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All great points OPanon. I was also thinking, maybe all that red wave stuff Q was talking about was to scare the dems into the bald-faced election fraud that ended up happening. There is word that BHO had secretly pardoned all these fraudsters in 2016 so they had to get them to do it again. I'm pretty sure many who are sworn in today will not finish their terms.

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Yes, that is exactly what the red wave was all about. To force the hands of the dems into doing what they do best: cheat. It also worked to rally and galvanize the conservative voters and gets lots of people involved politically, which will only help in pushing this political and social conservative movement.

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Yep, EXACTLY! Then Q sprung his trap and busted them! And now that the executive order is in place, Tribunal Time, that's why they were all arrested and are being shipped to Gitmo in those barge prisons right now and not sitting in the house. You know this is a fact because in 2000 when there was election fraud it took months to resolve and wasn't in the news at all.

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It's going to come back to bite them later. Come back and bite them when it hurts them the most.

Timing is everything. If you have a bomb that can take a person down, are you going to throw it at them at the very first opportunity? or will you hold onto it for the moment it cripple them the most and make the biggest difference? The Dems cheated. You know it, I know it, they know it, and petty much everyone else does, too.

However I ask, is it not better to let your opponent think they got away with something so they drop their guard? Especially when what they got away with accomplishes far more bark than bite?

We have a lot of republican seats going hot in 2020. It would be a real shame if word were to suddenly get out that they cheated to get the house majority in midterms. The house majority they just spent 2 years fruitlessly barking up each and every tree in Trumps general direction, while never really accomplishing anything because they do not control the senate.

Again. Timing is everything. Besides. We have the fed that could come crashing down later this year or in 2020 to worry about first and foremost. I doubt things will last to the 2020 election.

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We already had our sting operation in the special election of Roy Moore. He lost and Q supporters told us afterwards it was a sting to catch election fraud so that the midterms could be protected.

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The midterms were protected!! You call what happened a win for them??? If you are going to cheat you should cheat good. The smallest victory in the house in years and the republicans increased senate seats which is unprecedented !!! What are you talking about? They can do nothing but agitate and it looks like they are effective at that. We are winning every day , little by little , drip , drip . Decree and declare victory , put out positive vibes for you and your household and the nation. We claim the victory , they are all worked up today like they made history. Yes, for one of smalls midterm gains in history and all while they have the MSM propaganda machine going 24/7 , cheating, and thats all you got?? Bring it on !! Oh and what happened in Florida , how did that work all for them ?

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Who, exactly, is doing any time for this?

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As in Orange County, CA. Talk about comical overshooting the mark for the win.

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So, Hillary goes to jail when?

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It will happen but we’re are not at that stage yet. Lots to do first! If that’s what your waiting on to have self validation that things are actually happening then this may not be for you my friend.

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This is such a load of horseshit I don't know where to begin. "Oh, we lost on purpose so we can look like a hero when we win in the end".

Was election fraud dealt with at all? NO

Was illegal immigrant voting prevented? NO.

Did Republicans even contest the election fraud results? NO.

Were any Democrat who openly Coyote'd immigrants across the border to vote punished? NO.

Were any of the Democrats in Project Veritas videos openly showing democrats engaging in illegal activities punished? NO.

Did anyone contest dead voters or add any legislation or checks for this in the future? NO.

Did any of the many voting stations that had democrat stickers and already defaulted to democrat votes get audited? NO.

What happened to Linda Snipes? 140k payout for life on US taxpayer dime. Not jail. Paid. For the rest of her life. For cheating America.

Was anything done about voting places that had black panthers or ANTIFA threatening people at the polling stations? NO.

Has anything really changed at all since 2016 in terms of voting safeguarding? NO.

Were voting machines ensured they were fair and uncompromised? NO.

Were Soros connected voting machines removed? NO.

I could keep going and you know it. I want REAL change. I don't want to sit here and make excuses about the failures like losers such as you do. People like you just sit around and circle jerk each other, making excuses such as "optics", "4d chess", "expending ammunition", "it's all a show, enjoy the show", etc... Wake the fuck up. That's all bullshit. Real change is needed and nothing has changed.

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Heh...has Feinstein been arrested for espionage? Comey or hillary or any of the other known criminals/traitors?

We do not have Rule of Law, sanctuaries and blatant disregard for laws and Oaths taken by government officials still prevail, taxes are twice what they should be and are used to increase funding for PP while no monies for The Wall (TM)....yadayadayada.

But we'll look so kewl when we jump out and flash Declas while schreeching 'Aha scoundrels here is evidence of more laws you broke'...

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that, when we take to the streets later, plz let's use orange vests or something if we use anything, not the yellow vests the French use. Yellow suits France, not us, plz folks, if/when we hit the streets no yellow.

If our faith in Q is warranted then we are still on track, if it is a LARP well later when we hit the streets plz don't wear yellow, Orange in honor of Orange Man Bad.

WWG1WGA....let's pray that ain't the gulag.

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"aha scoundrels"....Hilarious. Well Done. Great Line. I'm still laughing

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Camo vests

[–] 15902306? 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Those yellow vests are like $40!? We should be the fucking camo revolution! Now that is American. I can just wear army navy or $5 duck dynasty

[–] 15901955? 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Orange vests are more popular on North American work sites, but in Canada the Yellow vests are sold out at the dollar store, because it is the colour of the movement. The movement is world wide because the enemy falsely declares themselves globalist. The globalists have launched many "Colour revolutions". Soros and Clinton already did an orange revolution in Ukraine.

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Oh, was that you out their organizing protests against all of those injustices you just listed?

No? You mean you did nothing but turn your frustrations toward your own teammates and bitch, moan, and complain about what isn't being done.

We get it faggot: you're angry. We are too. We aren't fucking stupid. We are measured, stoic, righteous. And we believe in all the 3d chess horseshit, which may be good in the long run but it isn't helping my hair color.

We are waiting. We expect something to be done regarding the blatant cheating that, finally after decades, has been widely exposed.

But I'll tell you this, if nothing is changed by the next election, and we are all expected to just bend over and take it again...
Consider me fucking activated.

I'll go alone or with some fellow Patriots, but either way, they've got less then 2 years to fix the problems or i, and whoever wants to come with, will gladly provide some solutions.

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Here here, brother. I support you. Actions are better than bitchmoaning on a messageboard.

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I'm there with you

[–] 15913608? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

We aren't fucking stupid.

Well, you're on the wrong team so....

[–] 15906728? 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago  (edited ago)

you aren't going to do jackshit but masutbate to child porn and post on the internet you fucking CUNT. spare us the tough guy act you fucking blowhard, men of action don't waste their time with qanon riddles.

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Excellant post.

[–] 15908222? [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

How do you know no action has been taken?

“I didn’t see it on Fox News or CNN. Therefore, nothing’s happening.”

Unless you’re privy to everything that’s happening, you don’t fucking know.

Most, if not all, of the questions you raised, to which you answered “No”, actually should be answered, “I don’t know.”

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Declas brings down the House

Evidence of voter fraud

We have it all

Well lets fucking see it right now Q

Time to act is now

Save USA from this freak show

The demon rats shit show is about to begin

[–] 15900373? 2 points 13 points (+15|-2) ago  (edited ago)

How do you know "the time to act is now?"

I prefer those with all the information decide when the time to act is. They've only shown us a sliver and therefore we don't have the full picture. Sure, we're all curious and want to see arrests begin...but total annihilation of a decades/century or more of inbed corruption takes time. So no - obviously, the time to act is not now or POTUS would be doing it now. It is time, however, for Q to come back and at least give us something.

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Agreed. Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes. One thing that Q has eluded to many times is timing. Another is that this must all be done using our constitution and our legal system. As opposed to an all out military intervention. We are a country of the rule of law after all. The federal justice system is being reset. The swamp cannot be drained without first draining the judicial system of globalist shill judges. I am as anxious as anyone. Even though righteousness is on our side what good is it in court if judges are compromised? The new Senate should approve Trumps new bench appointments. We do have new allies on the Supreme Court. Do we have enough? I don't know. Roberts is a BIG question. Trump and the allies are tip toeing through mine fields in Washington. I'll be patient until they know the plan can be fully executed. I'll reserve my "yellow" jacket (or what other color is chosen for our banner) till the time when signaled. Then I'll wear it in the streets to show my solidarity if need be. WWG1WGA

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Nice Patriot . I wish this forum was shill proof, We hear enough negativity on the news shows and in the papers if anyone is reading them. Interesting when people think they know so much more than the president and Q . I know I don't know it all , I'm just hopeful and listening and learning and I have learned enough to at least no that I only know a little and everything is more complicated than we can possibly imagine.

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Nothing can happen until someone asks Trump the question.

[–] 15908938? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

So all they have to do is not ask him about Q and then nothing happens?

[–] 15904279? 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

He's gonna keep increasing pressure until they're forced to cover the Great Awakening and Q on their controlled opposition channels. Then what? The rest of them all scream LARP and paint it as a political campaign tactic.

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The time to act is never. The time to drop deuces is frequently. The time to eat shit is always.

[–] 15900093? 3 points 10 points (+13|-3) ago 

Elections stolen IN OUR FACE.


Stay calm? NO

[–] 15900108? [S] 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Again, you're assuming Trump couldn't have prevented it, and that he didn't want it to happen, and that when it DID happen, it was a victory for [them] in his eyes. That's a lot of assumptions you can't back up.

[–] 15901002? 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

This entire exercise is constructed of assumptions we can't back up. But some things we do know. Election fraud is easily avoided. Arabia does it beautifully. The fact that we haven't installed an election system that works fraud free speaks volumes. And then on top of that 'they're caught' AND sworn in. Yeah. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

[–] 15900317? 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

We have absolutely no evidence that that is not exactly the case.

[–] 15913812? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Trump couldn't have prevented it

Trump couldn't keep his dick in his pants and not fuck whores after his son was just born and then couldn't keep those whores from talking about it even after paying them over $100,000. Now you think he has any control over anything?

You guys are hilarious.

[–] 15901818? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Are you assuming he could have prevented it, but didn't because it fits your narrative? That's a lot of assumption you can't back up.

[–] 15901313? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

When is the DHS investigation completed?

Whose ends are served by acting before the investigation is complete?

[–] 15901195? 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Burn them all.

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Stop making excuses for Q - nothing is happening that is putting the fear of God into the traitors.

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Yet. That you can tell. That you can see. Yet.

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I love posts like this, all the naughty kids come out and go REEEEEEE!!!!! its so funny. In my line of work I'm payed the big bucks to tell my superiors who's who. That's what I do. They give me a name and I find out who they are. And yes, it is profiling. Any edge, any information, but more importantly who they are dealing with. Anyway, just a heads up to all my fellow patriots about the Q shills ...

From my observations most, and I mean most of the shills aren't really shills. There are shills here, but not many. The majority are just good old fashioned trouble makers. You know, home, bored, looking for some fun. They get a kick out of rolling people up. Actually truth be told, they travel from board to board, forum to forum, kind of like a sick addiction of sorts. Believe me, its more prominent than you think. Only heightened by the fact that this board is anonymous.

So don't feel like you're being bombarded by some army of paid shills. It makes for good conspiracy theories, but the truth is its just a bunch of tards getting their jollies off. When you write up army of shills this, army of shills that, what you're actually doing is positive reinforcement that they have you worried, which motivates them to post more. Its a viscous circle that you're actually feeding by acknowledging there's some secretive paid shill army of keyboard warriors, when there isn't at all.

Paid shills, the real ones are cunning, they mainly target for infiltration and subterfuge. They are networked deep and their time is spent gaining trust and acknowledgment for infiltration purposes where they can inflict the most damage. They certainly don't spend their time screaming REEEEEEE!!! and making posts like the trouble makers do. Quite the opposite actually.

So rest easy my fellow patriots. Just a heads up that we're being targeted by individuals (not a secretive network army of paid shills) but just naughty trouble makers who get a buzz out of being assholes. And unfortunately places like VOAT are a haven for these types as they wouldn't last a day in moderated forums, they'd be banned. So they find boards like VOAT and go about seeing how much trouble they can cause. Like I said its a sick addiction, and you feed it when you take the bait, they reel you in.

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This was a really good insight, please feel free to share more. It's nice to read different perspectives to get a bigger picture.

[–] 15904391? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

so you're saying they are all sitting in their boxers in their mom's basements masturbating to the responses they get? Sounds about right. They still are shills, and that article posted above is very concerning. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/how-much-of-the-internet-is-fake.html#comments

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On reddit they were SRS.

Here they are SBBH

[–] 15901078? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Well golly gosh darn willicker you figured us out. Enjoy being the captain of a sinking ship.

[–] 15902289? 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Golly gosh darn willicker gives away your age. You are not young are you? Language matters. Paid shills don't make those kind of mistakes. This is your typical shit poster. Quite sad considering your age. No young person would even know the phrase Gee Willicker. But you did ...

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I find it interesting how some anons have talked for months about how the MSM is full of biased bullshit, trying to sell the public a false narrative full of projection and deceit, to keep pulling the wool over our eyes and stay asleep. Then, when something happens or doesn't happen to their liking, it's surprising how quickly they buy right back into the MSM bullshit.

Look, it's not easy to keep this going. It's exhausting, and to be honest, these fuckers are really, really good at selling their bullshit. That's how they've convinced soooo many people to blindly trust them and follow whatever they say...BUT, remember that it's all a sham.

For those anons who are worn out and choose not to follow Q anymore, or just want to walk away for any reason...is it too much to ask to just walk away? Is there a reason to come off like a petty shill and do the same thing that you talked shit about previously? If you feel you've opened your eyes and truly discovered something groundbreaking, then I'd say by all means share it...but there sure are a lot of shills up in here trying to pose as former anons who got sick of a charade...I'm not really buying that load of garbage. That being said, I'm still waiting to see what the 53-47 was really referring to, and understand it might be a while. Maybe we've already seen it and we're reading too much into it? Whatever the case, I laugh at the threats of impeachment. On what grounds?? Y'all sneaky fuckers found a way to keep BC in office, and HRC still got elected to NY's Senate seat not long after! Let's play pretend for a moment. Pretend none of us had ever heard of Q or Q's posts. Pretend none of this stuff had happened over the past 16 months. Pretend the President of the United States was simply Donald Trump that we've seen and known for years. A man who, though he is a shrewd and cunning businessman himself, has also proven that he knows how to pull together the people he wants to work for him to achieve a goal. I know I've never amassed a billion or more dollars. Give the man a shred of credit for at least that, even any haters out there. Now, would a man like that hire hack attorneys that can't fight off pathetic attempts to discredit him? What really are the grounds to impeach 45, and how convincing are these lies that they might swindle enough people to try to vote to impeach? I'm saying I highly doubt this would ever stick, and if it did, whatever accusation thrown at Trump would be so insanely hypocritical that it would be laughable.

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It's because they are attention whores and need to advertise their every move for narcissistic kibble supply.

If they don't advertise their every move - nobody gives a fuck about them and their needs. If they do - enough brainless retards will give them validation.

They are not simply content with "I've been following this stuff for some time, its time to go now because I feel it's whittled to nothing" - they have to drag the spotlight back onto them because it's all about them, not whatever it is that they are "leaving".

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all this for a fat adulterer with a gold toilet. shame on you.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

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