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As a retired technical writer and editor, I have noticed over 2018 that Q posts at times "speak with different voices." This led me to believe that postings are made by different people from time to time. If Q is a team, that would make sense, as different folks would take turns posting. But if Q is an individual, there may be other reasons for this, such as the amount of time available or being pressed by other duties.

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I don't get why people who have read all the Q posts don't realize it IS a team. Please fellow patriots go back and re-read the Q posts. There's been multiple posts in which they say "We" referencing more than 1 individual posting as Q. We also know that Q+ is POTUS himself. The Q team has said that less than 10 know the entire plan, only 3 of those being non-military. I wouldn't be surprised if every single one of those individuals has posted as Q at some point.

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"We" can also be hypothetical and not necessarily mean they are talking about several people, though.

If there were several people writing as Q there are more chances to slip up or to give the game away. This is why I believe Q is only one person.

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some have a feminine voice....

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Also a writer and editor, here. Yes, there are distinct voices. Personally, I think it’s obvious when it’s actually Pres Trump, posting.

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Early on it was suggested that Q was "people" with Q level intel sharing their info as a sort of hive mind with each other. Cryptically so anyone can read but mostly so each of them had a larger piece of the puzzle and don't get sucked into the "need to know" rabbit holes that cause conflicts and divide intel people from cooperating with each other.

There was a point earlier in 2018 where the trip code was cracked and I saw multiple posts with that Q-trip asking each other "was the trip cracked", thats around the time Q moved to patriotsfight and off random boards.

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Definitely not a writer here but I have always assumed that Q is a team, not a singularity. The posts don’t always follow the same mantra which have led me to this conclusion. I may be wrong, hopefully we find out one day.

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Ok, there is an overt and overlooked message in the post of the watch and the pen.

Watch the pen!

He has said this before. Everyone hung up on the time. Notice he also said the EO is active. The watch and pen are on a folder. So why "watch the pen?" Because another is coming. The declaration of a National Emergency. This is a power entitled to POTUS.

Also, it's time to stop looking at the calander, look at your watch. The watch is ticking.

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I dont follow this so I'm just throwing this out there, but isnt France in the news a lot lately? And isn't the french word for "the" Le? Isn't LePen a political figure in France...? IDK, not my rabbit hole, just asking.

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True...tres bien!

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The pen is mightier than the sword

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Also, it's time to stop looking at the calander, look at your watch. The watch is ticking.


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We have been in a National Emergency since 9/11. Every president since as continued the executive order.

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I think, of you look at the pic you see 3 things. A watch, pen and a folder. The EO is in the folder. Which means you're right. Also, there has to be a order given to the sec. Of defense which is also what's in the folder. 👍

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He said to follow the watch

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Yes. The watch, not the calander or the clock. Times up

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The watch is intentionally stopped at that particular time (03:15 or 15:15). The date is obscured by the hands as well; can't tell if it is a 6 or an 8. The reason I say intentionally stopped is because the seconds hand is straight up on the 12. Why I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to look at the Q-clock to see what was posted on those times.

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As Q said "Dark to Light"

If you take that in the literal sense and imagine the public at large being in "darkness" and all of a sudden a huge bright light illuminates everything, they would instantly turn away, shield their eyes because the light would be too much too soon. Your eyes need time to adjust to the light, we've all experienced this ourselves. Wake up turn on the light, its not a nice experience.

This is partly why the operation takes time. QTeam know that the public at large has been completely in the 'dark' as to the goings on of the elite. This is partly why the information (light) has been slowly increased so people can absorb the information comfortably, at their own pace, research and come to their own conclusions. Its an extremely important process. Much the same as psychologists do with patients, allowing them the time to appear to find the answers themselves, giving small 'hints' along the way, and expanding more as they are able.

There is a duty of care that QTeam are profoundly aware of. This isn't a game or some sick joke. You can clearly see (if you've been paying attention) a process unfolding throughout this entire operation of informing the public (Dark to Light) and the increments this information has been strategically laid out.

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Hear, hear.

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In my opinion, it's because most people aren't doing their research. He now has to spell it out for them, so they can red pill others. There was a huge opportunity for people to use Q's absence to do research, and better understand the president's timeline, planning, etc., instead they rallied for, and still are, for people to hit the streets.

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Q still has enough deniable plausibility. Has yet to reveal real Intel instead of point to publicly available information. Show inside knowledge, sure. But may still be a psyop.

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Q is a psyop. He delivers to [them] and to us. Some is fact, and some is disinfo, as occurs in every war every fought. It's important to pay attention to the advice of research, and red pill, read the president's tweets. People who don't follow Q have been telling me that from the tone of recent Trump Tweets that things are changing for the better on this globe. Maybe, the difference between them, and us is that they're not watching the second hand of the clock, but rather watching the process.

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Those rallying ones, the ones advocating for hitting the streets? Ask yourself why they would advocate for you to take to the streets, when they themsleves obviously aren't practicing what they're preaching to you?

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Yup! And why now, as the foundation for tribunals/prosecution is coming into play? They're tools for the globalists. I am totally convinced. Timing is everything! This is something more to obstruct, and distract the admin, and military. We have to be on our toes with this crap. They know, just as we do, that there is nothing to protest right now. They won't even wear the colors of the US. They want us to put on the uniform of a socialist.

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There are a ton of frustrated, misguided patriots chomping at the bit. I agree with you but unfortunately it's not just faggots waiting for war

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Much of the last year is now public. Critical mass awareness to hit. Especially as future events are tied to past events. More people will make similar connections. The left will force the 'net to go dark to stop the spread of info. Watch for censorship guised as stopping hate speach. Schumer's plea to stop meme's comes to mind.

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You mean how they are downing archive sites, banning/shadowbanning conservatives off social media, and off sites like Paypal?

That kind of censorship?

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That too... very much so. 3 different sub reddits banned and quarantined as well as being shadow banned on Twitter. They'll stop at nothing to silence

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Nothing left to play coy with things are going operational now.

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Or possibility Q knows the nigger is up.

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That was my thought as well.

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I've been having this feeling that something happens tomorrow, 1/7. Using the watch with time of 3:14, I went to the Q Clock and found the 14 minute mark. Went roughly 90 degrees clockwise from there and found the date of 1/7, which is at the 31 minute mark. The number of minutes from 14 to 31 is 17. 17=Q. Wondering if Camp David was to finalize and make sure everything's a go. POTUS has a lot of Constitutional Authority under Martial Law. We'll see...

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Actually he doesn't need martial law. Congress envoked the War Powers Act in the AMUF. The National Emergency declarations yield more authority. Also see Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act paying particular attention to the amendment. California politicians are screwed for not protecting part of the citizenry, as are other states. And they can hunt and arrest AntiFa, BLM and other paid violent protestors.

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Another Q drop mentioned 1:07 ... which could be referring to 1/7 7 Jan .

Have been decoding POTUS tweet timestamps - there is method (and messages) in my madness. https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4557354.html

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But have you seen Maggie's huge honker?

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