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I love how the patriots are using the deep state's methods - hiding messages in plain sight - against them, but also letting the public have fun with it and enjoy the show.

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It’s keeping everyone highly engaged! I barely play video games anymore...and if you knew me you’d know that’s kind of a big deal. Lol.

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Speaking of games, i just got a guitar and Rocksmith 2014 for Xmas and now my gaming hours are actually spent bettering my life in a real way.

I know it's off topic, but I'm just excited that I'm actually learning to play. The game tricks you into practicing.

It's the best time spent gaming ever.

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I've been playing the original 90's version of X-Com....to get ready for the FF alien attacks!!! ;)

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"Engaged" is the word - I had been very "disengaged" from giving up against corruption... Now "hope" isn't just a trendy Hussein meme

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The balls on this guy...EPIC!

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I love this, too.

"Symbolism will be their downfall... " - mirror mirror!

Maybe is is now OUR symbolism, that will be [their] downfall---

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POTUS posted 17 Tweets on 1.1.2019. Another nod to Q.

Also Trump has been relaying messages via the Tweet timestamp data for some time now. I have explained it all here: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4557354.html

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IMO the strongest Qproof on earth is the fact that Trump has not come out and called Q FAKE NEWS.

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You make a great point. I don't believe Trump would allow his base to follow a LARP. He would nip it in the bud.

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I found Q on Nov 4 2017 in a post on 8pol. I was shocked and instantly followed. By FEB I was kinda disillusioned. Then I asked the question... Why the fuck has Trump not come out AGAINST this shit? Once I saw that he did not I knew that Q was Trump. Now, that does not mean by itself that Trump is a good guy working FOR US, but it stands to reason that he is a VERY good guy and working for us because these evil assholes are attacking him like crazy...

So the combination of Trump not calling out Q ever and all the bad-guys attacking Trump like crazy means that Trump is real and Q is working with him to change the world for the better! Life is good. Stay ready and enjoy the show.

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Yep he's a CONTROL FREAK and we LOVE HIM for it! There is NO WAY a man like DJT would allow a LARP to overtake HIS PRESIDENCY! And anyone who can't figure that out by studying human nature, is either a shill or has a lower IQ than Maxine Waters! 🤡

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He is letting his base follow the LARP so they won't ask questions. You all are being played.

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And the fact that msm never asked either...lol

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Glaring isn't it? Q is their turd in a punchbowl, you can't help but notice it. And yet, MSM says nothing.

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Brilliant. You are so right, he would not hesitate to discredit it if Q were a LARP. It would have ended before it even began...

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That is a logical fallacy so fucked they haven't even come up with a name for it. The best proof is a lack of denial?

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NO , It's brilliant and logical and not a fallacy at all!!! Just because you state something with such passion and eloquence doesn't make it a legitimate thought.

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Damn straight. If Trump was wearing a pin that said "I Eat Hamsters" I can see them avoiding that also.

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Yep, more retarded reasoning by the Qtards.

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I thought the AF1 tag being Q0 and Q posting "where is the + symbol on your phone" was a pretty good one.

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That was a good one. I also loved the "tippy-top shape" press speech. It's impossible that all these would be mere coincidences. I wonder how much longer do we have to wait until the general public can put together 1+1. I guess they view them just as separate events, and can't really connect the dots, whereas we have researched and can remember also the earlier "coincidents" and see the bigger picture more clearly.

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How about the time he left the stage of a rally and was doing the conducting motion to the exact phrase (from sea to shining sea) just a couple of hours after Q posted that exact phrase.

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...and all the shills in the basement go REEEEEE!

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Gotta love the great big bunny rabbit standing next to the president. I have to admit at that time we all weren't sure POTUS has good protection - I was afraid the Rabbit was gonna try to take POTUS out!

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The movie posters that Q posted on Nov 4th were also numbered 4 thru 6. The #4 poster was for Guardians of the Pedophiles. Yesterday Trump's announced January as "Month committed to abolition of human trafficking". The previous date of the poster was the 5th and the #5 poster was for the movie "Panic in DC". Trump is telling us were we are in the timeline. Enjoy the show..

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Very creative and simplistic , follows logic too...

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IF the movies posters are meaning going by Jan 4-6th...it would line up with a red carpet, as the Golden Globe Awards are that night.

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Your comment sparked a memory...Wasn't there some HW insider that was going to wear certain socks to an 'awards show'?? 🧐

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That is what I think, also!

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A major problem we have today is massive headlines, really explosive things can be dead and buried in a matter of days as the MSM are the gatekeepers. Remember the Muslim terrorist training camp teaching children how to use firearms to carry out attacks on schools? Or what about the largest mass shooting in Americas history in Las Vegas? Where are those today? When was the last time you even thought about those two events?

That's how quickly it can be buried and forgotten. Its frightening when you think about it.

What President Trump/QTeam are doing is absolutely amazing. Drip, drip, drip ...they know full well how quickly the gatekeepers can control any event and even kill it. But they can't control or kill the Q movement. Drip, drip, drip ...I love it. A little here, a little there, slowly slowly a piece at a time. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, its wonderful to watch. Thank you so much QTeam for the show, and yes, I am thoroughly enjoying it :)

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You are absolutely correct , even if you are paying attention you can get distracted by the next big thing and then we know about the false flags which are intended for that reason. Never thought about that way but it makes sense and is much more effective .

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Yes and here's what we found out: It’s always been the alphabet agencies behind most terror events. SPECIAL FORCES portion of the Military that are ROGUE DEEP STATE DRIVEN. Add 9/11, OKLAHOMA CITY, Boston Marathon, FF School Shootings, etc., to this list... same Actors running it. Connect the dots people... http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=112768 https://www.stripes.com/news/us/marine-killed-new-year-s-day-at-dc-barracks-after-fellow-marine-fires-service-weapon-1.563070

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I'm not so sure it was a back reference to the Q post on 11/4. I think it may be a countdown clock. 5....4....etc. Time will tell. Keep an eye out for the same poster. If the next (same) poster says Nov 3rd on it, it's on like donkey kong.

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Trump is alive. Q or not, that means he has some very, very powerful people on his side.

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No reporter has asked Trump the Q either.

Why haven't they asked?

What are they afraid of?

I think we all know the answer.

Q gave them an out, all they have to do is ask and if Trump says know, then by Q's own words, he's false.

It would unequivocally debunk Q in a way that not even anons or Q himself could dispute.

But they wont ask.

Because they know it's real.

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Someone did ask a high profile player though... a reporter asked Roger Stone in an interview, and his response was "No Comment" which is very telling.

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Good , solid , deduction !

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