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I was born for this world... Bring it. I will believe I am free when I leave my tax-free ALLODIAL TITLE land and drive (without a license) a truck with no plates and no taxes paid to a hardware store and buy a fully automatic weapon and a bottle of whiskey and ammo and pay with gold anonymously. Then lock and load that weapon, fire off a few test shots into the air out in front of the hardware store, put the safety on and jump in my truck, drive to a middle school and pick up my son with it slung across my back. AND NO ONE BATS AN EYE.

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Respect the weapon. What goes up must come down.

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A few years back i was at a 4th of july party in an east side of san Jose neighborhood. Sounded like a war zone with all the guns and m80s going off. It wasn’t all that scary until i realized that rain sound i could hear was the shot balls raining on the house roof and the cars. Shooting a gun without a proper backstop is stupid. Shooting a gun up is stupid. It will land somewhere.

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Solid except for the middle school part. We need to do away with compulsory schooling.

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Shit... You are right. At an Airport then...

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WOW! You said, 'Allodial'! Not very many people know what that means anymore! SALUTE!

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Great word, used to indicate absolute ownership of one’s home until it was replaced by word salads that sold us out.

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Hat tip to you good sir. There are few things worth dying for... freedom is one. -Lavoy Finnicum's daughter.

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Is it even possible to get any more? It was going around some separatist circles a few years ago, but I never heard back of anyone was successful in getting one?

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And I can hop in the bed of your pickup and get a ride down to the gun shop because I saw yours and need one for myself...all while drinking a beer.

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Lived in Texas late 70s. That's description is not too far off.

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DUI is precrime...

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Now I’m thirsty.

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After reading many ugly, hateful responses to tweets by virtually anyone within the Presidents Admin or fervent supporters, I am really looking forward to the Meltdowns. The amount of hate spewed from deranged TDS sufferers will stick back in their throats, hopefully causing Great Pain. Hospitalisation and Caring will be more than they deserve.

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I hope antifa is first in line. I hate those little fuckers

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Agreed mate.

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They’re just children.

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Theyre already in full meltdown and "reeeee" mode ever since Trump became POTUS . And the REAL thing hasnt even yet began - theyll all melt fully and become one giant toxic blob of SJW-commie-leftardation .

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We havent seen anything yet. They are still in the bullpen warming up.

People need to understand this.

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Running down the gutters into the worlds drainage systems,,,,

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Canadian here. I've actually been considering moving. I don't consider myself "liberal" or "conservative", but if you step back and look at what Trump is ACTUALLY doing, well, I'd rather live in a country with a leader like Trump than I would with Justin.

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Welcome to America, we can use more people like you !

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We sure would get the better end of the deal if we traded you for one of those Hollywood types who swore they would leave if Trump were elected, but didn't.

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The Irony. Yes Canada was once our safe haven. But not after True D'oh signed the UN safe INVASION and shut your mouth while they rape and pillage ACT

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Ideally they will not have to endure life in the USA at all, because Trump will have banished them from the empire.

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Fucking this

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Hahaha i was about to type a very long reply, until i read your "snowflake" remark. Was telling a co-worker the other day, that people that voted for Hillary and Obama will definitely be made fun of and picked on severely. It will be the new "oh your a conspiracy theorist" ...."oh i bet you voted for Hillary, didn't you?"

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Same here mate, hairs on my neck and arms were starting to bristle up,,,, and then I read 'for the Snowflakes'.

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Please be right!

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I'd rather live a life of honesty and hard work, instead of a sinking empty-day shell of a life that eventually leads to total enslavement.

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After Trump shit is going to hit the fan. 100% guarantee.

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