not assimilate either - many can not speak English.

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Come to Miami the people who are born here cant even speak English. When i as a hispanic from NY/PA moved to Miami years back it was like moving to another country. Business and education are supposed to be done in English first correct? not in Miami.

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Tucson reporting.....

The Mexis here think we are on THEIR TURF, I'm not talking about gang-bangers, I'm talking about the office crowd and their legal parents. They speak spanish when we are nearby, joke about us, mock us, any respect you feel from them, is inaccurate. They are not on our side.

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You're not exactly educated on the naturalization process are ya?

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Where I lived most did not speak English & honestly had zero desire to learn. Why should they, we changed everything for them...."Press 1 for English"

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The Great Awakening was supposed to be American Patriots and other European patriots in their own countries waking up to the fact that they are being replaced in their own homeland by a group of satanic child raping cannibalistic people who want to exterminate them, but if you look around on even places that are supposed to be "red pilled" like QRV you will see people other than the obvious paid shills who are supposedly "with the Q movement" who encourage it.

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Bull Shite, Go to the south! They are Scammers,

They eat mexican food, they get fat, they have health problems.

the born here, Americans have no insurance. NONE! Some for 15 yrs or more.

Also, the existing Mexicans here are trafficking and hiding illegals in their houses. WHY?

They are required to pay rent.

Mexican Americans, go the the parks, where the illegals are dropped off, by Mexican Tourist buses, and they pick them up!

You are an idiot. This is a never ending gravy train for them!!

They don't even believe in the same God!

But they do believe in the Day of the DEAD! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

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Well hispanics reliably vote Dem. Demographic changes are going to bring socialism.

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The hell hole they left is a hell hole because of the CIA and international bankers. Africa, South America, and Central America should all be wealthy because of their natural resources, but it is all stolen and the people are enslaved.

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I'll agree whole heartedly.

The other races then white/asian have been decimated by having culture destroyed by pillaging white people because white people were better faster.

I personally think given a few hundred years of modern education/diet/etc the races will equal out in terms of intelligence/temperament/etc especially if the prison system weeds out the really awful traits from the niggers/browns, it just takes generations.

They can take a lot of blame for being a bunch of war mongering tribesmen in africa, but I agree completely with south/central america. The US and the CIA has a LOT on their shoulders for keeping those countries destabilized.

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IQ is genetic

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You think Africans, aboriginals, and Amazonian tribesmen will be advanced in a few hundred years? Try a few hundred thousand. They have been given every chance to be productive members of society for 50-100 years and nothing has changed. How long are they gonna blame white people? Not arguing that the CIA has manipulated things, but I dont think we will see a Zimbabwe mission to the moon even if we waited 1 million years.

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I see them as being the Synagogue of Satan.

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A smart Mexican recognizes that they have to compete with illegals for jobs and welfare resources. As well as the face that illegals and cartels target their own race even more than outsiders. But not all of them are smart enough to realize that... Clearly.

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