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God decides who our rulers are and what they do. Clinton/the Bushes/Obama was our wake up call. America responded in such strength that HRC could not steal the election. This is our last shot at freedom. Don't blow it.

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Yes God did keep them from stealing the election. They are still in shock because they believed there was no possible way they could not win because of their plan to steal it.

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One can only hope that they were all pissed as hell at Satan, the greatest liar.

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Great post. I completely agree.

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God decides who our rulers are

Unless we do not agree with the result and then it is a “rigged system,” or the vote was “stolen.”

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ah, the royal we

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Great comment

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I hope, for all voaters sake, that we can shitpost like the God Emperor himself at 70+ fucking years old

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Trump's troll skills will be the stuff of legends.

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I just read that one can uptalk Trump without offending or competing with God. Something about God delights when His children lift each other up.

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I love this comment ! Unity is a powerful thing you know, that is why so many do so much to KEEP us divided ! That is why the Q movement is so powerful and they are so afraid of it. When people unite and especially when there is love and respect in it much less Jesus it's unstoppable .

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Trump is the modern day Cyrus. Literally. God's hand is all over his ascension to POTUS.

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And This ^ is the Trump card!

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Only thing wrong with OP is that Trump isn't an angel and never has been. He's pragmatic. He used the FBI (a criminal organization in itself) and the Italian mob against each other in the casino business, in order to keep both of them off his back. He's very sharp, and practical, just not a sinless saint like it makes him sound like.

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Hey I hear you , I don't believe he is a sinless saint and I don't think anyone with their eyes wide open does at all. He is a modern day Cyrus and Cyrus was not a saint. Look at all the heroes of the Bible, Trump actually looks quite good in contrast to some of the things they did.

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Of course he's not a sinless Saint. What I'm saying is he went through all of that stuff to mold him for the job he's doing now. Don't you think using the FBI and mob against each other taught him a thing or two about warfare that he's using now?

You totally missed the point of the post...

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I love that saying , he even has a name that cooperates ...

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perfect pick, the cabal hate him, that is why we love him.

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He was loved by the very same people that hate him now! Just because he grabbed control presidential power to make right what went wrong. They tried to corrupt him to get him to join their little cabals but he didn't take the bait. Billionaires offered to pay him to drop out of the race but he stayed in. They threatened his family and his life and didn't back down.

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That is why he deserves our support , our prayers, our love and devotion to him and his family . This isn't worship by any means, I'm talking about love and respect , prayers and words that bless him . He is giving everything every day so that our nation can be blessed and our families and our land . Let's cooperate with what God is doing by the words of our mouth .

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Thank you for sharing this , wow! Prophetic isn't it ?!

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I will never even remotely be able what he did (and still does!)

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When he took office he was 70 yrs, 7 mo and 7 days old. 777, God's perfect number. Still believe in coincidences?

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Lol it is kind of funny how people remove digits when it suits them. Maybe zeros don't count though?

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time travelers can set things up this way

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or advanced AI at predicting scenerio's of what an action would create as a result. It would also be able to connect the dots if given enough information and also predict the authenticity of faked event or reports so action can be taken or event ignored or even find what was what the false flag was attempting to hide. I think Trump has access or owns an advanced AI "advanced for this particular time" though still far from being perfect is good enough if used for advise or to just see what your next move would result in"

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He’s related to Tesla I hear...

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