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The funny thing is that the normies have no idea that the funds have already been allocated, the ACE has already been deployed to initiate construction of the wall, and that Trump is playing BOTH PARTIES here and making them all look like fools.

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Anons know...

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As they should. Thanks for sticking around.

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Maybe the announcement tonight will be the official declaration of a national emergency, and he'll be saying that the ACE is already deployed to the border and has already begun building the wall

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Thats the Trump card.

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Agreed. My step daughter is career ACE on the purchase and requisition end. In July she was cleared for a security clearance. She never needed one before, and we thought the timing was interesting after Trump got the military budget through.

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Red Castle's a GO

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Can I get some Red Castle Beer to watch the building?

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How about some Green Castle then we get some White Castle?

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If we don't get this wall and put a bunch of DS in jail ... there will likely be a civil war in this country. The DS and MSM have taken half of our population and brainwashed them. While I'm very much against government regulations ... the MSM needs some standard of accountability or revoke their FCC licenses. Right now its all too easy to make up shit and never be held accountable.

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Dude... Mike fucking Rothchild is chimping out like a faggot on twitter and there is a thread here on Voat where people are trying to get him to livestream his suicide. Now tell me that this is normal... Don't worry, its happening.

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The Smith Mundt Act was supposed to do that to some degree. obama legalized propaganda against Americans. Many wanted Trump to reinstate SMA right out of the gate, but he did not so he could allow the msm to shoot themselves in the head. I hear ya tho. Kinda hard to red pill when msm has their best tool sitting right in the center of so many peoples homes.

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Yes. They need to be held accountable. I'm not for censorship of the press, but the networks on tv should be held to a higher standard. Most people still believe what they see on tv is the ultimate truth. It's like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

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The people can hold them to a higher standard. Maybe a .45 standard would do the trick.

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Am I the only one who is thinking of trying to get hired on to be a part of this? I would LOVE to say that I helped build this thing.

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Go for it patriot, good luck!

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I posted earlier that the true karma would be that Schumer and Peolsi fight to the death to prevent Trump from getting 5 billion in the funding bill and then Trump gets the whole shebang, the whole ball of wax, the lock stock and barrel, the game set match, the whole kit and caboodle.... leaving the Democrat party stuck with having supported open borders, eliminating ICE, drugs, crime, human trafficking, and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on welfare, education, health care, food stamps, etc. for illegals when it was the citizens who pay for it thinking it would be used to help our own citizens.

Seen the homeless in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle lately? Seems to me they need the help more than illegals.

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The Dems showing little or no concern for the homeless of the US exposes the true diabolical and political nature of their support for ILLEGALS.

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ACE is going to do is contract the labor out to American construction companies and get the materials from American steel and concrete manufacturers. ACE will retain charge of the planning/logistics/supervision.

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brilliant planning!

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It's go time.

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Queen to King.

Illuminati win.

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I can't believe that we ANONS knew this for a Year now and they, the MSM, DS, & demonrats are just catching on. DJT is making these career crooks look like amateurs Lol my how the wheels of justice turn slow, but they are turning.

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