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The Obama HRC pet (Mags)has been compromised because Q called her out last month as a media DS puppet with the wikileak. Q has intel that she is in danger because of what she knows. He is warning her NOT to sit like a rock too long thinking about what to do. The train she is on is heading for a deep state dark "dead"end tunnel. She needs to jump into the light immediately because the clock is ticking.

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I like this analysis given the previous "outing" of this DS operative - nicely done

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Obviously she IS in extreme danger simply because of what she knows about Hillary's back-room media operations (folks with that kind of inside knowledge tend to commit suicide with red scarves on doorknobs nowadays)!

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I found the drop disturbing, and didn't understand it to be a "join the force" kind of tweet. I'd rather it be your interpretation. A friend and I were looking at it, and both of us felt that she is literally in danger, now that revelations are happening. I hope she flips. If you look at other drops, and wiki-leaks, she appears to have been trapped into this life by her mother/Hussein/Clintons. For patriots, she's a nuisance, but for the cabal, she's a liability. Thanks for posting your interp!

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I actually think OP's translation is not quite right. What gets me is that why did Maggie specifically name Amtrak? Where as the other one she just said the conductor. Q said that the Conductor = Handler meaning like a Agency handler of hers or of the Cabal members. I think this tweet is about the train she is on, which is why Q is telling her to get off the train. Why would Q tell anyone to get off the Q train? She might be in danger and this tweet is a cry for help, knowing that she's being watched from her previous tweet picked up by Q. The tunnel Q speaks of is the figurative plunge into darkness which is what these Cabal members have done, they have done unspeakable things to be a part of what they are. As Q said there's no going back. Q's telling Maggie to walk away and help the cause but the offer isn't going to be there forever, the offer will expire.

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My friend's and my first interp is that she's in danger. I can't shake that feeling. The previous train tweet of hers, made me think she was warning [them] "radio silence" that she knew she was being watched by the admin. Something is happening in her sphere that she needs to turn herself in to be safe. But, OP has a point. There's sometimes double meanings to these things. Thanks!

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Your interpretation is way less ominous than mine. I thought this is Maggie as relay re: Taiwan and the potential US China war. They think DJT is bluffing (smoking) with the EO, DECLAS, etc.. so the conductor may just fire at will (I.e. sink 2 US carriers as suggested)

It is not a coincidence that China said they want to attack Taiwan today at the same time we're talking about state of emergency. These are all moves on the global chess board

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Yes, yours is pretty frightening. We don't need this right now.

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I hope that she is held accountable for her treason and her deception. Fuck giving these traitors a chance, hang every one of them.

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Did they also force her to marry her Iranian spy cabal husband?

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tbf yes, probably.

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Deep state handler = Podesta

Q Maggie Haberman Corrupt NYT Journalist 1221 Right on Q. https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/987724899614674944 Hello Maggie. Trust funds (3). Deposits routed from EU. Why are deposits ORIG from EU being transferred into [3] TRUST funds [children]? How do you get your talking points? Why do many DC journalists (yourself) use & replace 'burner phones' every week? How do you pass the new number out? Tweets are very important. Do you feel safe? Q

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To Smoke someone is to 187 them. Amtrak = US Deep State. This is an open threat to anyone considering turning and giving evidence:

Huma and Carlos Danger Ben Rhodes (His Brother at CBS suddenly resigned) Lisa Page Loretta Lynch Bill Clinton George W Bush

Personally I think the smarter people have already given evidence, once the train enters the Tunnel, NO DEALS

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The train is almost ready to enter the 'Tunnel'. If you are going to help.. You need to sign up to "Regular service appointments" immediately.

And there is a 2nd half to this... The Q team is going to be watching for any 'Chatter' about this and any attempt to contact Maggie or give her directions. My guess is the Q team is making sure they have markers on everybody connected to her.

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FISA works both ways.....

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Remember the Amtrak train wreck with Republican Congressional members on board?? https://www.albanyherald.com/congress-members-in-train-wreck/article_9693d914-e17d-5e52-a4a4-34f209138656.html

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That was creepy, what was the full story? The 187 hit on Steve Scalise has left many open questions too.

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Good decode thanks

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Excellent! Thank you.

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Thank you!

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in the movie the manchurian candidate, the subject (played by frank sinatra) is on a train, and while going out smoking he is apporached by a handler that talks in code, much like the maggie posts. Remember Q's latest drop about mk ultra etc? "Something out of a movie?" everyone needs to see both versions of the movie, there are hints of pedophilia incest in it too, but very subtelly alluded to, but in the first move thats how they realize the plot

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IMO, the Hollywood movies hold a lot of info. Makes me wonder just how many movies are based on true happenings. I am watching movies as a ‘woke’ person now and it is crazy!

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yes, id like to recommend "sum of all fears" as it has been referfenced by Q a number of times. It lays out the plot of framing russia for a nuclear attack on the usa and the shadowy ppl behind it are globalist with links to nazism. Tom Clancey who wrote this and other similar spy novels, did have meetings with US generals to discuss the plots, they are based on real intel, and lo and behold, he was killed (imo) under the obama administration, at least the cause of his death is not revealed.

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"OH on the Q train intercom: "Attention passengers. The intercom phone is for emergencies only, it is not for asking the conductor questions." Translation: she is saying to the Q patriots, "Don't reply to my Twitter message." and create a lengthy patriot-feed on her Twitter page. Whenever Q links a person's Twitter... we always go there, and say "Q sent me." She is saying in advance: "don't Tweet to me Q people."

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