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POTUS letting Q signs be shown at his rally means that he and his team are well aware of the phenomenon, regardless if you believe he signed a Q in the air, or pointed at a Q sign in the crowd, or any of the Q proofs we have. POTUS and the USSS allowed these signs to show live on TV. If our POTUS is not calling out "dangerous conspiracy theories," and you trust our POTUS, then there's no need to question it any longer. Just sit back, and enjoy the damn show. These op's take time, so forget about any predictions and just let it happen.

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oh, I've said he's the one behind it the whole time. I'll even go out on a limb and say that the person who handles the security/has the last word on what Q says, besides Trump himself, is General Paul M Nakasone. Head of US Cyber Command and holds Admiral Rogers' old position as head of the NSA. I arrived at this conclusion the hard way -- don't ask b/c you wouldn't believe it if I told you -- BUT, it's easy enough to work from the OTHER end, logically, to arrive at that conclusion as well. Just look at the positions the man holds. Hello. :)

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Hello, friend. How is it you always find me? Can you see my IP, or can you also recognize my writing style? Whatever the way, it's always a pleasure to get replies from you :)

General Paul M Nakasone is a name I'm unfamiliar with, but I will spend some time doing some reading on him soon. I won't ask how you got to him, although I am interested in knowing. And I would believe you, if you told me ;)

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This is what Ive said for awhile. Brad is on Reddit enough to have seen it and no doubt would by extension go back to Trump. If it were fake, he'd call it. There's not even a remote chance he has not heard of it IF he were unaware of it. The fact that he hasn't side stepped it IF it werent true is enoigh.

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Yep I agree, Trump would have called it fake long ago. The Q phenomenon has the ability to split his base too much. If it were fake, he wouldn't jeopardize his base by allowing them to follow a false narrative. And you're right, Parscale is very aware, especially given he's social media and tech savvy.

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nice post buddy! :)

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Thanks buddy :D

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If you think there's the slightest chance Trump is not a jew asset, see what you think after watching this.

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They lost control of the WH, and the U.S. military.

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and the NSA

translation: Game Over

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And a very heavily armed civilian public that will be at POTUS beckoning as the constitutional citizen militia

That adds millions individuals with significant fire power backing them. Maybe they'll never have to resort to that level, but like nukes, is good to have it in the arsenal

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We were the silent majority, all it took was for Q to speak to what we knew and help us with a little research. This has been the single most educational movement ever. The fact that we found each other says a lot about the group backing POTUS if you ask me. They knew the voters were there and knew Patriots would come together.


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Best description I've seen since this movement started. This should be set in bronze. Thanks Op.

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Thanks, at first I described Qanon as a giant online scavenger hunt for the truth, which it technically has been, just didn't know how amazing this journey would be at the time.

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GOD is on our side.

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What you are witnessing is Military Intelligence taking back the nation from the CIA that has had held the presidency since Bush Sr.

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Earlier , much much earlier.

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probably more like when Woody Wilson was Prez...wouldn't surprise me

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end of WWII at LEAST, yup

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Aka the fuckin kikes

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Since LBJ, IMHO.

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since JFK was offed

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Also it's a safe bet that DS doesn't know exactly who is behind it, or they would use threats, blackmail, or assassinations to stop it. Unless of course it's them.

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We do know many of the players though. Those who scream the loudest with the vilest insults.

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Also, given that Q has revealed many of the Deep State's crimes and evils, option 1 makes no sense.

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Q hasn't revealed shit to anyone.

Anyone with a half a brain already knew what was really going on.

Anyone with half a brain knew about the cabal years and even decades ago.

Welcome to dumbass USA.

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No deep staters have been actually harmed, they just continue on the public/private DC revolving door and get richer. Even when ancient evil ones pass they get nothing but public praise and honors. Meanwhile, the NSA/Army intel has a massive database of disloyal (to the deep state) citizens. This makes option 1 quite likely

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Who holds Admiral Rogers' old job? Who is the head of US Cyber Command? Who is the chief of the Central Security Service?

Q would be hard-pressed to evade someone with authority and resources like that, unless....

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If it was the DS, they sure as hell wouldn’t want people researching their dirty deeds, much less waking up & banding together.

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