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Excellent post. This is very interesting, more anons should look into this. It would be naive to assume there are no more unfound connections on the Qclock.

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!UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 15:52:55c9daa0 (7) No.7958>>7975 >>7976 >>7977 >>7979 >>7983 >>7986 >>7991 >>8001 >>8009 >>8022 >>8037 >>8058 >>8069 >>8122 >>8135 >>8427 >>8488

7935 Timestamp. Decipher. Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers. Relevant. Future proves past. Q


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Has anyone ever looked into the numbers Q quotes?

Are they random? Do they mean anything?

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Can you show where Q first gave us the Q clock?

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I believe it was anon-made. The visual chart, I mean. It was figured out at some point that Q's posts and their subject matter lined up with events that happened on particular dates of mathematical relevance.

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Q post 477 first refers to the clock cipher and 506 expands on it. There are several other references to starting the clock.

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This video explains how the Q Clock came about, I think, and how it works--but honestly, I'm still trying to work my way through it.

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An Anon asked Q how they seemingly can predict the future, to which he said "they're in control". Maybe they're in control of the simulation? They can control outcomes with AI and quantum computing? We are entering (or exiting) a very freaky time now with all of this shit. CERN, quantum computing, AI, EMP's, etc. We really dodged a massive bullet with Hillary and the cabal.

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But something's not quite right either. It's like we're living in a simulation. Or else our thoughts really do create our reality moment to moment and collective thought is rapidly diverging and we're no longer holding the "same" reality together.

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Could base 60 ciphers be a clue to how the construct operates? I wonder about Tesla and the Chronovisor sometimes too. I have no doubt our energy is real it's just this reality I have a problem with.

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I don't know if you're a shill or not, but it drives me nuts when people continuously mis-remember or intentionally spread disinfo. Q never said "they're in control", he responded: "control" which is clearly more open to interpretation: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4279775.html#4280202

It reminds me of the people who spread the stupid "follow the white rabbit" meme when Q never said any such thing.

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I'm possibly a shill for mis remembering one out of thousands of Q quotes by adding a couple of minor words? Q was implying that Q/Trump was in control, which was the jist of it.

STFU. You're whats wrong with this community, constantly being a pompous dick to people for the smallest of errors. Sorry we're not all perfect like you. I'm busy, working, providing for my family, fighting with actual shills here, so for you to say I'm possibly a shill for a minor error is a fucking douche move. Fuck you.

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I recently read a post by srayzie that mentioned one of the Shill tactics used is to post content that contains only Half Truths. This is being done to divide the community and steer sub members to believe what is essentially a lie.

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"Patriots in control" Try to keep up

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I’ve always had the gut feeling they have AI on the team. Enemy could have it too? Google?

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Think about the AI we know about, that these companies have toyed with. There has to be more advanced tech that the public isn't privy to, yet...

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Army AI is the only place on Earth that CIA AI has not infiltrated yet.

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Doesn’t Google have some secret lab on an oil rig out in the pacific somewhere?

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I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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It's missing the time when the McRib comes back.

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Inverted pork rectum, It's the truth, enjoy

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Pork bung is actually a Chinese delicacy. I like my pork mechanically separated from the scrotal tissues and hooves.

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Weird, Look at number 4. https://bunnyears.com/middlename/

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Mickey D's not Maccas

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How is Q able to predict death of GHWB ?

Because Q is a military intelligence operation and GHWB's death was the result of our military acting in secret, outside of our constitution. THEY KILLED HIM. Look at the Q&A and you have your answer for how Q can predict things: Control. i.e. Q causes the events that Q predicts.

It's not fucking magic or ancient number systems or some secret code that can be fucking unlocked. It's our god damn military running the entire country.

Does this mean that Trump has full control over our media, and forces them to attack him every day in order to give the appearance of a fight happening? I don't see how it could mean anything else. I mean Q has already told us MANY times that they are fully in control. I don't know what else "fully in control" could mean, and besides, thanks to laws signed in by Obama the president has LEGAL control over the media. Seems pretty simple to me.

After all, Q has told us we are watching a scripted movie, and the world is the stage.

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Yep, media companies have contracts with the government to publish propaganda

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Good post faggot.

Don't forget they hide anthropological data to make us think the world is result of Sumerian progress, have you read the foundation series by issac asimov? Pyschohistory, calculations for mass social dynamics is akin to a garden having a master gardener. When you know how a population will react to a given situation you can design the chaos so as to predetermine the state of order that will follow.

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Issac Asimov - Scientology - Pedophaelia - Nuff Said

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Died of AIDS too.

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Going down that rabbit hole, I might tangent with the Velikovsky stuff, doomsday, the creation of the Greek/Roman/(literally every advanced civilization of that time) legends and heroes... Symbols of an Alien Sky stuff.

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Great post and research that you did. Thank you!!

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Power is about control. Control is about limiting information and knowledge. Base 60 = old long hiddened information. Study this.

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What are you people expecting to find with base 60? Like OP said, we use it every day with time, but also angles: degrees, minutes, seconds.

Numbers just represent quantities that are the same no matter which numbering system is used

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Not exactly true. Numbers are also music, art, language, emotions, movement...the entire universe. Everything is determined by numbers. To dismiss that which you don't understand instead of learning what it is... well isn't that just what we are fighting against? Isn't our purpose to waken the people to. truth and knowledge?

I'd ask what can't we find with numbers? Check out the FIBONACCI SEQUENCE https://math.temple.edu/~reich/Fib/fibo.html

And why do we go by the foot instead of the meter? 12's instead of 10's? Why?.. and where did that length come from? How did ancient people use math?

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But not all numbers are the same. Not all numbering Systems are the same.

There's a reason the Sumarians were fixated on base-60. They were taught this from the surviving Atlantians. They were really super big on the number 12. 12 hours in a day. 12 hours in a night. 12 months in a year. The basic units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) are evenly divisible by 12 into smaller units.12 jurors in a jury trial. 12 zodiac constellations. 12 Tribes of Israel. 12 Disciples of Christ. 12 Days of Christmas. 12 is the smallest abundant number. 12 is a sublime number. 12 is a semiperfect number. 12 is the smallest weight for which a cusp form exists.

60 (Base-60) is divisible by 12 (it's .. 5).

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I came across a youtube channel last week where a guy was trying to promote rational trigonometry. Basically he wanted to replace angles with cosines, which would eliminate the need for trig tables and trig functions on scientific calculators... problem is all survey instruments use angles and you have to print out his protractor.

Our system of 360 degrees in a circle comes from the 365 days in a year. According to the Book of Enoch we once used a 364 day calendar with a leap week every 5 years.

In the military we sometimes used compasses with 6400 increments, because it was convenient for rough tacheometry.

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Knowledge->Love->Wise Action

???->?Might be logic, might not be->Who the fuck knows what chaos this would sow.

Wonder which of the three we find ourselves with.

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You just reminded me of something I read before. It was about (I think) base 6 mathematics and how using that system makes a lot of stuff possible that simply can't be figured out with base 10 math. It may have been David Wilcock who was writing about it. The idea was that our system of everything is based on base 10 math exactly for the reason that it keeps a lot of knowledge and potential hidden and unreachable by those who are limited to it.

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There was an episode of "Outer Limits" called "The Sixth Finger" back in the early 60s. David McCallum was an evolved human with a big head and 6 fingers on each hand. At one point, he is playing a piano and tells someone that it's mathematically easier because of his 6 fingers.

I watched that episode when it first aired.


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That's pretty cool, and you're probably close to my age. Look up Valiant Thor, a human looking ET with 6 fingers on each hand. He was around just before that time, during the Eisenhower administration.

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I read that the base 60 is related to base 12 and finger counting. If you count using knuckles or finger bones...3 bones X 4 fingers = 12 then tabulate those using 5 digits of other hand giving 12 × 5 = 60 for base 60. I think I had wiki'd it.

Note, some researchers have warned that using this method and at the same time using it with your toes may lead to imaginary numbers.

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How about imaginary toes?

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Its base 12 math that was lost. Check what I wrote here:


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Interesting. Thanks.

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