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You are exactly right. We need to come together no matter our differences for the sake of the Country. Put aside our divisions and hate and become Americans again.

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Some people don't belong in our country though.

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Unity doesn't mean we ignore the law, it means we put aside petty differences and biases. Our goal would be a society of law and order.

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The world has to unite or we will be destroyed.

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If you unite with Muslims you will be destroyed

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That sounds like globalist shite.

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will be? are being right now. uniting is the only way to live.

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become Americans again.

Become *Humans again! The "humans" (sub-human baby-eaters) we call the cabal work for non-homo sapiens, literally NOT Humans! This is literally a "fight for Humanity"! LOVE your fellow Mankind with ALL your Heart, its US! See that weirdo, that crack-head, that Person you've been pointing a finger at? They are your brother/sister, they don't eat our children, they don't HATE you because your an "inferior species" of "useless feeders". Those "people" who hate you that way are NOT "Humans".

(((they))) hide in the Vatican (and other places), under funny long fish-shaped miter hats pretending to be normie Humans. (((they))) are the cone heads, the annunaki, calling themselves "gods" and secretly expecting to be worshiped as such. (((they))) ARE "baby-eaters", but NOT cannibals, because we're different species!

True, SOME "humans" have done the same acts, and ARE cannibals, but they are a TINY fraction of the most mentally manipulated among Us. "As you do unto the least of these, you do also unto me!" How we treat the sicko RETARDS (the spiritually impoverished) that have been helping (((them))) get a steady supply of baby juice, will determine how the Galactics are able to deal with US, the Patriots and well-meaning Humans.

We ARE The Humans of Earth, we DO have a "hive mind", that IS heading straight for "The Great Awakening", BECAUSE separation is an illusion of 3D existence (quantum tunneling) aka "WWG1WGA"!

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It’s crazy how we fight against or fellow citizens but not against those in power who are causing the division. This is why they have been able to retain power. They know that we will focus on our fellow man rather than those who are making the decisions. It’s crazy!! No more! No anger! Love one another. It’s one to unite and focus on the ones pulling the strings. This is the GREAT AWAKENING

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Nigs will still kill and rape us after we unite with them. It's what they do. Look at africa

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those in power who are causing the division


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I was ready to say "oh here we go, another damn lecture from some holier-than-thou anon" but actually, I don't think that at all. Your words are meaningful and I appreciate the message.

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Except the pedo cannibals, they should hang.

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Eliminating the pedo cannibals is eliminating hate.

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NO. "As you do unto the LEAST of these, you do also unto me" The sick pedovores (baby-eaters) are the least of Us! Killary is a retard, a "useful idiot", middle management, simply doing to other children what was done to her (short of being killed, an act of mercy for one sooo tortured). Imagine how WE the People look to an ET from off-world looking in, we LET (((them))) eat our children,...for personal gain of material "wealth". No, Son, they shouldn't hang We ALL NEED forgiveness, even you, even ME! "Do unto others..." "What goes around...." "Forgive Us our trespasses, as we..." "For every action, there is an...." "WWG1....."

P.S. Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetfulness, or allowing the immoral harm of innocents to continue. It just means NOT hating them or holding a grudge, nothing more. Holding hatred in your heart, is like taking poison yourself and expecting your enemies to die from it. Humanity NEEEEEDS to find out every detail of the lives of those who were manipulated to harvest children for food and self pleasure, until we can guarantee ourselves we can absolutely prevent this from ever happening again for the rest of our existence. We OWE that to the victims, and our future children.

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I forgive them, but the baby eaters have to die.

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Agreed. Lol

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We are all flawed humans. We all have a skeleton or two in our closets. We would be less than human if we did not. There are so.many laws we are likely all felons as well. Make amends to those your actions have harmed. Each day do just a little bit better.

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Flaws? I don't go to Satanic temples, kill and torture children for their flesh and blood just for fun. Not all sins are equal. That is bullshit.

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We all to, to an extent.

No Jews though.

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Some may not be able to handle the truth but they need to see it regardless. They need to see their unintentional support of child sacrifice. They need to see how they have maimed their children with frakenfood, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, electromagnetic radiation, and satanic rituals. I do not believe you can heal if you do not address the root cause of the disease. We have to drop the hammer and address this corruption. We have to reveal the hidden tech. We have to stop being afraid of each other.

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yeah Right!! OPEN BORDERS

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does that mean rich african americans and jews?

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Multicult doesn't work. Nigs, hispanics, and muslims aren't going to help us. They have something completely different in mind.

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Feeling, compassion, intelligence... What a breath of fresh air. Good to hear your voice Patriot. You are not alone.

Love and Light

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