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Romney is a RINO do you think we on the right don't know that? Fucking everybody knows that. 53-47 still stands because in the end Romney goes to the highest bidder...like a Ho on a rope. Faggot Democrats powerbase has shrunk and is in decline take a look at your Presidential hopeful candidates...fakers, limp wrists, panderers, pederasts, talk too fast niggers, and gun grabbers. America is done with the Democrats, you're on a sinking ship shills. Go fuck each other in the butt and then figure out which bathroom you need to wipe yourselves down in...fucking clown shoes.

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Up vote for "Ho on a rope".

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Up vote for up voting "Ho on a rope"

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Up vote for Ho on a rope, too.

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Damn, brother. Way to bring the HEAT.

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I despise those that traipse around on one side in order to benefit the other....the other which is trying to overthrow the country that we love and have fought for.

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Mormonism is veiled freemasonry.


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I'd call it a fork of freemasonry. Mostly the same, especially the esoterics but with their own twist over the generations. It's a fascinating religion to read about (I'm not part of it). I'd argue that the majority of their followers have no idea of it's relation to freemasons.

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Agreed. I don't think they know that their tithing supports masonry. To be in good standing they donate 10% of their gross income. It does not get reported on the credit report so when they buy a car or home they are immediately upside down in debt. Then the church encourages to put the payment on credit cards and then bankruptcy. That is why the majority of women are encouraged to take prosac when they are justifiably stressed about finances. Just as long as it looks good on the outside it does not matter what really goes on under the roof. Heart-breaking.

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womder if his office will get a few calls today?

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He better have his magic underwear on tight.

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Hand in hand with RCC.

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Most Mormons who've reached the top are Cabal-controlled Masons. Not to say every Mormon is evil, but most are ignorant and blindly follow their leaders much like Catholics and other religions that have been corrupted.

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I like Mormons. They are competent, prepped, and humble. They will survive the coming grand solar minimum, as well as any economic collapse that comes. I also think that Joseph Smith was a fucking con-artist, just like Mohammad. Finally, I think Romney makes hay of happening to be a Mormon because it gets him a large voting base and gets him recognized as a "good religious man". He uses his Mormonism for political and personal gain. Not cool.

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I like Mormon people, too. It is sad, because they are some of the most blatantly used people on earth. They are raised to NOT question, accept all authority of the Church, and submit to their elders. They become sheeple.

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Well said. Most Mormons I known are hard workers and honest. Their leaders, not so much. I knew of one Mormon bishop who molested his daughters. One daughter left the church because the leaders covered it up and blamed the devil, not the bishop for his choice to sin. LDS founder Smith was definitely a con-artist as was Mohammad. Hmmm. Maybe the devil or demonic forces were whispering in those founder's ears?

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The faithful in LDS are as blind, deaf and dumb as the faithful in the Catholic church. Pure evil among the "apostles".

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"evil"? you got a source? at least they aren't goddamn rabbis

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They are suppressed.

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Romney is VERY dirty -- serious financial crimes against We the People. He's going down -- don't get too attached to him.

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What are they going to arrest Romney for, being boring?

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For turning a blind eye to the pedophiles in MA.

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Bigamy prolly, kek

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Exactly, the Qultists have an arrest warrant for every deep state player, whether the player is real or imagined.

I suppose they will arrest Romney for hauling his vomitus dog on the luggage carrier on the top of the roof of his car way back in 1983. Surely that is a crime against humanity punishable by hanging, lethal injection or life at Gitmo. Right Q-pers?

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You are delusional if you really think that arrest are incoming.

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Does anyone else see what MUST be a dem strategy being employed ... put in RINO candidates in places like, AZ, UT ... then they get elected easily because of huge R majoritiesand weak candidates ... and than they have RINO(s) who sabotage the R majority This is surely something they do on purpose.

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Wrong. It's a strategy of getting the likely winner to claim a Republican seat and preserve it for after arrests/resignations. Genius, huh.

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Romney and the Mormon church are into pedophilia, ritual murder, cannibalism, etc. the Mormon church is based on Masonry...

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You should give sources rather than just statements for shit like this.

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Research pizzagate. Research Luciferianism, Satanism, and Masonry. It is all there.

The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins is a good read. The first 17 pages explains it all.

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lol what the fuck

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You must be new... They are Luciferian/Satanic, just like the Vatican.

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You're an idiot. If there ever was anything to this pedophilia hysteria, accusing everybody and their dog of it only robs you of any credibility you may have had. Grow up.

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Watch and learn. JAN is the month of fighting the pedos according to wh.gov

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"Anyone who doesn't love Trump is a Satanic pedo-cannibal."

  • The world-view of the Q-tard

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Romney & Trump are both Mason's they are all in on it together.

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