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This really is the mother of all games then.

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I keep fucking telling people, this goes back to the fucking Monarchy. They had spy networks set up since fucking antiquity.

What will really fuck with your head is, they had electric power back then too. "Chimney" my ass.

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The Monarchs are owned by the Bankers. George Soros owns the Bank of England and the Pedo Kingdom. I check out the dailymail and the other rags, very interesting propaganda they have going on over their for population control. It is now stop, look at what the Megan Markel is doing, what good dead bull shit she and Harry are up to. Non-stop 24 hours. Then every nasty wantabe famous whore over their is dating a black man. Don't get me wrong on this, I don't give two fucks but this is programming. People are free to live how they want, but everything is designed over there and here to push people and to elevate those those in power want you to emulate. Go check out the SUN rag,

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Don't forget the Catholic Church and the Jesuits will also be neck deep in this little game as well

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Makes me wonder if all the mainstream fiction is meant to paint it all as fiction.

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What will really fuck with your head is, they had electric power back then too.


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The only thing the Revolution did was put two Oceans between Freedom and tyranny. This is a point I’ve been trying to hit home with the people I discuss current events with. The modern upper middle class family is clueless of the true evil that exists and the extent in which it’s protected.

That’s why I do believe that 99% of “educated” Americans would end up in the hospital if they were smacked with the truth and cognitive understood it. However, I’m if the opinion that the majority of it would reject and refuse to process it- too far programmed.

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I think that's why it's being rolled out slowly. If it were any other president, he'd still be ridiculed. The war was likely for the same reasons during the revolutionary war against the power entities we're fighting today.

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Maybe that's what Q meant when he said 'this is bigger than you think'. We've all been enslaved since WWII and the most corrupt luciferian bankers are our slave masters. Except when you're a Christ follower. I'm already set free.

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Been enslaved since antiquity. US was attempt to get free but it didn’t take them long to gain control. Who do you think financed both sides of the Revolutionary war? First, make them indebted. Next, make sure they can never repay the debt.

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Trump vs. FED should be fun, 50+ million armed patriots got his back. Patriots in other countries taking a stand. We totally out number them. No violence needed just a deterrent and a show of our resolve. People are tired of this globalist bloodline NWO shit show.

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I always wondered if the War of 1812 was really won by the British, they only allowed us to think we kept our freedom.

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Yes, they are. If we can destroy the CIA and the international bankers, then we will not need a wall.

Rulers of the Realm by Daniel Sheehan is a great watch. He discusses the creation of the CIA, and the operation of the Cabal

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Been thinking along the same lines. Keep wondering why Trump is dilly dallying as he could have started building the wall the day he took the oath.

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Look how it keeps exposing them. See how they keep doing themselves, he trolls, they attack with what they think is self righteous indignation, but what they really have is a sand paper dildo that they use on themselves. With bloody dildo in hand and a ruptured colon, they scream louder how mean Trump is. They keep destroying themselves, I'm simply amazed.

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Have a look. They have been building the wall the entire time.

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Build it anyways.

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Well, we could spend the money invading Langley instead... The Federal Reserve bans inside the U.S. Are not even on U.S. soil. We can invade them, too.

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And to think at one time I wanted to join the clown agency glad an old flame talk me out of it.

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Lucky you Anon. That could have really ended poorly for you.

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yeah like in china

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Al Waleed Bin Talal actually financed 9/11 along with Adnan Kashoggi so they both did Las Vegas and 28 of the Las Vegas shooting victims died from head shots from Al Waleed's Saudi royal airforce snipers. And Black Water tortured Al Waleed Bin Talal in a hotel in Riyadh into confession. Michael Chertoff is no longer FEMA but still has contacts and pull in FEMA and sent a Mossad FEMA team into Las Vegas and THOSE WERE THE SHOOTERS AT CASINOS SHOOTING THEY WERE DRESSED AS SECURITY GUARDS AND CHECKED IN WITH AND KILLED PADDOCK AND USED MULTIPLE OPERATIONS AS COVER TO DO THEIR OWN TRYING TO WORK THEIR WAY TO THE CONCERT AND CASINOS ON BEHALF OF ADLESON AND CHERTOFF AND GATES.

They had their own zip lines same as the Saudi and CIA to make their way to casinos and route 91 also while on foot and they hijacked and borrowed Saudi and CIA ziplines in the Four Seasons and went to the casinos not to assassinate Saudi royalty or work with CIA and Saudi but to make their corporate masters richer. Stephen Paddock was a gun dealer he was flipped by the FBI and ATF and Michael and Sheldon sent in a FEMA and Mossad team they killed Paddock. The CIA and bad Saudi's were already in the Four Seasons and went out on their op to kill the good Saudi's and Trump and Erik already knew Las Vegas was going to be in trouble so they sent in a black water mercenary team. I'm sure the CIA dressed up as cops and shot from little birds and Saudi's also shot from little birds at the strip to cover for the assassinations and operations.

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Why was George HW Bush who is CIA like all three of Osama Bin Laden, Adnan Khashoggi, and Jamal kashoggi meeting with the Bin Laden family the day of 9/11? Amdocs Mossad operations busted and 200 Israeli spies rounded up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J-eAtxX7l0 5 dancing Israeli art students who admitted spying for Israel who danced and celebrated after the towers were attacked stayed in the WTC over the summer posing as art students. Operation: Able Danger had successfully tracked down the Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda but Mueller and Freeh took no action. Based on Able Danger and the Israeli spy network the gov knew 9/11 was going to happen. The missing 2.3trillion$ Donald Rumsfeld knew about was connected to that knowledge that 9/11 would happen. The gov wanted the budget accounting analysis offices of the pentagon destroyed on purpose. George W Bush knew what strategic business partner and Al Qaeda CIA assest Osama Bin Laden was going to do.

The Bushes could've taken Mohammad Atta but because he was partners with Bush strategic business partner and Al Qaeda CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and Bush strategic business partner and CIA terrorist backer Adnan Kashoggi who's nephew Jamal Kashoggi was Osama Bin Laden's personal journalist and interviewer no action was taken to capture Mohammad Atta at his home which Mueller personally went to or at Adnan Khashoggi's flight school in Florida which DEA raided and found Mohammad Atta on a plane with 45 pounds of heroin but the DEA was ordered not to arrest Mohammad Atta. Adnan Kashoggi and the Bushes had their hands in Barrick Gold. BARRICK GOLD IN CANADA. Saudi Arabia owns real estate, business, and property in Canada so we must dig up all information about Saudi Arabia's influence in Canada. The WTC was home to Platinum, Palladium, Silver, and Gold. It ended up Barrick Gold i'm sure and in one of HW's properties in Brooklyn where it's been ever since or smelted and destroyed and the profits put in the Cayman islands, Bermuda, Mossack Fonseca, Five Star Trust, etc.

Afghanistan was about opium and poppy Iraq was about revenge and black gold. Michael Chertoff was in charge of FEMA at the time right? Well Michael Chertoff, Shelden Adleson, Jim Murren, Joe Lombardo, Aaron Rouse, Bill Gates, George Soros, Adnan Kashoggi, Jamal Kashoggi are all connected now start digging up more about all of them. And if Las Vegas Casinos house Platinum, Palladium, Silver, and Gold. Start looking into what you can find about body scanners and metal detectors too. 12 missing Israeli's in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas version of 5 dancing Israeli's arrested after 9/11.

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This began during the Napoleanic wars. This was put in place by not necessarily the monarchy of that time but Rothchild and the other French name (can't remember) and then expanded. They realized how war was profitable and that they could work both sides. Provide and manipulate both sides while you make a profit and pull the strings. It is not a religion, a single monarch or a single country as there is no loyalty to any of that by them. This is controlled by the few globally for them. Some are the JP Morgans, Rockefellers etc in the states as well. But the families have continues it. Read Last Waltz of the Tyrants

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Pay se ur?

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BIS -> Fed, BOE, IMF

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it is necessary to end the fed, but not nearly sufficient!

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