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The NYT woman cracked me up re: the NYT "unmistakably anti-Trump agenda risks damaging its credibility." Um, that shipped already sailed, darlin' - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ago.

And remember soon after Trump was elected, the NYT made a big pronouncement about how unfairly they had treated Trump and they vowed to be more objective/balanced. HA! WaPo and NYT are the #1 and #2 purveyors of Trump bashing and 'fake news' in the whole newspaper cabal of a criminal enterprise.

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What's up with leftists these days. When I was a leftist teenager we protested for sensible things like stopping the war, ending the draft, impeaching Nixon, and allowing girls to wear pants on snow days. We never demonstrated for the legalization of pot because everyone knew it was more addictive than heroin and so dangerous it would make you jump off the roof.

We got the first three things (war, draft, Nixon), but Nixon (Kissinger) got his revenge by opening up trade with China and taking us off the gold standard. I hope Mr. K is running out of baby blood and vomiting in the toilet at this very minute.

Youths of my era would have never protested for more Muslim immigrants because burkas wouldn't have been popular with chicks who liked wearing minis. We might have protested in favor of open borders because we were all about peace and love and Scarborough Fair, but most of us would have figured out how stupid it was once we discovered how violent the refugees were. We weren't crazy stupid like libtards today. We were able to see beyond the narrative. What is wrong with today's pinko faggots and crybaby superchicks? They actually want war and burkas? Common Core really did a job on their brains.

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Beautiful post, Anon! Enjoyed reading it and your descriptions really brought the images to life. Somehow I didn't have any 'liberal' years growing up and never entertained being a Dem for a millisecond, but I still totally get your point. Seemed like hippies just wanted to be able to have long hair and go shoe-less (not exactly outrageous desires) and didn't want the govt dictating their lives. Not too far off from themes today, really.

But one thing is FOR SURE - the libbie loon teachers have absolutely brainwashed the youth in this country and a ton of people in their late teens and 20s are nothing short of fucking DANGEROUS! They actually BELIEVE that Trump is a fascist, they actually BELIEVE in the Commie/Socialist way, they actually BELIEVE in open borders, and they actually BELIEVE that "diversity is our strength" (but only when it comes to skin color, sexual preference, nationality, and religion - NOT when it comes to political diversity or right-to-life issues or freedom of speech or gun rights or basically ANYTHING that WE believe in). I honestly believe these lefty loons are a danger to society.

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In your day, I suspect you were a classic liberal, which is different form Leftists. JFK was a liberal. Classic liberals are patriots, advocate religious liberty, free speech, capitalism, and free markets. Leftists (modern Democrats) believe America is evil, and must make atonement for the sins of slavery and Manifest Destiny, by forcing Taxpayers to give their money to illegal aliens and 3rd world poor people. Leftist see America as an evil empire, which acquired our prosperity at the expense of others - that White Americans are the descendants of Slave owners, and are thereby guilty of the sins of our ancestors. That's no joke - this is taught in American universities. Jesus Christ never taught that we must atone for the sins or our ancestors... rather, he said "Love thy Neighbor." The Modern leftist is drunk with arrogance and pride. Jesus said to the Leftist's of His day: "Generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell." - Matt 23:33

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Your remembrance, though warm heart-ed leaves out the black panthers who blew off a federal judges head with a shot gun taped to his head, or the SDS who's remnants fill the ranks of the Dem elite today, and then the Weathermen who were able with the help of the deep state and foreign enemy's, launched Obama's political career and got him elected president. What were you smoking?

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The reason for this is because all these movements have been infiltrated by the international donors to push their narrative of globalism.These groups also try to silence us with violence and all the ism words they can think of projecting us as people of hate.Groups like antifa or get up are soley used to counter protest any other gatherings that goes against their agenda.You have seen Antifa in action right ? Even their flags are almost identical to Hitlers antifascist mobs. These tactics are used to keep us divided and in check . The yellow vest movement smashes this division and narrative. This is why the msm dont give it much air time. It shows strength in unity and they do not want it to spread.

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"New York Slimes" - love that (LOL)! Yeah, NYT has been sitting on the un-redacted Carter Page FISA for a couple years - those bastards! That's a biggie on our "wish list" that they've had locked in a vault or something all this time. So maddening!!! Grrrrrrrr...

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The New York Slimes

hah, hilarious! gotta steal this expression, lol...

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Seriously. Damage the credibility of the NY Times? Those idiots have whistled past the graveyard for years, pushing propaganda on the people.

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"Does anyone think Harvard, the sick Vat, NYT or NBC did not know this was coming" ANSWER: No... they did not know this was coming. We must remember, that the elites of Hollywood, New York, D.C... they are convinced they are Holy people, doing God's work. They are hopelessly arrogant. They were told they were elite in College, and were coddled and protected in life, given trust funds, and so on. They've never dug a ditch, laid pipe, or struggled to keep the lights on. Heartland Americans, with our Guns and Bibles are a nuisance, and even worse, despised and hated. I'm referring to the Trump base. Why the hatred? Because we curse their values, and scorn their arrogance. We go to church, have bar-b-ques, sight our rifles, and believe in marriage. These practices are uncivilized and archaic to them. The elites are "enlightened". Remember Peter Strzok's text? "I'm at a Wal-Mart in Virginia... and I can SMELL the Trump supporters." They never saw their fall coming... because of arrogance.

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One of my favorite posts on here.

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Reformed? Nah never going to buy that slice of bullshit pie. I will be sorely displeased with anything less than serious prison time or a rope for these traitors. Preferably both.

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Good observations Op very good post.

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This strikes me as an act of fear and desperation: "Democratic Party fundraiser Tom Steyer is spending $10 million to run a minute-long commercial imploring viewers to tells their member of Congress "they have a moral responsibility" to impeach President Trump. "

I look forward to the distribution of Comrade Steyers wealth to people who made it possible for him to gain said wealth. His Employees.

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Wow. Another week of something big about to break. And then nothing happens.

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But it's persuasive evidence. Apparently the OP doesn't know the meaning of evidence, much less persuasive evidence.

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the watch was set to 15:15 or 3:15 exactly, on the second The very next drop was about haberman, coincidently drop 1515 also named haberman

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thats an interesting find.

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definitely (((rats))) fleeing.

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