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As long as DJT is president I have hope.

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I have hope too! I think this battle will be won! Who will be Trumps successor? Who can be like him?

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During the last Q & A, someone asked if there was a plan for after Trump and Q responded "yes". Guys, this isn't some half-ass attempt to fix things and then be completely blindsided that the Cabal will try to reverse all the good things after. Q and POTUS are eradicating the cabal and setting us up with the tools needed to make sure this never happens again after Trump.

Have a little faith.

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Hopefully JFK Jr. Wouldn't that be something. I originally thought all the Jr. stuff was way out there. Now, I am not so sure.

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Q responded to that query a month or so ago during a Q&A. Don't remember verbatim, but the gist was there's a plan in place.

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Doesn’t matter. You see, after Trump the communists will soon take over. Trump leaving will be the beginning of the end. Trump only postponed the inevitable by two or three decades at most. Still, I remain thankful for that much.

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Yes, but we have to have faith that we could stand in his place if the worst happened.

There need to be high level arrests before the normies even start to believe something is being done. If the ones at the top get away with it, it will continue in perpetuity!

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Yes. Thankfully he would know about all this Qrap.

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Great post! I for one never lose hope. How can I question what is happening when I know only the tip of it all. First I trust God, then I trust the plan. Without God, it all fails anyway.

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Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. - PSalm 127:1

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And a desire to see the fruits of that labor in the form of public arrests. I for one am still discouraged that the fraud House of Representatives has been seated! I do trust the plan but am sickened that these shady politicians still seem to get away with treason and evil.

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Much depends on where you live and if you have children in the education system.

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Good insight, I’m so confused at how people are starting to loose faith. But then I have to remind myself that most of these people grew up with microwaves and fast food chains.. It’s a get it when you want it mentality. People on IG who appear to be on the MAGA team are even showing their asses by posting infuriating frustration tirades which is turning people away.. if it wasn’t so damn important, I’d be blowing them up with how obvious their, “I want a trophy,” mentality is... that’s all these kids want is a trophy to throw up on their wall to say, “see Look at me...” These kids do not seem to grasp the reality of the magnitude of what is really going on...our society is going to need some serious adjustments in the very near future... WWG1WGA
P. S. The worst part about it is that they don’t even do any research these kids are just bullhorns making noise in the public square suiciding people coming around to being red-pilled!!!

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I am not losing faith... we have enough Qproof to know that the plan is working.

But there is one thing, that I think, that the plan could be improved and is lacking impact: Everything happening too quietly! Predictions are confusing and fail (probably were just meant to deceive the enemy) - and so I cannot use them to redpill my leftist friends.

THAT is MY problem with the plan. I spend all night at 8ch reading and talking Q, but I cannot talk about it in Real World, because all of my friends are totally leftist Trump haters.

And then I see again their triumphant faces, when Trump again appears in the (mockinbird-) Media as a "putin puppet" and a "moron, who will soon by impeached"... or, my best friend (yes, I put friendship over politics) is a total Trump hater wishing "Trump being assassinated" and called Flotus a "pin up girl" that Trump has "bought".

I had to listen to tirades like that under the christmas tree. And all I did, was looking at the ceiling and biting my tongue, while there was smoke coming our of my ears (I bet).

But what should I say? "You are wrong... HRC + BHO will be in Gitmo soon... Merkel is Hitlers granddaughter... McCain was executed... there is a global cabal of pedophile satanists ruling the world and drinking blood...."

Don't need to tell, how silly that would sound. And of course no one would believe a word. Just imagine for a moment, how this sounds in the ears of a complete MSM-consuming Normie. Insane! They just would think that I would have gotten totally lost in "my conspiracy theories" (I always used to like CTs and talk about them, which got me a certain reputation. But nothing I was talking about in the past did get so far as QANON!).

How I wish some of the bigger, more spectacular predictions Q has made actually would happen with public attention. I am longing to see the surprised faces of my leftist friends! :)))

But now we hear nothing about trafficking arrests in public, nothing about Epstein Island burning and being dismanled, nothing about maybe already happening military tribunals (do they?), nothing about Gitmo being expanded.... nothing about NXIVM... nothing about Abramovic...

Yes, I see, the plan is working! A lot has happened and still is happening! But my friends still think, McCain was a great guy and died of brain cancer and Trump is a moron. And If I would try to explain to them the more difficult "delta"-Q-proofs they would laugh. If I would try to explain to them the corruption of the red cross, the UN and how the CIA ruled NK... they would call the ambulance for me. Sometimes I think Q team does not really know HOW brainwashed the average people are. It's not enough just showing them a Meme or explaining something to them - no, there is a big and also emotional impact needed to make them doubt their old view of the world.

Yes, I know, we shall not be so impatient. I am very patient. And I know that the "plan" needs secretiveness and also deception to work properly.... and the really "big issues" probably need even more secretiveness.

But maybe Q team also could think about a little bít more, how all those NPCs, leftists and normies can be redpilled and convinced, that Trump is a white hat. Maybe just starting with some small, little red pills, which are not endangering the plan as a whole... ....

Yes, I know, I am selfish... ;)) ... and I admire Trump for that he is able to stand all that hostility and even threats (and dangers!), knowing that it just would need some public red pilling to change public opinion.

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Same situation here. I feel your pain exactly.

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Agree with you. It is all happening"too quietly"

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Changing public opinion starts with you opening your mouth to your liberal "friends" that you're surrounded with. You sit quietly? What are you afraid of? And yet you are happy to let others put their ass on the line and whine about the progress. Do your part. Speak up! Or be a coward and let others fight the battle. Speak up! WWG1WGA.

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I don't try to tell my family anything. Everytime they tell me he's going to get impeached or some other msm lie I just say no not happening. Then I tell them to just keep watching. They will figure out eventually and if not, oh well, that's on them.

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But but but BOOMERS are the problem (sarc). Boomers are saving the world. We knew what it was like "before" computers, cell phone, microwaves and blow dryers and video games. We had good schools and healthcare. Clean air, water, food and apple pie. People were kind and had respect. We learned patience and how to think. Kids were disciplined and allowed the consequences of their actions. Boys were allowed to be boys and not medicated to be quiet. Kids were also free range.

I want that America back.

(And thank you for your service!)

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reminiscent of the good ole' days... life seemed much simpler, we weren't addicted to the instant gratification and dopamine release from our brains whenever we get a like or a comment on social media. We did have a lot less worries and concerns about what and where our kids were. fighting was done with fists and Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver, was the most exciting thing. Ward was always hard on the beaver every night..LMAO, other than sooner football! :)

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I miss those days...which weren't too long ago...and so want them for my grandchildren.

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Never implied I was a vet, but since you assumed, 9 years!

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Haha! Loved your question

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Half of the people losing faith are shills trying to sow discord among the groups, the other half I take to be recent members who don't see the long game.

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Exactly. The other half being newbs that just heard about Q in the last 6 months, and the shills are obvious DS plants. I've been here since before FBIAnon and MegAnon, and this clean-up process is gonna take all of Trumps 2 terms, and then some.

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https://archive.fo/9ohJL :

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "We are working hard at the Border, but we need a WALL! In 2018, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics seized, 17,000 adults arrested with criminal records, and 6000 gang members, including MS-13, apprehended. A big Human Trafficking problem."

This has been an automated message.

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Interesting that this was an automated message. Who/what prompted that?

... Q+?

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The twitter link in the OP.


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Derram probably

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Excellent insight Anon! Thank you! We have been brainwashed into Instant Gratification mode our whole lives. This isn't gonna be done in a day, a week, or a few months. Buckle up!

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THIS. Instant Gratification. smdh

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I agree with your take on President Trump's tweet. It's all about the wall now, for the future of our country.

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MS13 is a result of the drug war. End the drug war and the gangs will have no funding. Meanwhile the midterms were blatantly rigged.

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MS13 started in America on the streets of Los Angeles. Ernesto Deras, the man who turned them into the force they are today is a former special forces soldier trained by American Green Berets. El Salvador didn't even have a prevalent gang problem until the U.S. started deporting violent MS13 members instead of incarcerating them here. Instead of locking them up, or giving them the death penalty, we sent them to a country with a destabilized government. And now we are reaping the rewards for such such foolish actions.

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El Salvador "didn't even have a prevalent gang problem until the U.S. started deporting violent MS13 members instead of incarcerating them here." So you think we should house violent El Salvadorans (not US citizens) rather than deporting them? Look, rabid animals get put down or deported to their shit holes. If you're a guest in this country, act like a decent guest otherwise adios. Simple.

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People need to keep in mind that in a war, one of the first things that need to happen is to shore up defenses. Build fortifications against attack...like a wall. Also, spies must be round up and dispatched. Then go on offence. It is all happening now. WWG1WGA!!!

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