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I have been smiling ever since Potus won 2016. Prior to that I felt we were done, that there was no longer hope. I stocked up on food and supplies to hunker down. Now I see the light. Pray, pray & pray some more. What a miraculous time to be alive.

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I bugged out six years ago.....commuting was not considered. :) Life works funny, the world may not actually end, but I'll still never go back to a town. I am watching all this from the outside, I think there are 12 liberals in my entire county. This tds stuff I only see in media. Lucky as heck and I know it.

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Same here. Moved from a .16 acre box in a fancy area to 10 acres in the mountains with a pond, got 2 big dogs, a chainsaw, and a 12 gauge. Fucking ready!

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Was just involved in a similar post the other day. I live in West Virginia, and we do not have the problems these other cities have. We don't tolerate idiots like antifa, blm, black Panthers, psychotic women in pink pussy hats, etc - it's open season year round here. Not to mention, since obama shut down all of the coal mines here, we have an abundance of abandoned mine shafts that would never divulge their secrets. I had an incident about three years ago with my kids middle school where they had an assembly where they were learning about other cultures. One guy in this assembly was muslim, and he spoke of how Allah was the one true god. I had a respectful but very terse conversation with my daughter's principal. He couldn't look me in the eye, apologized all over the place, and said he would look into and make sure it never happened again. After that, I immediately went to my sons' elementary school and spoke with their principal about the incident - her exact words were "over my dead body!" Other than that, I've not seen nor encountered problems here.

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I'm jealous. Hubby and I would love getting off the grid totally. Self sufficient, grow ALL our food. We grow a lot now but would love to leave all this behind.

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Yeah, I used to live in cities, too. Moved out to rural NW Montana. Have a few head of livestock (pets, really) and am surrounded by mountains, fresh air and clean well water -- I can use it to make kefir water, right out of the tap! I will NEVER go back. You couldn't get me out of here with blasting caps and crowbars. That being said, I'd still like to see a TV show called ,"Marshall Law, Texas Ranger".

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^This Too!^

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For the last eight-years, during the previous admin, every church held weekly prayer meetings, asking God for cleansing and renewal, and a purging of evil in the Government. Our prayer was answered in 2016. Every Christian Church should know, Trump is God's answer to those 8-years of prayer. We shook the gates of Heaven.

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I'm thrilled that God answered your prayers and not mine. I prayed that JESUS would come. It's not that I didnt think GOD could fix things but more that I figured why would he want to. Thats probably because I dont really hang around with people to really get a feel for whats in their hearts. I am in contact with people through work all day but thats different. I figured everyone that believed was lukewarm & why would GOD want to help. I am so elated to see that I was wrong. I sure have seen people come out of their shells regarding their faith.

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I'm in Canada. I was looking to move North, off-grid, and figured I just have to wait out whatever apocalypse the Democrats/Cabal caused.

I was still ready to go until Q came along. I figured I'd hold off on any drastic life changes until the year was up and see if things were actually happening.

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Yup. me too, have a nice fringe area I'm investigating further as a likely destination, far enough away to provide security when SHTF, near enough to remain in civilization. Out of sight, out of mind.

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You must be over the target -- shills abound. The resignation of Pres. Kim at the World Bank is huge news. We all know that the DS power to operate and control us comes from their revenue streams. POTUS has been working to cut off the DS money supply for some time, and I think The Fed is the big fish. Once The Fed is reeled in, the big public reveals begin!!!

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My husband read a news article to me stating Kim resigned early, was stepping down over disagreements with Trump no big deal Trump's a moron move along nothing to see here blah blah blah. Also made it look insignificant, as it only gave out 64 billion last year, the IMF (mostly run by Europe) is bigger and more important yada yada. We looked at each other and I said "64 billion?! Know what that means? It's a damn slush fund!" Guys, before Q, that would never have even begun to occur to me! And THATS the value of Q: a complete change in perspective and understanding, and learning to think for oneself. We all argue, debate, name-call, yell at each other and debate some more -- and that is terrific, because we are all thinking for ourselves, and man! Do they HATE it!

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I've long been of the opinion that this is one of the most significant hard results of the entire Q movement—people who had long checked out, or had grown up entirely in a politically checked-out state, have learned the core skills and motivation to think for themselves.

This by itself is huge, and unprecedented. Admittedly, that whole saving the world thing is a rather nice bonus too...

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8 Minutes ... not a speech... more of announcements/declarations.

Me... I'd love to see JFK Jr walk up next to #45 and shake hands...but bet a bit early.

I'd settle for Rand Paul to do an Audit of the Fed.

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I bet he's using this to make them release RGB death news as cover.

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Didn't think of that! That'd be yuge if that came out beforehand

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Oh nice angle. They may be afraid to now though since they got conned and wasted #41.


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Very possible

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This was my thought.

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I have waited for this day since I was in my 20's (now the upper side of 50's)! 20 years ago, no one save Ron Paul and several grassroots fringe groups were talking about this. The FED, as well as the IRS, has had a stranglehold on our population for far too many years. This stops for future generations. This stops NOW! Thank you Trump, Q and team, Qanons, White Hats far and wide, and Worldwide Digital Army. You have made this old gal so gloriously proud!

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72 years now and I've been waiting for this time for over 50 years. I thought Reagan might have been the one to bring us a clean government, but then 41 took us down the NWO path followed by Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

I thought the Tea Party movement would be the answer, but a charismatic leader never emerged and it faded away.

I knew HRC would be the end of this country as I knew it growing up in the 40's and 50's

The out of nowhere came Trump to the rescue. It's nothing less than a miracle. Not only did he have the business sense and experience to bring the economy roaring back, but he had the secret Q team with an amazing plan to save the world and return power back to the people.

Pray for the protection of him and his family and for his success. The deep state is capable of assassinating Trump and Pence to get Pelosi into the WH and we go back to square one.

Can't wait for Trump to finally drop the hammer.

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I have just entered my (yikes) 50's, so I relate to what you wrote here. I remember the Ron Paul run for POTUS...Now THAT was an amazing journey! (All Patriots should look up the documentary about that on screw (you) tube. Paul is the only "politician" who actually called their bullshit all the way down the line. I have some interesting letters written by him when he was in Congress many years ago (Early 1980's) where he made it very clear that there IS a shadow government who runs everything and that to remove all of the corruption and swamp dwellers from the system would likely take generations. Trump has begun the "big Flush" of the DS demons and I have the utmost respect, love and admiration for him for sacrificing so much for We The People! He may be an asshole but that is EXACTLY what we need! He is destroying their near takeover of our Great Republic one piece at a time and they are doing what demons do when they are being exorcised...Screaming, damning, trying to kill the exorcist. It is my sincere hope that he lops off enough of their heads to make it harder for them to rise up into powerful positions at least for a while. We are a HUGE movement (much larger than "they" can even imagine) and growing in numbers every day. That gives me hope and strengthens my faith in God. We WILL rise up and fight against them when the time comes, and I have no doubt that WE WILL WIN!. May God Bless ALL Patriots, our President and his family and may those who have yet to awaken find the truth and stand with u! WWG1WGA!

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Agree. Ron Paul tried to warn about the Fed for years and no one would give him the time of day.

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It will be about the WALL. Nothing more nothing less. Everything else you have written is pure hyperbole.

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In fact everything you have written is ignorance. Baa , Baaa, baaa, wake up Patriot. Obummer signed an EO 3-19 giving POTUS supreme power to do anything. Build a wall, fuck you up the ass, whatever. Do some research Faggot, it sucks being stupid.

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Facts. I know, I know facts get you every time.

Didn't say the POTUS doesn't have the power to do anything he wants. DUH ...

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Great article and so true. MAGA

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Mistake Marshall law for Martial Law, whatever,

Q sent you to Voat so that you would learn how to spell. Nobody grammar nazis like actual nazis.

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Actually I'm starting to like Marshall law. A kinder, gentler Marshall Dillon kind of law. A purposed, principled, no-nonsense evil-killer with a touch of comedic relief. And you knew, no, you could always rely on how it would end.


A Marshall Q+ kind of law.

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Hey! Give the guy a break! I thought he was being a very "ele gent", whatever that is.

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And you go ahead and further the argument since you can't even structure a fucking sentence, Spelling is one thing but..... Nobody grammar nazis like actual Nazis? really ? WTF does that mean, I can read mis spelling, but sentence structure? your an official moron.

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I turned "grammar nazi" into a verb. As in:

You literally just grammar nazied my initial comment.

Hail Victory \o

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Our GREAT POTUS is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Not once has he said something was amiss and proved otherwise.Closing the border will also keep those trying to escape JUSTICE from leaving as they will scatter like roaches, as they are! Note to CABAL of Global Evil! We the People of this Great Republic Of The United States of America, want our Country back, Our Wealth Back, and Our Freedoms back. As our POTUS works ever sooooo hard for us, the people, just know WE DO HAVE HIS BACK!!! Semper Fi' !!!!!!

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As an appetizer ... We already got Merry Christmas back, which was really nice, and those damn pipelines open, which we can thank for our cheap gas now.

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