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He admits that it wasn't based on his achievements. That he hadn't done anything worthy of the prize.

But what about the other prizes that where handed out like a political rubber stamp?

Just look at what they tried to promote and validate as not only good but admirable!

Henry Kissinger

Al Gore

The European Union (2012)

Yasser Arifat

So Barry's award doesn't actually stand out as an anomaly. I would say it shows a distinct political bias aimed at influencing global public opinion in the favor of cabal agents and objectives.

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Another person who got it who never deserved it, was Mother Teresa.

Profitting off the loss of the poorest people and holding them in literal shitholes to die. Yeah, real fucking peaceful that is.

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Yes. Mother Theresa was really basking in all that wealth and power she got from all that fake charity work. I think we need to remember that there are some good people out there. Not every famous figure is Cabal comped.

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And that same disease is killing Sweden.

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Yes the Nobel Peace Prize is either comped or the people involved in it are just plain naïve about how the world works.

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A very astute observation.

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giving Obama the award would spur him to great accomplishments.

What kind of fucked up bass-ackward thinking is that? Jesus thats retarded. A prize/award is something that's given on merit, or past actions. Wait, I get it now. The Nobel people are corrupt AF! There, its said.

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Pay me now and I will do the work later.

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Lol, right!? Or, let me TELL you how awesome and amazing I am, and just trust me, I wouldn't lie to you.

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exactly , that makes them look ridiculous...

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you are right!

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in the kind of world where awards are given for mediocrity and children are encouraged to question their gender pronoun do you give a peace award to a man who saw the industrialisation of the black slave trade into Africa and who got caught spying on his 'supposed' allies, a man who didnt even get a red carpet in china and had to slip out of the backdoor of AF1..but does go for vacation time with half of NASA to meet the 'Old Guard' in Bariloche...(just at around the same tume the Chinese were building a space base in Argentina.)

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The Nobel prize is a joke. It means nothing, and simply a way to give deep state knuckleheads free money.

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Their action of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama made the prize arbitrary, political and meaningless. Once the award is given on the basis of what they hoped someone would do in the future reduced the Nobel to trash. Who cares anymore? It means nothing.

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It was another attempt to prop Obama up so he would look better and more accomplished than he was. Remember, nobody seriously asked what he had actually accomplished or stood for. We were all caught up in 'oh wow first black president' to worry about actual character.

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Who's WE?.some of us knew it was a scam and he was a scam from when he first walked on to the political arena. Unfortunately too many people in the USA are fucking stupid. 8 yrs of pure hell we will never get back

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Yes that is exactly what they did, deemed it null and void and now they are essentially admitting it.

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What? Geir Lundestad say's they gave him this award in order to, hopefully, to spur him to greatness. Damn, that is one hell of an open ended criteria for a peace prize. Did it come with a removal guarantee if you do not achieve greatness. Take it back if there was a clause to this effect.

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Lundestad doesn't have to admit the obvious (huge mistake) 10 years after fact. Anyone with half a brain knew you guys blew it big time immediately after the announcement. At that moment your Nobel Peace Prize lost all credibility by awarding it to someone who did nothing to deserve it and shutting out worthy candidates in the process. RIP Peace Prize you're dead to me now.

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In Obama's first weeks in office he doubled the number of troops in Afghanistan -escalating the war- and ordered the bombing of U.S. ally Pakistan. He was shortly thereafter awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The closest approximation to this i can think of would have been to give the Peace Prize to Hitler for invading Poland in 1939. Of course they made a laughing stock of themselves. What were they expecting?

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Never to be respected again!!!

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Let me guess, slow book sales? This is from his autobiography.

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