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People around me still worship every word of The NY Times, never heard of chemtrails, adore and trust Big Pharma, have flu shots, love allopathic medicine, think politicians have their best interests at heart, think Satanism is a conspiracy theory, and that child and human trafficking only occurs in Third World countries. They are white collar, educated, naive, and totally programmed with normalcy bias for starters. You show them a video of a Satanic ritual with those in Government and Hollywood and yes, they would be in a hospital. You have no idea how uninformed many are. It’s pathetic. I’m in New England and have only one friend with whom I can discuss reality. Gotta give the DS credit for and excellent propaganda, mind control operation. School and media have been key. Bless us all: this is going to be huge when it all comes out!!

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It will not come out: 'The choice to know will be yours'.

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“The truth will put 99% in the hospital” refers to things from recordings of ISIS beheadings to recordings of your favorite politician doing even worse to a child in a ritualistic fashion.

“The choice to know will be yours” refers to your choice to view these things.

We may hear of the truth but to truly know it would be horrific to even us.

You know who the 1% are? They are the only ones who won’t be hospitalized by knowing the truth because they are the perpetrators.

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I hated this Q post when it came out ... seems to me there will NOT be an “inescapable truth bomb” that will penetrate Cali and the Northest corridor collective

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It MUST come out, fren. I was traumatized by HEARING the helpless screams of agony & torment from that small child on a youtube someone had put out- it was just a snippet, and only a sound- dear God, dear God...they must ALL be done away with. There is no mercy for such as those . And all I heard-(there was only the sound for a couple of seconds and no pictures accompanying)- was that much, and I support the swiftest of death-penalty-rulings- NOW. My stomach turns when I think about it- had to take some calming pills to even sleep that night- it was horrible. I was OVERCOME to rush to help that innocent with everything within me, but, of course, it was on a youtube- no way to do anything. Cried and Raged and cried some more.

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That is only for the 60% that doesnt come out. But 40% will come out. If it doesnt we are all wasting our time because people have to know what is going on in order to make sure it never happens again.

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Agree. And instead of believing a video, they would just think it was a horror movie and dismiss it. Oh, now, don't be silly, Hillary wouldn't do anything like that! She's a god-fearing woman. And look at how beautiful Chelsea turned out. And those grand babies. You are so full of it! You read too much conspiracy websites. Good LORD. (And yeah, it would take The Lord himself to present himself in the skies all over the world declaring this all to be true... and even then they would say it's a hologram.)

So my lovely fellow QFags, can we just pool our money and buy our own country and lock these fuckers out of it?

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It won't work. They have to be destroyed.

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Would love that! So tired of living in the People’s Republic of Illinois. Our votes mean absolutely nothing. Cannot wait to leave and planning for that day.

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Such a great comment I have to copy it down because that is exactly what I’m up against with my family and friends . This should be made into a meme IMO

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You guys need to either get more compelling arguments, or find new associates.

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In New England also, and I agree with all that you have said. Those in other parts of the country just can not fathom the cloud we live in. But it is true. Consequently, I do not say anything to my family and friends anymore. Having people think you are "crazy" has its benefits (I think) and I figure the truth is coming out soon enough so why bother. But I do have two friends I can discuss all this with and it makes all the difference!

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The people from New England I've known for many years live on another planet. They read shit like the Economist, recycle trash as if their lives depended on it and believe they are 1000x smarter and more sophisticated than the rest of the country. They use phrases like "Allow me to disabuse you of the notion that...," and are firmly convinced that businesses need a constant inflow of zero-skilled immigrants to fill jobs and grow. They live in a frozen smugbubble 10 months out of the year. Norwich, Hannover and many other surrounding areas are overrun by self-appointed intellectual communists. In short, I frankly don't care if they end up in the hospital as long as we don't have to pay for it.

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I’m in Florida, and work at a (liberal) university (I know, goes without saying). I’m surrounded by liberals every day. I have a Qanon sticker on my car-mostly to see what others do or say. I’ve only had one person comment (she’s gay, and she laughed at it), but otherwise, I really don’t think anyone is even remotely aware. I feel like quite isolated knowing what I know, and having supported Trump when there was still of field of 16. I started waking up after 9/11, when I started looking into all the info available on false flags. Then, when obama ran for president, I really woke up because there was SO much info about who he really is, and absolutely none of it was ever reported in MSM. I had always suspected that what we are presented with is more controlled illusion than anything, but I was ridiculed if I brought it up. Thank God, that today, I have 2 sisters that see what’s going on. As for anyone else in my life, not so much. I only inject what I know as “what if” statements into conversation then let it go. I’m hoping to at least plant seeds of knowledge with everyone whom I interact.

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The pedovore shit alone is pretty horrifying.

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Yep. That would just about do it for the majority of the population. That is to know that people that the public trusted, politicians, elites in business and banking, "philanthropists" of the highest order, powerful "religious" figures, beloved celebrities, etc. The cognitive dissonance would be so severe that the snowflakes and leftist a-holes, who literally worship such figures, would have emotional breakdowns.

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Even now...i still have celebrities that made an impact on me in my youth that I haven't disavowed yet. I know if one day all their heineous acts were made public, I'd have some adjusting to too. And I haven't watched TV in a decade. Never go to the movies. Dont give a shit about most media in general... I know I'd have to adjust. Plus it's not just contemporaries, but all of history. Whatever has been hidden from us would come to light. Itd be an overwhelming educational reform (hopefully) and a lot of new knowledge for people.

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If you took over the 4am talking points and controlled the narrative you could red pill the sheep in 3 weeks.

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Try wearing a MAGA hat to an Atlanta Vape shop to see what triggered is. Based on some NPC’s I know personally I’ll be investing in earplugs when the real reeing starts.

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I have a question. So if I were to create something (e.g., business, music, art, etc.) and become famous would that mean I automatically have to start eating babies? Or is it just some of the celebrities/ceo’s/philanthropists? To me it seems like a ridiculous theory that all these people suddenly are in to this crazy weird shit. I think it does a disservice to the actual legitimate parts of the Q movement that focus on the corruption and deep state operatives. Talking about eating babies and adrenochrome makes you sound like you are a fucking crazy person and We won’t be able to recruit people to this movement so stop fucking talking about it and focus on how we take down Clinton Foundation, Comey, Brennan, Hussein, et al.

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The magnitude of it is what will put people in the hospital. Once you see the symbols, you see them everywhere. Trudeau Foundation has a giant symbol on their Annual Report for God's sake. For the first time today, I read some rap lyrics of Bizarre, Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem. Openly talking about raping and murdering and eating babies. About one month ago I ventured into the Nununu brand Celine Dion is so fond of. Their "Ho!" t-shirt for little girls right there on the website, along with a number of other disturbing clothing choices for youngsters. This underworld has gone mainstream and it is everywhere.

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The overt display is meant to disarm the obvious as ludicrous.

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Gods and monsters.. Lana del rey... Listen

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I agree its horrifying, however it won't put most people in the hospital.

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Been following Q for 11 months. When I read about MK Ultra I thought "nope, that's a bridge too far". When the pedovore/adrenochrome was mentioned, I couldn't take it in. Now I believe both without batting an eye. So yes, I think the normies would absolutely freak out if they knew what HRC and Mad Max's favorite snack is.

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I don't think it would put many of us on QRV in the hospital. But for the average joe schmoe it would completely blow their minds, even more so if there was video and picture evidence. Even I would probably take ill if I saw a video of HRC cannibalizing a kid.

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Maybe when the truth is revealed we will turn on each other and we'll send each other to the hospital.

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I agree - "horrifying" is actually processed fairly quickly by the human mind and accepted as the norm. It's exactly this reason why the cabal is safe with their already overt use of symbols for their grotesque acts.

For Q's statement to be true the damage must reference something physical that would cause hospitalization.

The non-deniable "Truth" getting out would force the cabal's hand. They would have to respond by causing mass hysteria/disruption to continue their takeover. Think about retribution via germ warfare delivered in swarms of tiny weaponized drones, mass opiate poisoning of water supplies, and atmospheric distribution of both non-lethal and lethal human toxins. This weaponry is all available today and is in the hands of globalists.

If Q meant "clutch the pearls and have the vapors" then for certain he's full of shit.

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Disease X, the Chinese fentanyl opioid revenge, and other biological sabotage would be a literal interpretation

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what if we find out that we've been pedovores ourselves? we have no idea what is in our food. what if McDonald's burger and Nuggets are mixed up human body parts? or our sodas are flavored with fetal cells?

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Ever seen the movie "Soylent Green"?

Came out many years ago.

It is what you are describing.....

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Absolutely. but watching a movie about the possibility versus finding out we ourselves are ignorantly guilty of the act are two different things. just throwing out ideas. I just watched a video of a guy throwing a tantrum because a dude wore a Trump shirt into his store. if that clerk finds out he's eaten a baby he'll suicide himself

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It’s on Amazon now, along with a lot of the 70s post apocalyptic movies I watched as a kid. Logan’s Run, Omega Man and others.

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yes the anon is.. and yes there is proof some food products use FLAVORING from companies that BUY aborted babies.....

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Yep turning people into crackers. Always wondered what name a person think that or make a movie about it.

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Every time I eat, that thought crosses my mind now . I never buy preground meat, I have the butcher do it in front of me . I will never touch a fast food hamburger again and haven’t for a few years. All I can think of is how we are nothing but cattle to them!

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That's a small part of it (most folks don't know that some diet sodas in the US are made with kidney cells taken from aborted fetuses - that is kind of a shocker, along with how the rest of the aborted fetus is used)! Remember , Youre Loving It.

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Yet another reason not to eat fast food crap.

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Not made, tested using the cell line for taste. Still abhorrent, but facts matter

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Senomyx - banned from foods in 2012. Aborted fetal cells still used in vaccines.

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Pink Slime

Knowing all of the crap that they put in our food, why do people think they did major damage control when pink slime started being discussed?

It's people.

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We are the 1%. Most of us have been on a journey of truth discovery for years - I’ve been on a path of informational awakening ever since 9/11. We’ve had years to process most of this, and the truly despicable stuff has caused us to lose sleep and become depressed. Imagine being an NPC and being hit with all of the truth in one fell swoop. There’s your mental institution right there.

Remember when Trump won and colleges shut down and handed out hot cocoa and coloring books and safe spaces for the nitwit sneaux flakes that couldn’t handle it?

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We are much more than 1%. You think the total of people that know or suspect pizzagate related stuff is not more than 1%? The elite perpetrators are the 1%. They’ll be someplace other than a hospital.

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Dude, have you seen the mental damage a mere election of an unlikely candidate has caused in the heads of millions of libtards? People are still going insane over the simple fact that Trump became president two years ago. So, ask yourself, if a simple, single event that just happens to be incongruent with the world as you expect it to be, causes so much mental mayhem, what would finding out that almost everything you think you know about the world is untrue cause?

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Yes, they'd be upset and triggered, but put in the hospital? I don't know....

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That would actually be the best place for them; they live in an alternate reality.

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yeah but remember their first instinct is the need to be coddled, babied and MEDICATED! Victims to the very END😱

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The fault in your argument is that we should some how give 2 shits what psychological trauma it will cause these piece of shit libcucks.

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A great awakening.

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A great awakening from the fog of Q.

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An epic freak out on a societal scale.

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Popcorn time.

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It means the contaminant is already in all our bodies. It doesn't have anything to do with new information breaking our minds. It's knowledge of something we need to be cured of - hence, a trip to the hospital.

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This. Look up "Herxhiemer Reaction" - the human body can have significant trouble from detoxing too quickly.

Look up Monolaurin - documented in studies to kill HIV and Herpes and all other viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Very cheap and natural.

If people suddenly found out they are poisoning us and they have lost their loved ones because of evil poisoning which also caused financial ruin - they would instantly change everything and end up harming themselves in the process.

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That is what I am thinking too. Something from the "water" maybe?..Maybe Satan's DNA????

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Water is pretty much undrinkable by default, everywhere. It's well beyond "something" and "maybe". It's anything you can think of and an undeniable yes.

[–] 15842949? 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

Satan's DNA? Satan doesn't have DNA you fucking retard.

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Think this answers it.

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Like in The Walking Dead. If I recall, it was spread through the water and was in everyone, which is why when a living person died a natural (non-walker-bitten death), he/she turned into a walker anyway.

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What Q meant was the things you mentioned ... the child abuse, human sacrifices, human trafficking, organ harvesting, eugenics... the people who read Q, and participate here, are very strong people... hearts like lions. Q was referring to the general public who don't understand the satanic criminal cabal... who don't know there is a spiritual battle between good and evil. They would be shocked and horrified. Christians in general truly understand the presence of evil in the Earth, we have no trouble at all believing the Q drops... in fact, it's all in the Bible. The sleeping public has to be awakened to this reality, but only to the extent they can handle it. Q has said to some in posts "Don't come back here." There are some who can't handle these realities, and that is ok. On the flip side, there is a Holy Spirit in the Earth... the Spirit of God is here on Earth, as are holy angels. We've read the last chapter of the Bible, and God wins. For the last eight years Christian churches have help prayer meetings praying-down evil and petitioning God for a change in Government. God gave us an outsider... whose only loyalty is to U.S. citizens, and our families and well being.

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They would be shocked and horrified.

Yes, but put in the hospital? If Q was serious about that, it would have to by much worse than that.

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He was referring to nervous breakdown, anxiety, depression, brought about by public revelations of the extreme evil being practiced by the elites. Allow Q some license to exaggerate for sake of emphasis. It was clear he meant "overwhelmed", "grief stricken", and in some cases actually hospitalized with depression.

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Let's just go over some basics.

  1. Most, if not all modern politicians, are pedophiles. Whether they wanted to be, or not. It seems to be a job requirement.

  2. Secret Societies have been in control of the world since time immemorial. If you honestly question this as a possibility, guess what, you've swallowed one of the most insane lies ever told to mankind. That the being that mastered "Teamwork" could never possibly be combining that ability behind the scenes throughout time in order to maintain the Illusion of Control.

  3. Everything you've ever been "given" in this world is Disinformation. The [Clowns In Action] made sure of that. Everything from your Medicine to your science is flawed in some form or other. In many cases, it's upheld literally with nothing but personal pride and a "legacy" on the line. Pathetic really. Millions of men and women are currently Obese because of a War using food. It's not "eating too much" it's eating the wrong shit and being fed a terrible diet that is 8 fucking times more addictive than fucking cocaine.

  4. That's not even going into the other sick shit that has been going on regarding fetal tissue and china and food.

  5. There's been an ET presence since the creation of mankind, we are not the first beings on this earth

  6. History is a lie, provably so. Just look at the vatican monk orders who were re-writing history.

I mean fuck, just there alone is reason enough to have to take a fucking breather if you're any sort of normie.

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Re: obesity--medical coding ICD-10 has a specific code now (E66.1) for pharmaceutically induced obesity. No one wants to talk about that elephant in the room.

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