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Why can’t Trump spend a few billion without Congressional approval? It was okay for Obama’s to send cash to Iran without it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the Deep State rolls out RGB in a body bag tonight to try to derail the speech.

Also, there is actual law that the military can use construction funds set aside for that purpose in the Pentagon during war or a national emergency to build without congressional approval.

It is 10 U.S. Code 2808 - Construction Authority in the event of declaration of war or national emergency.


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He could just use all that drug money the CIA has been gathering for their black projects and put it toward the wall too.

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Would be epic if El Chapo, hence Mexico, pays for it.

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He could just use all that drug money the CIA has been gathering for their black projects and put it toward the wall too.

Not to mention the much more profitable child sex trafficking racket.

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We already know the wall is being built, DHS said that much in a tweet. I think the fact they had a no-cell meeting in the situation room was to let them know the government is staying shut down until they run out of money, while the wall might be getting built with more soldiers. Once they're out of money he'll declare a national emergency and round them up.

But to declare an emergency tonight would make keeping the government shutdown unnecessary. I think he wants to starve out the DOJ.

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It already is approved. The $717 billion from this years Defense Authorization Bill. You know, the one approved by congress.

He can then declare a state of emergency.

Order the military to build the wall.

Already approved military money which, again, congress approved in a bi-partisan fashion.

And to ice the mother fuckers on the left, approve the current spending bill and end the government shutdown.

Winning all around, dems left with jack shit, Trumps a hero, the crowd roars!


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Who else isn't getting money during the shutdown?

$12 billion more for “international affairs programs,” including $2.9 billion more “for economic and development assistance, including funding for the West Bank/Gaza, Syria, and Pakistan, where our foreign aid is either frozen or under review.” $700 million more than requested for the United Nations, including restored funding for the United Nation’s Population Fund, which would undermine the administration’s Mexico City Policy that bars the use of taxpayer dollars for foreign organizations that “promote or perform abortions.”

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Great points anon

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That about covers it. Nice write up.

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Problem is demorats will spin it any which way and they have the media and newspapers to back them up. Until Potus gets control or they become objective his message will always be misconstrued. The MSM needs to be taken down.

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The downside to not declaring a national emergency soon and letting them continue to obstruct will be the spin that takes the form of "it's not urgent or he would have done it sooner...."

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Nah, he just responds by saying it's important to respect Congress role in budgeting

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If this were ONLY about funding for a wall, I'd agree with your logic. We know, however, that there is MUCH more going on here. The President and the US Military are literally fighting a war against a vast array of foreign and domestic enemies. POTUS will use whatever means are necessary to WIN this war.

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And, his announcement of a prime time speech expends ammunition.

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I think Trump could call for the American People to let their "Representatives" know that they want Congress to get off their lazy asses and submit a bill to build up the security of the Border.

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I bet you are right. He will discuss how badly we need the Democrats to agree to the wall, and all the reasons with examples that we need one, and let the country hear how bad it is to not have one, and that another Caravan is headed our way right now. Hope he also states with names people that are rejecting this have high fences around their property, and he may wait until that Caravan is a little closer before he states a national emergency, and it may just be they are not quite ready yet to be able to round them all up. Either way he will get that Wall soon. God Bless Him!!

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I like your logical thinking, OP, and your flawless English. I agree that President Trump will not declare a (another) SoE. He obviously has a reason for extending the shutdown and I'm hoping that it has a lot to do with arrests. But he's certainly trolling the dems and making it clear that they don't give a sh1t about National security.

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Wouldn't it be a hoot if he did some DECLAS tonight?

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