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That is what we need to do in America. Get rid of the one world government and socialist agendas in our schools and colleges.

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Not just the agenda but the actually existing socialist welfare state, the deep state, central banking, and so on.

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Agreed, but we need to stop the brainwashing of our children to help stop the cycle

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with actual FIRE

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Canada too.

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not worth the fuel

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Or you do what my parents did encourage your children to verify everything taught to them from Marxist BS to unable to prove scientific theory (using the scientific method) as fact but no mention of its flaws. Have them study not what their teacher says (at first take notes during class until they can remember what was said without) but to search for the truth. Teach them these two basic credos "Test all the things" (1 Thessalonians 5:21) "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" (Romans 15:4). Instead of requiring them to study what the teacher says tell them to remember what the teacher said thus improving memory while researching and verifying to see if what teacher says is true... after a little of that your child will be better ready for the world able to recognize when a person lies and disregard what they said.

This is what my parents did for me it works, since I always tested in the 99th percentile in reasoning and problem solving and quite high in all but one school subject.

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When we going to do that 8n our schools?

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When California, Illinois, and New York are purged.

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It'd be nice if there was extra wall money ....

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Any ideas how DeVoss plays into this? I do know we pulled out of UNESCO October 2017. One step towards our educational freedom.

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If he wants to improve education, while drastically reducing its corruptibility, he should end centralization of education. Incentivize parents to marry, stay married, and home schooling.

Innovation will explode. Quality of education will go through the roof. Also, the infrastructure of control/corruption will be eliminated.

Everything that can be corrupted will be corrupted.

It's not the abuse of power that is the problem but the power to abuse.

Decentralize all the things!

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This is the question I want asked in the next Q Q&A... When do we get rid of the brainwashing bullshit propaganda in our education system?

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Instead of asking questions about aliens, flat earth or ghosts, I would ask that same very important question.

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I can't wait for this! I am hoping it happens very soon for our children's sake

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Damn. I'm jealous!

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Getting rid of the Marxist agenda in schools would be a good start. But it would need to be only the beginning. The real truth about the American school system was that it was designed to make school owners rich, not to educate the kids. They're viewed as commodities. That's how an economic system would view them. Changing the entirety of the school system to accommodate modernity would be a good idea. It starts with forming an online guide to schooling locally. It gradually moves to teaching kids at a young age skills that directly apply to adult life and living, like saving money and writing budgets, and performing work better and smarter every day so they can maximize the reward.

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Lula was useless and Dilda less so. Let’s see what the Brazilians can do.

God bless them for having the sense to fire the rotors when that retard Chavez started shit...

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Lula was corrupt, that’s why he is in jail. And Dilma is as dumb as a stick, completely useless.

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Good news, go Brasil go.

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